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THE QATSPY FDA Age-Defying Approach to Better Health and Fitness

The FDA Approach to Your Health, Weight Loss, and the Ability to Defy Your Age

I have photographic proof of the impact that THE QATSPY® FDA approach has on people’s health, weight loss, and defying a person’s age. In the featured photograph above, I am 62 years of age. Ever since I have followed THE QATSPY® FDA program, I have come out from behind the camera, to in front of the camera, while modeling my line of US WINGS Leather Flight Jackets that I have in my Online-Store and also producing golf training and fitness videos.

THE QATSPY® FDA Approach is a simple program, based on three (3) simple components of following a basic Fitness regimen, Diet program, an have an Athletic element. All three of these have a significant impact on your health and maintaining an active lifestyle, but also defying your age while enjoying an active lifestyle.

THE QATSPY® FDA Fitness Component

THE QATSPY Home Gym Setup for total Fitness at Home.

I can’t stress enough the importance of a regular fitness program in your life. I’ve been following a fitness program since I was 12 years of age, and what’s even more significant is that you don’t have to buy expensive exercise equipment to start and follow a fitness program, which includes three main components- Cardiovascular, Aerobics, and Strength Regimen, along with a Pilates Exercise Regimen. These are extremely important to you looking younger than you actually are.

Below I have attached my YouTube Video of my CASPER Program that I follow four to five times per week:

THE QATSPY Simple and Effective Fitness Program

The reason I recommend Cardiovascular, Strength, and Pilates, instead of just Yoga, is because the higher-intensity resistance exercises improve the heart’s performance and prevents hardening of the heart’s arteries. Exercise is the best universal medication for not just your health, but a defense against aging.

In the rest of this article, I will explain why Cardio, Aerobics, and Strength exercises and your diet are essential to your health and looking younger. THE QATSPY® FDA program is better than any anti-aging creams you can buy and apply to the exterior of your skin. THE QATSPY® FDA skin health approach works from the inside out.

Importance of Cardiovascular Aerobic Training

Neurological studies have been performed comparing middle-aged women who exercised regularly to the same middle-aged women who had a sedentary lifestyle. The study found that 88% of the middle-aged women who had a regular exercise regimen did not show any signs of the precursors of dementia.

In 1968, there was a Neurological study conducted on 190 middle-aged women (in their 50’s). There were three (3) groups that was considered fit, moderately fit, and sedentary women. Over the next four (4) decades, these same women were screened for dementia. The results revealed that 32% of the women who had a sedentary lifestyle and 25% of the women who were moderately fit were diagnosed with onset of dementia, while only 5% of the women who were considered fit developed signs of dementia, or MCI. MCI is Mild Cognitive Impairment.

A great source of Cardiovascular/Aerobic exercise can be as simple as a brisk walk, moderate jogging, swimming, a boxing bag workout, or what I prefer, as bicycling. I have both a mountain and programmable stationary bicycle. I ride every day for 20-minutes. I usually get my heart rate up to 145 beats per minute. That way you know you are working your heart.

The reason I prefer bicycling for my Cardio workout is that it is low impact, but is a high intense workout. I’ve had four (4) knee surgeries and a hip replacement, so I have to do low impact. The other Cardio exercise that I do is that I play golf four (4) times per week, where I walk the course with bag in tow. I’m getting 3.5 hours of Aerobic exercise and don’t even realize it because I’m trying to keep a single-digit handicap.

For those wanting a athletic component in their life, Golf is one of the best one that I know of for mind and body. I attached at the end of this article my QATR-408 Palmer Technique (The Wrist Action in the Golf Swing). THIS IS ON sale until December 31, 2019.

Benefits of a Cardio/Aerobic workout- Researchers looked at 125 amateur cyclists, ages 55 to 79, and compared them with 75 people with the same age range who were sedentary. The cyclists had more muscle mass and strength in their lower body and also lower levels of fat and cholesterol than the 75 sedentary participants.

The cyclists also appeared healthier and looked younger and had health of a person in their 20’s and 30’s. The key reason was for a healthier Thymus gland that produces T-cells. They found that the T-cells in these cyclists between 55 to 79 had T-cells of a person half their age.

So you don’t have to spend extortionary amount of money on age-defying creams to look younger. You just have to buy sweats and an exercise bicycle.

T-cells, called T Lymphocyte, are in your immune system and are your best defense against aging. This is why your exercise regimen is important to you.

Cardio and Aerobic exercises improve the looks of your skin by elevating cells, called IL-15 or B-cells, in preventing inflammation of the skin that causes aging.

Now the Strength Component

This is probably the most misunderstood area of your fitness regimen. Here’s why people seem to think that to have an effective strength program, you have to max out on heavy weights. That is totally wrong. In my strength regimen training, I don’t have any dumbbells over 35-pounds. It isn’t the weight that you’re after, but the reps with lighter weights that is effective.

The best weight regimen training is using your own weight, like using an Ab Roller, or using a pull up, setups, or doing pushups. Matter of fact, Herschel Walker, who is one of the best athletes, just did pushups and setups.

My weight regimen consists of an Ab Roller, Medicine Ball, Dumbbells, Resistant Tubing, and pull up bar. Besides, heavier weights can lead to injuries and damage to your joints and muscles. The only time I use the 35-pound dumbbells are when I perform squats. I don’t even use 35-pound dumbbells for my Bench Presses, as I stick with the 25-pounders or lighter weights.

The key to weight lifting is to lift to a level of exhaustion.

Benefits of a Strength Program- To Tone muscles and the ability to lose weight. For every pound of muscle you put on, you can burn an extra 50 calories, even if you are sleeping. Strength training is good for your heart and mind. The more you work a muscle under load, the better performance you can expect from that muscle and the less injury you will encounter.

Also, ladies if you want better looking gluts and legs, do squats.

Now for the D-Word, Diet

I developed what I call the Kosher 925-Diet Plan that is high in both fiber and protein and low in sugars and especially starches. A Diet high in fiber and protein are both good not only for your health, but more importantly, your younger-looking skin. Your skin is the biggest organ that you have that is exposed to most elements. Fiber is like your janitorial service in your body removing waste.

This was the most effective diet, but was also the simplest that I’ve ever followed. It was so effective that I lost 52-pounds and over 8-inches in my waistline within 9-months. The majority of the pounds and inches were lost within 3-months.

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Now for the Last Component, The A-Word, Athletics

If you don’t have a purpose for your Fitness and Diet, you won’t follow either one. If you have a purpose for your Fitness and Diet regimen, you’ll have an 80% better chance for following and achieving your Fitness and Diet.

I had two purposes; one was my golf game, and the other was that I had to produce golf training videos and model my own A-2 Leather Flight Jackets with my other models that I use. If you are overweight, it is difficult to produce YouTube Videos and to model.

In my YouTube Videos and modeling of the US WINGS A-2 Leather Flight Jacket, I’m 62 years old. If you need proof positive that the FDA Program works for your health, here’s the photo proof.

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