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The Body is a Temple of God keep it as strong and fit as your Faith is!

I’m modeling with BUSH PILOT COCKPIT Collection that consist of our khaki chino pants, Button-down Oxford shirt with THE QATSPY Logo, and the G-1 Flying Tiger Leather Flight Jacket in honor of the Flying Tigers that flew the P-40 Warhawk Curtiss WWII aircraft that was as recognizable as the P-51 Mustang aircraft that was in the TOP GUN:Maverick Movie that Tom Cruise owns and flies.

By: Charles W. Boatright,

President of THE QATSPY®

The CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS, Age-Defying– The CASIMIR DIET makes Heads or Tails of the Nutrition Label on FOOD to reach a Healthy Waistline

Just using nine (9) Data Points from the standard Nutrition Label, you can turn your body into a Turbocharged-Calorie-Burning-Juggernaut and make sense of the Nutrition Label, as well:

In June of 2015, I was retiring from Entergy Corp after 33-years as grid engineer to startup a sportswear and performance business where I was producing fitness training videos. Just to add a little more intrigue to that, I was also going to model my sportswear to promote our BUSH PILOT COCKPIT Collection, shown above done on January 07th, 2023 at age 65.

There was one small problem, due to an injury that I had years ago, the injury was making it difficult to maintain my health and fitness before I had knee and hip replacement surgery in October of 2014, in my mid 50’s. In other words, I was 45- pounds overweight and 5.75-inches over my healthy waistline. (A healthy waistline is based on taking your height in inches and divide by 2). That made it a bit of a problem for me to make videos and also model. So in November of 2014, I used my chemical engineering background to develop a diet plan. That gave me eight months to get into shape before June.

During my recovery in November of 2014, I developed THE CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System, an effective diet and fitness plan that I could start the first of December of 2014. Like all engineers do, we benchmark our progress by measuring my waistline, that I have posted below. Since I was able to work out once again, I knew I would be adding muscle and hopefully dropping my fat content.

Due to that, I prefer to measure my waistline rather than weight in my results. Besides, a cloth tailor’s tape is inexpensive, easy to use, and they are accurate. If I was going to add muscle and drop my fat content, I did want to punish myself for gains that I made in adding muscle mass.

The Camera is Your Judge & Jury on Your Health & Fitness

There’s not a more critical critique of your health and fitness than being in front of the camera lens. THE CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS allowed me to drop 45- Lbs. and 6.0- inches in just 13- weeks. So I reached my goal by February 27th, 2015, four months ahead of schedule. My Waistline Chart is posted below showing my actual results. Even nine- years later, I still have a 29- inch waistline.

My Waistline Chart that I kept starting in November of 2014

After our photoshoot last January 07th, 2023, doing our BUSH PILOT COCKPIT Collection, I was challenged by the ground crew to do an AB Challenge that I did in our hangar on January 07th, 2023. They were thinking that after the holidays I might had gained weight. Fortunately for me temperatures were in the upper 60’s. I’ll let you be the judge if you think THE CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System worked even at my age of 65.

This is an AB Challenge that we did in our hangar on January 07th, 2023. The aircraft in the background is a P-51 Mustang like the one Tom Cruise owns and flew in movie TOP GUN: Maverick. It stills remains the No. 1 Fighter of all times even compared to the modern-day jet fighters.

I dropped 52- Lbs. and 8.75- inches from my waistline that I still maintain now 9- years later, but I dropped something that I wasn’t expecting, I dropped 30- years off the condition of my skin due to my CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System to have the skin I had in my mid-30’s. A Health SPA can’t even give you this type of results.

Always be ready for business and leisure wear with our BUSH PILOT COCKPIT Collection and never be out of step with the conditions. This BUSH PILOT COCKPIT Collection was inspired by the FRISCO QUINN Boatright.

TO Purchase my CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System use the link below:

THE CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System that allowed me to dropped 52 Lbs. and 8.75- inches in just 6- months. Not only did I dropped Lbs. and inches, I dropped 30-years off the condition of my skin at age 65.