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I’m on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle in our hangar modeling our US WINGS® U.S. Military Issued A-2 Leather Flight Jacket at age 64. I credit my diet and fitness program for my health and my conditioning that allows me to model and be under the lens of a camera even over the age of 60.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Relief Exercises for Managing PTSD, Stress & Anxiety– We don’t often think of exercising/sports as a relief valve for tension-stress-anxiety      

We don’t often think of exercising and sports as a relief valve for our tension, stress, anxiety, and even depression. But regular exercising is more than sweating, strengthening muscles, getting into shape, conditioning, dropping weight, and dropping years off the age of your skin. But, exercises and sports can also drops our blood pressure which is the biggest benefit. Hypertension was the biggest reason for complications from COVID-19 in individuals.

Exercising and sports are great activities to release your body’s neurotransmitters called endorphins and endocannabinoids that have essential roles to play in maintaining our health, especially our mental health. The endocannabinoids might not be a familiar term as endorphins, but they play a critical part of our mental health in maintaining our sense of wellbeing, mindfulness, energy, and emotional balance.

The more common neurotransmitter is endorphins, or the runner high, that improves a person’s self-esteem, improves their flexibility and mental and physical balance. Both endorphins and endocannabinoids work together to provide a person’s contentment and the ability to remain calm, adjust to changing situations, acquire a new skills, and improve language skills. These neurotransmitters provide what pilots refer to as having situational awareness. This is like weaponizing your body to fight off stress, anxiety, and boost your immune system.

Routine exercise improves a person’s situational awareness by having the ability to adjust to situations, be in control of one’s emotions, and think clearly, and respond appropriately (Yarak). The other benefit of exercises is what the medical field refer to as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) that improves oxygen and blood levels throughout the body carrying both endorphins and endocannabinoids to tone muscles and improve one’s well being.

After I workout in my home GYM, I can actually feel stress and tension just evaporate from my muscles, body, and mind which also lowers my blood pressure. I’m not a proponent of prescription drugs if I can allow my body to do its job given the opportunity to do so. I’m 64 years old, soon to be 65, and I don’t take any prescribed medication of any type. I take my blood pressure each night while listening to some soft jazz or classical music, below is my average blood pressure reading, again without any medication:

My routine blood pressure without any prescribe medication.


I can personally attest that after an extensive workout session where I’m able to reach and maintain my Target Heart Rate (THR) for at least 15- minutes, I feel my tension and stress disappears like I just sweated it out. NOTE: To determine your THR = (220- your age) x 0.85

Before starting any exercise check with your doctor to clear you for the appropriate exercise and level or fitness you’re trying to achieve. For those starting out exercising, your THR might be THR = (220- your age) x 0.75 until you can reach 85 percent factor.

This is my Home GYM where I workout for 45- minutes 5-to-6 times per week. This is above my golf training facility. My GYM isn’t cooled or heated so temperatures during the summer months can reach 115 degrees that allows for conditioning. This was taken in Mach of 2022 at age 64. I have to wear sunglasses to present temporary blindness from a flash burn I received working.

Exercises and Sports to Deal with PTSD and GAD

But here is the greatest benefit of exercise and being involved in sports, you’re not just relieving stress, but it actually prevents stress from occurring in the first place. One reason is that exercise and fitness provides a person with calming, confident, and charisma of well being that carries on even after their workout session is over. Just a 2- minute aerobic workout provides a person with up to 2- hours of calm, confident, and charisma mentality.

This is why exercises, that includes yoga, and sports are important and helpful for people like Veterans and First Responders dealing with PTSD or GAD. Most people are aware of PTSD, but might not be that familiar with GAD, (or Generalized Anxiety Disorder).

GAD is where people develop excessive anxiety about everyday life events without any particular reason. Exercises and sports are great methods to help treat people dealing with either PTSD and/or GAD.

It goes back to neurotransmitter endorphins and endocannabinoids that are released to help our body not only relieve stress, tension, and anxiety, but actually prevent these from occurring at all to provide sharpness, calm and balance with improved situational awareness. Exercising and sports again, is like weaponizing your body to defend itself against high stress events and improve your immune system.

Exercise, Fitness, and Sports for PTSD and GADOperation DOG TAGS

Operation DOG TAGS (Defender Oasis Golf Tactical Athletic Geared Sports) for Veterans

I developed Operation DOG TAGS (Defender Oasis Golf Tactical Athletic Geared Sports) where I use fitness and the sport of golf to work with Veterans dealing with PTSD. The PGA has been using golf to help Veterans battle PTSD, what was referred to then as shell shock, during World War I.

I have training material that is FREE for Veterans Groups to set up golf clubs based on SQUADS, PLATOON, and CAMPS to help these Veterans to connect with other Veterans using golf in dealing with their PTSD. I can even attend the Veterans meetings to explain Operation DOG TAGS, I just request a minimum of 25 Veterans and family members be in attendance. For distances over 150 miles from Jackson, Mississippi, I just ask for travel expenses and hotel, if needed.

This goes back to the benefits of the CBT that includes exercises and sports to help our Veterans deal with their stress and their anxiety, I use the sport of golf because it isn’t a high injury sport. I develop a self-instructional golf training program that allows Veterans the ability to play golf at their own pace to gain confident and competitive level skills to help them enjoy golf while they deal with PTSD with other Veterans and other golfers. I made a three part video series for a local television station last year where I demonstrated my GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH what I call my Orange Bucket Challenge, below:

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo


You don’t have to have all the answers to help, you just need the time to be there with a cup of coffee (like BLACK RIFLE COFFEE) and just listen to our Veterans.

I use 10- percent (10%) of all proceeds from sales of products in my online store to provide funding for Operation DOG TAGS. In my store we have the U.S. Military issued A-2 and G-1 Leather and CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jackets. We also carry the Indiana Jones-style Leather Jacket like the one we supplied to the movie studio. We also have the G-1 TOPGUN Leather Jacket like the one Maverick (Tom Cruise) is wearing in the TOPGUN: MAVERICK Movie scheduled to be released on May 27, 2022 during Memorial Day Weekend.

My CAST (Cardio-Aerobic Strength Training) Fitness Program

We had some unusual warm weather on January 18th, 2022 with some overcast and low humidity that allows us to do a photo shoot for our Quapaw Aviation Tactical Sportswear Performance Collection. After the photo shoot the camera crew challenged me to an AB Challenge at age 64.

Exercise and fitness allows the body to release endorphins that are beneficial not only for your mental and physical condition but for your skin, as well. Endorphins along with collagen has an anti-aging effect on the skin to help reverse the aging process of the skin. Fitness is the best fashion statement that you can make.

In the feature photograph above, I’m 64 years old and have worked out since I was 12- years old with only five (5) interruptions due to one- hip and four- knee surgeries from injuries that I received that caused me to receive a medical discharge from the U.S. Army.

I developed a fitness program called CAST (Cardio-Aerobic Strength Training) that allowed me to drop weight and toning up my muscles and skin for the company that I started in June of 2015. I started a tactical sportswear performance company where being fit and tone is essential. My fitness program allowed me to model my sportswear even at the age 64 in the photograph above and below. The camera lens is very unforgiving in terms of one’s fitness and skin conditioning.

I’m a huge sports fan especially of college sports. I follow my Arkansas Razorbacks sports and enjoy college football, basketball, and baseball. I also support the SEC teams as well. I’m looking forward to Oklahoma and Texas the SEC.

I was traveling though HICO, Texas when I came across a Mural ion a brick building. One of my hobbies is taking photos of advertisements painted on brick buildings. I will always take the time and have my photo taken with murals and old train stations.

This was taken in HICO, Texas in front of the Blue Star Trading Post Building. I support sports and fitness with athletic apparel to support my Quapaw Aviation Tactical Sportswear Performance Yarak. I ride my INDIAN Scout Bobber on the backroads of our country.


All of my sportswear, fitness and golf training and development are located in my online store in THE QATSPY® Health & Sports Hangar . Operation DOG TAGS is FREE to Veterans organizations. Please send me your information and I will send the three part Operation DOG TAGS Modules for setting up your own golf club. troop, or squad. Please use this LINK: Contact THE QATSPY Charles W. Boatright.

Again I use 10% of my proceeds to fund my Operation DOG TAGS Program. We appreciate your interest, business, and helping our Veterans. Please enjoy shopping THE QATSPY® (The Quapaw Aviation Tactical Sportswear Performance Yarak) Online Store:

Just to prove how effective the sport of golf was for the survival in the case of a Vietnam POW, Colonel George Robert Hall, read my interview that I had with him in March of 2002. He survived 7.5 years at the Hanoi Hilton by use his golf game:

The TOPGUN: Maverick Flight Jacket Collection:

TOPGUN: MAVERICK G-1 Leather and CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jackets that are supplied to the U.S. Military with the authentic TOPGUN patches.

The TOPGUN: MAVERICK Trailer for the Movie released May 27, 2022