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Revolutionize your Father’s or Husband’s Golf Game With THE QATSPY ASPEN 408- Palmer Technique presetting the wrist action in the golf swing. This is based on instincts that they developed before the age of 10.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Perfect Father’s Day Golf Gift- The ASPEN 408- GOLF TECH, Based on presetting the wrist action in the golf swing, based on the Baseball Swing

The emphasis of THE QATSPY ASPEN 408- Palmer Golf Technique is the proper presetting of the wrist action in the golf swing. This is similar to the how the baseball batter sets up their swing in the batter’s box.

Develop a revolutionary-type golf swing that Dad can take from the batter’s box to the tee box, based on instincts and confidence. These are motor skills that he developed as a kid.

Every part of your father or husband’s golf swing has to be based on permanent motor skills that he developed before the age of 10 in order to have consistency on the golf course. THE QATSPY ASPEN 408- Palmer Golf Technique allows your dad/husband to pair up basic motor skills with every element needed to preset his wrists to develop essential power, control, and clubhead speed. Accept NO SUBSTITUTE for POWER, CONTROL, and CLUBHEAD SPEED by presetting the wrist action in the golf swing.

As your father develops these basic techniques in The ASPEN 408- Palmer Golf Technique, he will gain confidence he never could have imagined by hitting more fairways and greens in regulations. He will see significant improvement in his golf game within weeks.

The Key to the ASPEN 408-Palmer Golf Technique is They are Instinctive, Developed before We were 10 years Old

The key to the ASPEN 408- Palmer Golf Technique is that it takes advantage of the biggest potential your father has on the golf course, which is his subconscious mind. We might practice with our conscious mind, but I can guarantee every golfer that when they step foot onto the golf course that they will be using their subconscious mind.

The major difference between most coaching techniques and the ASPEN Coaching technique is that it uses very well-developed permanent motor skills that your dad grew up using in baseball. If he’s ever thrown a baseball before, then he as all of the motor skills he needs to apply the ASPEN 408- Palmer Golf Technique.

Before you purchase your copy of the ASPEN 408- Palmer Golf Technique, FIRST- please view my FREE YouTube Videos below and see if you’re not convinced:

All of these videos were done on the first take in my training facility.

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