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This was taken on the tarmac at our airport modeling our HEMI-QUINN Bush Pilot Cockpit Collection on January 07th, 2023.

By: Charles W. Boatright,

President of THE QATSPY Outfitter

My Mojave-Polar/Express Workout Routine– Strength and Conditioning Workout a part of the CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System for Age-Defying Skin

This article also includes my FOUR (4) SCIATIC NERVE Relief Exercise Routine video, posted at the end of this article.

I refer to my home gym as The Mojave Gym, because it is not air conditioned or heated on purpose. If you recall desert conditions are HOT during the day and COLD at night. My Mojave Gym is in the attic space over my photography studio, this is the attic space that I renovated during the fall of 2019 into my GYM right before COVID hit in March of 2020. My gym is shown below:

This is my Mojave Gym that I refer to is as because it isn’t air conditioned nor heated. Temperature can reach between 115°- and 120° Fahrenheit during the months of June through September. Perfect for sweating out during my workout and conditioning.

Pay attention to the Brick work. This is sports psychology at its best. The brick acts like a relaxing component during my workout to relieve stress. It really does work.

Benefits of my Mojave GYM Workout

Temperatures in my Mojave Gym can reach between 115°– and 120° Fahrenheit during the months of June through September when I workout at 3 O’clock p.m. Believe it or not, I look forward to my workouts during these months for the benefit of sweating. These workouts provide me the opportunity to sweat during my CASIMIR (Cardio-Aerobic Strength Increase Muscle Integral Retention) Workouts. Just make a note, your heart and brain should be treated as a muscle that benefits from a routine workout with strength training.

What benefits the heart also benefits the brain, and vise versa. The more you exercise with cardio-aerobic and strength training the more cognitive ability, mobility, strength, balance, and overall health you are able to retain as you age. People with neurological issues can greatly benefit from physical exercises. I’m 65 years old in the featured image and in the AB Challenge, below, that both were taken on January 07th, 2023.

This was taken in our hangar after we did a photoshoot for our HEMI-QUINN Bush Pilot Collections to show how a exercise can benefit you even if you are over the age of 50 or older. I’m on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 that I enjoy riding to and from our hangar.

Below are just some benefits of sweating during your workouts:

Rejuvenates the skin.

Eliminates free radicals

Improves blood circulation and oxygenation of your skin and muscles.

Deep cleansing of the skin.

Boost your heart health.

Lower your risk of kidney stones.

Weight Control by turbocharging your metabolic rate.

Boost your energy and especially your mood levels.

Boost your natural immune system against diseases.

Promote better sleep.

Reduce stress levels.

Anti-aging by keeping the skin looking younger and diminishes fine lines. Sweating challenges your body to act younger.

Benefits Post Workout Polar Express

Just as important as sweating is to my health, fitness, and especially my age-defying health of my skin is washing off the sweat post workout. As soon as I have complete my workouts for 45-60 minutes per day, I hit the shower to remove toxins that can irritate my skin. I offer the two photographs above into as evidence of the benefits that I received.

But if you want to really boost your health and fitness even more than just the benefit of your workouts, take a cold (58° to 65° F) shower posted workout. This is what I refer to as my Polar Express. These two fitness components are better than any day SPA treatment that you can experience to not only look younger, but also feel younger and healthier. Below are the benefits of a Polar Express:

Increase Blood Circulation.

Reduce soreness.

Boost weight loss by transforming white fat to brown fat.

Tightens, reduces wrinkles, and re-hydrates your skin.

Release anti-stress hormones. Increase mindfulness.

Strengthens your immune system.

For more information on the Benefits of a Post Workout: Polar Express Post Workout Shower.

So why is it important to transform white fat into brown fat

Your body can burn brown fat directly as energy easier than it can stubborn white fat. Cold from the Polar Express aids in the transformation of white fat into brown fat. That allows your body to reduce your fat content and tone up even after your workouts.

In my two photographs above, I’m 65- years of age. I have health and condition, especially of my skin, that I had in my mid-30’s. I personally workout 7- days a week due to my sciatic nerve issue. Usually on Wednesdays, it is my light workout day. My CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System is in my download below:


If You Suffer From Sciatic Nerve Issues, Read On

For those of you that are suffering from sciatic nerve issues, I have found four (4) relief exercises that have dramatically helped my condition out, that I haven’t found anywhere else, not even from shoe inserts, can do. I demonstrate these four (4) Sciatic Nerve Relief exercises in the 5.50- minutes video, below. Nothing has relieve my sciatic nerve issues as these four (4) relief exercises has. Better yet they are simple to do with simple equipment:

My four (4) Sciatic nerve relief exercises that I do everyday that has given me pain free mobility. I used to fly over 450 flight hours per year. Sitting can cause sciatic nerve issues.