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My DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System

My Modified SIT-UP Exercise helps to alleviate lower back and Sciatic Nerve Issues that can consist of leg and feet discomfort and numbness. This Modified SIT-UP develops stronger abdominal for a stronger and healthier back mobility. Nothing can stop a great day like back issues.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Modified Sit-Up for Lower Back Issues: This Sit-Up Targets discomfort, pain, and numbness to the Sciatic Nerve and Lower Back issues

The major issue we develop over time, especially in our 50’s and beyond, is lower back and Sciatic Nerve issues. One technique to help alleviate both lower back and Sciatic Nerve issues is to develop stronger Abdominal muscles. Stronger Abdominal muscles will help alleviate back issues that we develop over time.

I have made jumps, worked in line work, flown aircraft, operated heavy equipment, and ridden motorcycles that all place pressure on the Lumbar Discs that causes them to bulge. This bulging of the discs places pressure on the Sciatic Nerve. I’m 64 years old, and I have experienced discomfort in my Sciatic Nerve.

Since I have incorporated the Modified Sit-Up into my DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System, this discomfort has subsided, along with the numbness in my feet. I want to remain active during my entire life, with God’s Blessings. The Modified Sit-Ups has given me the opportunity to get back to being active on the farm and sports.

I’m shown here able to maintain my active lifestyle even with Sciatic Nerve issues I developed working in line work and making jumps. This was taken on September 09, 2021 during a FALL FASHION promotion of our FALL FASHION FLIGHT JACKETS that make an actually a great Sport Jacket that is just that a SPORT JACKET.

This Sit-Up incorporates the McKenzie Technique that helps alleviate lower back discomfort, while strengthening the Abdominal muscles. Stronger ABs develop a stronger and healthier back for mobility and normal daily function.

My YouTube Video demonstrating the Modified SIT-UP that I perform to alleviate lower back and Sciatic Nerve issues that I have at age 64. I made jumps, worked line work, operate heavy equipment, and ride motorcycles that can place viberation and pressure on the Lumbar Discs. This Modified SIT-UP helps me have an active lifestyle.

In the YouTube Video above, I perform 100- Modified Sit-Ups that consist of 5 sets of 20- reps. I have a 10- second rest period between sets. The key to Strength and Conditioning Training is to perform your exercises in sets of either 5, 10, 15, or 20, with a 10- second rest period between sets. You will be amazed at how you can increase you reps and sets with a simple rest period that I call RIP (Rest Interval Periods) in between your sets.

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Charles W. Boatright

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