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This is part of my Health & Fitness routine called Light Toning fitness, where I receive my allotted exposure to the sun before I work out in my GYM, 4 times a week. Sun exposure allows the cells just beneath the skin to shrink losing their ability to contain or retain fat. This allows me to rid of my stubborn belly fat and tone up.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Light Body Toning to Reduce Fat & Firm Up– Healthy and Simple Method of using Sun’s UV Rays to reduce the Fat in Our Cells under the Skin  

There is a great article in Men’s Journal entitled: Sunlight May Help Break Down Fat Cells Under Your Skin based on a study from Canada’s University of Alberta.

Also another article on WebMD: Sunlight Effects

This is the first article in a seven (7) part series on Light Body Toning; and the benefits of getting the recommended amount of sun exposure for our overall Health and Fitness. Light Body Toning is a great compliment to a routine Cardio-Aerobic Strength Program. These articles will appear each Friday for my Friday Fitness segment. It is essential that I maintain by health and fitness due to the nature of my work, performance sports training and sportswear even at age 64. I actually model my apparel that I carry in my Online Store.

A study from Canada’s University of Alberta has found that timed exposure to sunlight can reduce the fat in our cells and shrink their capacity to retain fat. These cells are located directly beneath our skin. The body can then have the ability to transfer this stubborn fat from our bloodstream than process the fat in our digestion system as waste. You’re left with a firmer and toned appearance, especially for the summertime enjoying the outdoors.


During the early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic, scientists and medical professionals recommended and encouraged people to get outside and get some time sensitive exposure to sunlight. By being outside, you’re not only decreasing the transmissibility of COVID-19, you’re engaging in some type of recreational activity, as well. But timed sensitive exposure to the sun has several other health benefits, especially during the winter months.


The Benefit of Sunlight in Our Lives

We have known for decades that timed sensitive exposure to sunlight improves our overall well being in regards to healthy sleep, emotional mood, and now to weight loss. The timed sensitive exposure to the sunlight is based on the tone of your skin. Your time sensitive exposure per day could range from 5- minutes for lighter tone complexions skin to as much as 20- minutes for darker tone complexions of skin, like myself.

Consult your physician and/or Dermatologist for the correct amount of sunlight that is safe for your skin type and tone. They might even recommend to you to use sunscreen to limit the effects of the sun’s rays on lighter tone skin types. If I’m going to be out working on my farm for a longer period of time, I use sunscreen that I keep handy. I even have a can of sunscreen in my golf bag.

This is a Chevrolet 1963 Stingray Corvette at the golf course before I was to play a golf tournament. It was the Rhythm & Blues Charity Tournament where we could play in blue jeans. If I had my druthers, I would wear blue jeans and my button-down Oxford shirt everywhere I travel for the comfort ability factor.

Taking the Needed Safeguards to Protect Your Skin

I’ve always taken safeguards to protect my skin, especially since I spent the majority of my career and leisure time outdoors working bridge construction to later transmission line work for 33-years, and now playing golf, since I’m retired now. I always used hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses with an UV and UVB protection, because of the amount of time that I spent working outdoors.

But that doesn’t mean we should shy away from getting our daily recommended exposure to sunlight, especially for weight control. Three (3) times a week, I spend 20- minutes outdoors getting unrestricted sunlight, in my case, without sunscreen except for applying sunscreen on the skin around my eyes.

All the other times I’m outdoors, working on my farm and playing golf, I wear sunscreen, caps or hats, and sunglasses. I make it a habit even before I get on my KUBOTA Tractor to put on sunscreen. I also carry sunscreen in my golf bag and apply the sunscreen before the first tee box and at the turn.

I’m photographed with my KUBOTA L3940 4 Wheel drive Tractor on my farm after I mowed around the pastures for where I coach golf.

The skin around your eyes are some of the more sensitive to sun damage that can age your skin and cause wrinkles to form. The eyes have it when it comes to being noticed right off the bat in meeting people. I apply sunscreen to the skin around my eyes during my toning fitness and before I go up to my GYM to workout. My GYM workout includes performing yoga, strength, and cardio-aerobic training.

NOTE: Before working out after Light Toning, take a wet cloth or towel and wipe away the sunscreen from around your eyes to prevent stinging of your eyes when you sweat.

This is me in my Home GYM after I worked out and took a shower. This photograph shows all of the exercise equipment that I workout with for 45-to-60 minutes five (5) to six (6) times a week. Nothing extravagant or expensive at all, pretty basic.

Combining Your Toning Fitness with Your Cardio-Aerobic and Strength Training

If you want to firm up and lose that stubborn belly fat, in addition to toning fitness (sunning), do this one other technique. During your routine cardio-aerobic workout period, reach your Target Heart Rate (THR) for at least for 15- minutes.

To determine your THR = Subtract your age from 220, and take 85 percent of that figure, to determine your THR. For example in my case, my THR = (220 – 64) x 0.85 = 132.60 bpm. This means that if you’re riding a bicycle like I do for my cardio-aerobic, this isn’t just your leisure ride, but pushing yourself for at least 15- minutes to reach your THR. You usually reach your THR about at the 5-minute mark in your cardio-aerobic workout.

(bpm)= beats per minute     

Sunlight for Weight Control

Toning Fitness (sunning) exposes your skin to sunlight allowing the blue-light waves to penetrate our skin where the blue-light wave can shrink the fat in our cells. This reduces the cell’s ability to store and retain fat later, especially when you are in your mid 40’s and beyond. The lack of time sensitive exposure to sunlight is also related to obesity in the winter months. This is another reason why we gain weight during the winter months, then after the winter we work feverishly to lose the weight in in late spring, before the start of summer.

Studies show that people that receive exposure to sunlight (10-15 minutes in summer and up to 45-minutes in winter) can dramatically improve their emotional wellbeing. Just the sight of the sun can dramatically improve our overall health and fitness. This also goes for getting a sufficient amount of exercises throughout the year. The reason you can extend your exposure time in the winter months is that the sun rays aren’t direct.

This proves once again that what benefits our body, also benefits our heart and mind. You can never underestimate the benefits of getting your exercise and being in the great outdoors in fresh air and sunlight. The best time to get your daily allotment of sun is between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and between 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. I favor the latter time frame myself, because the 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. is right before I workout in my GYM.

This is one reason that before I start my exercise routine, I get 20 minutes of sunlight that also allows me to meditate before my workout routine. I refer to my exercise routine as active meditation, especially on the boxing bag. My boxing bag workout is between my strength training and before my cardio-aerobic workout period on my bicycle.

Investing in Your Health and Fitness for a Lifetime

In the featured image, I credit my diet and fitness program for my health status at age 64, soon to be 65. Diet and fitness is the best age-defying therapy that a person should follow. Your body has all the resources it needs to stay healthy and fit where you can enjoy it for a lifetime. You can’t buy health and fitness, but you can only invest in your health and fitness.

If you’re looking for a great health and fitness program look at The DELPHI AD DIET & FITNESS System that I use and follow during the week. I believe the photograph that I’m in after we did a photo shoot, below, in January provides evidence to the effectiveness of  The DELPHI AD DIET & FITNESS System.

This is in our hangar just after we did a photo shoot we did in January 18th, 2022 featuring our line of American Classic Leather Jacket Collection. The camera crew challenged me to an AB Challenge. The blood pressure that I included is my blood pressure without any medication of any kind.

Trying to buy your health and fitness is similar to a person that hasn’t participated in an IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k) plan during their career, then the months leading up to their retirement they are searching to figure how to come up with about three-quarters of a million dollars in a span of 4-weeks. Same with your health and fitness, you can’t buy it, you can only invest in it!

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Charles W. Boatright

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