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Learn how to Take your Golf Swing from the batter’s Box to the Tee Box for a Better Golf Game.

How to build Strength in The One Piece Take away Wrist Action in the Golf Swing that will provide more Power, Acceleration, Clubhead Speed, and Consistency (PACC) in your golf game. Without consistency it is difficult to improve for lower scores and handicap Numbers.

By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE QATSPY®

Golfer’s Critical Swing Path Exercises for Power– If the golfer can make the Palmer Golf Swing Coach APP instinctive, the golfer can hit more fairways and greens/lowering handicaps.

The Golfer’s Critical Swing Path Exercises for the forearms and wrists to develop the power, clubhead speed, acceleration, and to prevent injuries in golf, baseball, and/or tennis. Exercising the wrists and forearms by focusing on the following four (4) muscles that can develop the desirable consistency that every golfer wants to have in their golf game, but also prevent injuries such as, the wrists, forearms, elbows, and especially the back.

The Importance of the Low and High Threshold Muscles

To produce Power, Acceleration, Clubhead Speed, and Consistency, the golfer needs to preset what are called the Low Threshold muscles in the golfer’s wrist and forearms before engaging the High Threshold, muscles in the golfer’s arms (upper arm), shoulders, torso, and quads muscles. The Low Threshold muscles are faster responding than the slower, but stronger, Higher Threshold muscles.

The Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

Probably the most overlooked areas in a golfer’s workout routine are the wrists and the forearms. If the golfer wants to develop more power in their golf swing, then they need to develop more wrist and forearm strength. The wrists are critical in majority of our maneuvers, and sports is no different. Strength trainers and coaches realize the importance of wrists and forearm strength and the proper wrists action in sports. Even in baseball, the MLB players, focuses on wrists and their forearms for their power and bat speed through the strike zone.

If the golfer doesn’t have wrist and forearm strength, they can’t develop their strength for power and speed in their golf swing that are critical. This strength exercise starts in the wrists and goes up along the forearms to the golfer’s elbows and on into the Higher Threshold muscles. The other benefit of strength training is the prevention of wrists, forearms, and elbow injuries. I don’t have to tell you that a healthier and stronger athlete is a batter athlete, same in golf.

Another Benefit of Your Strength Training is Healthier Younger Looking Skin

This was taken on January 07th, 2023 promoting my Hemi-Quinn Bush Pilot Collection at age 65. I contribute the health of my skin to strength training in my Mojave GYM. I call it my Mojave GYM because my gym isn’t air-conditioned or heated. The gym is in the attic space over my studio. Temperatures can reach 118 deg F during the summer months.

Strength training is also critical for healthier and younger looking skin due to the Natural Growth Hormones (NGH) released from the muscles, called Fibroblast. These are receptors that supply collagen to your skin and joints. This is the reason that it is important to incorporate strength training in with your Cardio-Aerobic training. A Medicine Ball and elastic resistance tubing are great pieces of exercise equipment to have in your workout program. Both the Medicine Ball and elastic tubing are great ways to strengthen your wrists, forearms, and core muscles.

The Critical Swing Path Muscles

Below are the critical muscles you need to focus on in your workout program:

  • Palmaris Longus– Palmar Flexion and Dorsiflex (wave action) that is also used to grip the handle of the golf club.
  • Supinator muscle– Supination to Sync the golfer’s elbow with the shoulders.
  • Brachio-Radialis muscle– Flex the forearm at the elbow and assist in supination and pronation.
  • Thenar muscle– Palmer Flexion to Preset the wrists and lock the elbow with the shoulders.

The Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon

One good thing about the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon is it is used in throwing a baseball and are used in swinging both a baseball bat and swing a golf club handle. The Palmaris Longus is a tendon part of the muscle that you can actually see on the medial side (inside) part of your wrists, shown below in my wrist. You use the Palmer muscle/tendon to hinge the wrists like in waving at someone or throwing a baseball, as I mentioned.

The Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon

Here is what is great about using the Palmaris Longus muscle/tendon in the golf swing, there is just one maneuver the golfer has to make. This one maneuver is the one piece takeaway element that I depend on for being Square at Impact, Hitting Down on the Golf Ball, Creating Clubhead Speed and Power, and Acceleration for Loft with Backspin.

This One Piece takeaway element is simple to perform called the Palmar Flexion (or what I call Palmerflex for short) in the hinging or waving action. If you thrown or tossed a baseball you have performed this Palmerflex maneuver before and is an instinctive maneuver in your golf swing arsenal. Below is a photograph of me performing the throwing action with a baseball with my left wrist/hand.

The Palmar Flexion maneuver or Palmer maneuver for short to set the ONE PIECE Takeaway element in the golf swing.

Strengthening the Palmarus Longis (Palmer) Muscle

I purposely performed the Palmer maneuver with my left wrist to preset my wrists in my golf swing, because I’m right-handed. For a right-hander golfer the left side leads while the right side trails. To strengthen my wrists and forearms, Palmer Muscle, I hinge my wrists while I’m doing my biceps curls and Shoulders Presses, especially with elastic tubing anchored behind me, and Chest Presses with torso rotation with tubing anchored behind me. Another exercise that is great is the Russian Twist. These are shown below:

Biceps Curls

Using elastic tubing to perform forearm biceps curls

Diagonal Chess Press Position No. 1

Diagonal Chess Press Position No. 2

Strengthening the Brachio-Radialis and the Supinator muscles

The Sitting Russian Twist and Chess Press Rotation, below, are great way to work your Brachio-Radialis and the Supinator muscles, along with your core muscles. The Brachio-Radialis and Supinator muscles are responsible for opening and closing the clubface at the through impact.

If you want to lose belly fat and firm up your abdominal muscles while strengthening your forearms, the Russian Twist and Chess Press Rotations are great and simple exercises to perform. I would recommend using a Medicine Ball with a weight between 5 to 15 pounds, based on your physical strength.

Russian Twist

Chess Press Rotation

All of these exercises above are done with my other Cardio-Aerobic and strength training workout. These are listed in The Palmer Golf Swing Coach APP BOOK:

Making Your Golf Swing Instinctive

For the right-hander, the advantages of presetting the Palmer maneuver is that it will automatically trigger and engage the other muscles naturally, instinctively- the Brachio-Radialis and the Supinator muscles in particular. So you don’t have to worry about learning kinesiology or knowing your anatomy to perform The Palmer Golf Swing Coach APP Technique. Just focus on presetting the golf swing wrist action to naturally Cocked and Locked your wrists before taking the handle of the golf club to the top of your swing before dropping back down through the baseball-type strike zone.

I keep everything in regards to my golf swing in my hands and just focus on my wrists and lead forearm in the strike zone. You do this, you will have a golf swing that is repeatable that will produce more consistent golf shots from Tee-to-Green!

The Orange Bucket Challenge Shown on WJTV-12 back in 2021 before the US OPEN

Back in June of 2021, right before the US Open, WJTV-12 here in Jackson, Mississippi, contacted me about doing a three part video series for their Sports Zone Show where I’m demonstrating my Palmer Golf Swing Coach APP with The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge. I have attached, below, the walk-through part of the Orange Bucket Challenge video and a promo that the production department made for me for doing the three part series for them:

The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through Video:

The Orange Bucket Challenge Promo that WJTV-12 did for me:

The Thenars the Only Muscle that have Direct Contact with the Handle of the Golf Club

The thumbs are how I have direct coloration and can exercise control with the clubface and clubhead that represent what would be the bat in baseball. This is how I can take my golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box and onto the green. The Thenars are the only muscles in the wrists that have direct contact with the handle of the golf club. The Palmarus Longis tendon runs in between the Thenar and Hypothenar (Hypo be low). Between the Thenars and the Palmarus Longis tendon I’m able to grip the club and presets my wrists. Below are two charts showing the forearm muscles and the two wrist muscles, the Thenars.

Brachio-Radialis and Supinator Muscles in the Forearms

The Palmarus Longis Tendon and Thenars

Develop Your Muscle Memory

You hear muscle memory being used in sports psychology in the ability for the athlete to perform naturally at a high and consistent manner without having to think. The swing sequence the golf the golfer only has to preset the lead wrists (left wrist for right-handers or right wrist for left-handers) by palmar flexion or hinging back the lead wrist. Then the golfer feels the Brachio-Radialis and Supinator muscles start to engage and fire during the downswing. The thumbs and Thenars are used to maneuver the clubhead through the strike zone in the featured image, above.

If the golfer can make the Palmer Golf Swing Coach APP instinctive over a period of 6-to-8 weeks, the golfer can be able yo hit more fairways and greens and lowering their scores and handicaps.

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