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The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique to allow the golfer to take their golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee–box with the same Consistency and Confidence of a Baseball Batter standing in the Batter’s Box to hit more Fairways & Greens in Regulation!

By: Charles W. Boatright

Coach’s Corner: GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH– How to Sync/Preset the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing to Hit More Fairways/Greens in Regulation

If you, the golfer, have ever felt that your baseball swing is more fluid, instinctive, and easier to perform consistently than making your golf shot, then this GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique is for YOU!

The term BRACHS-PALMER is in reference to two muscles/tendons that the golfer can use to preset their wrists, based on a baseball-type swing, to sync (CAM) and preset (CAM-OVER) the golfer’s wrists. The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH allows the golfer to simply Cock their wrists into the Lock Position, shown below. This Lock Position allows the golfer to transition into a more familiar baseball-type swing for better confidence.

The term BRACHS is pronounced like the candy company that is referencing the Brachio-Radialis Muscle in the forearm that is critical in cocking the wrists action in the golf swing. The Palmer references the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon. A tendon connects muscle to bone. These two muscles combine to set the golfer’s wrists into the Lock Position, shown below. The golfer using The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique completes 80 percent of the entire golf swing by placing the wrists into the Lock Position. I like to refer to the Lock Position as a golf swing inside the golf swing.

The Golfer’s BRACHS-PALMER TECH shown in the Lock Position.

The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH is so significant because it allows the golfer to use their golf club as if they are swinging a baseball bat. The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH allows the golfer to orientate the clubface and hosel into the golfer’s hands and wrists, like the golfer is holding a bat. If the golf ball were placed on a baseball tee and a baseball bat was given to the golfer, they would have no difficulty in syncing, presetting, and cocking their wrists into the Lock Position, as they would do for baseball.

The golf swing is actually no different than a baseball batter hitting a low sinker pitch on the inside corner of the strike zone, shown below. The batter’s wrists and forearms are almost in the same orientation as the golfer swinging a golf club. I have transposed myself performing a baseball swing and golf swing, side-by-side, in this image below. The wrists are cocked and locked in the exact same position shown in the right image.

The Time-Lapse Golf swing compared to the Baseball Swing

The baseball swing and golf swing are actually more similar in nature than they are different, as noted above. For my final research project in Kinesiology, I compared the golf swing to the baseball swing to find out what muscle memory the golfer could use to make their golf swing more consistent, with power and the important clubhead speed.

NOTE: This GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH of using the wrist action in the golf swing can even be used to improve the baseball batter’s Batting Average, On Base Average, RBI’s.

Without a doubt, it seems like the golfer faces more challenges standing on the tee box than the batter does standing in the batter’s box. The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH takes well-established muscle memory from the batter’s box, learned at a early age, to improve the golfer’s swing on the tee box, to hit more fairway, and greens to lower the golfer’s handicap and frustration level. Golf is supposed to relieve stress not cause stress.

Below, I have attached three of my YouTube Videos of me performing The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH for the Rap Pitch Shot, Regular Pitch Shot, and what I call the Orange Bucket Challenge. The Orange Bucket Challenge is where I’m hitting a 295- yard tee shot with my driver to within 15- feet of an HOME DEPOT Orange Bucket. I did all of these on the first take. The Orange Bucket Challenge was a video I did for a film crew that that they featured on a local Sports Show here in Jackson, Mississippi. I have the raw video showing me making five consecutive tee-shots as I’m explaining The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH.

Rap Pitch Shot (2 foot- 4- foot Pitch Shot)

Regular Pitch Shot (9 yard – 80 yard Pitch Shot)

Orange Bucket Challenge

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