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I’m showing how the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness Program allowed me to lose weight, but just as significant, toning and conditioning my abdominal muscles and my skin. The DEXTRO Diet & Fitness is like having your own jar of anti-aging cream at age 64.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Age-Defying Healthy Diet & Fitness Program- THE NEW DEXTRO Diet Exercise X-Training Regimen Option for Age-Defying Conditioning & Toning

In my article dated June 27, 2021, I asked this question– If your current diet & fitness program gives you the results that The NEW DEXTRO- DIET EXERCISE X-TRAINING REGIMEN OPTION has provided me at age 64, by all means, STICK WITH IT? DON’T even consider changing what you’re doing. Here’s is the other point of consideration– What benefits are you going to have from your diet in your 60’s, 70’s, and into your 80’s. Just remember, your diet accounts for 80 percent of decelerating your aging process.

BUT If NOT, take this opportunity to give yourself a chance to follow a diet and fitness program that provides an additional benefit to just weight loss. The DEXTRO Diet & Fitness also provides conditioning and toning to muscles and to your skin. There’s not an anti-aging cream out there in a jar that your body can naturally do by rejuvenating your skin, based on a healthy diet and fitness program.


It is difficult to show the benefits of the conditioning and toning that a diet & fitness program provides without photographic evidence. There is an old adage that goes this way– A picture is worth a thousand words. So in June, while I was at our hangar preparing for an airshow. I asked one of the ground crew if they could take the photograph that became the featured image above, with me sitting on my INDIAN Scout Motorcycle. The reason that I enjoy riding my INDIAN Motorcycle is to enjoy the freedom that my health and fitness allows me to pursue.

This photograph shows what results I have had seven years after I started the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness Program. One of the unexpected results of the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness Program was the anti-aging component provided by the B-Complex that is contained in some of the foods that you can eat on this diet, including the fitness routine it also provides. Fitness acts like an age decelerator in your aging process. This is another good reason to include a fitness program into your daily schedule.

I encourage everyone, regardless of your age, to have a regular fitness routine that includes cardiovascular, aerobic, and strength training. A fitness routine doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective. Even working out just 3 days a week can be beneficial.

HINT– If you can schedule just three, 10-minute fitness sessions during your day, you can actually realize what would be equivalent to a 30- minute-day workout session. I use this in my own workout regimen. I have four 15-minute workout sessions that I do in my own home gym that I refer to as the KITT (Kinetic Incremental Training Technique). Another important point- It doesn’t take expensive fitness equipment to have an effective workout session. In the photograph below, I’m shown in my gym with the ONLY exercise equipment that I use.


I’m shown here in my home gym with the only exercise equipment that I use in The DEXTRO Fitness Program. The only two pieces of equipment that aren’t shown are my mountain bike and my stationary bike, that is to my left in the corner, and multiple elastic tubing (15#, 20#, 35#, 75#, and 100#) tied to an anchor point to my right. I actually love working out with elastic tubing. Tubing provides toning to my muscles. Tubing process is a great stress reliever to lower your blood pressure.


Most Diets Focus on Weight Loss. But how About an Age-Defying Component, to Boot?

The focus of most diets is on the amount of weight you can lose in a particular period of time. But weight loss is just a small part of a totally healthy diet and fitness program that should be providing you with healthier numbers. The true measurement of a healthy diet and fitness program is the conditioning and toning of muscles and skin that is in addition to lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. Below is my typical blood pressure reading at age 64, without taking any prescribed medication of any kind:

My Blood Pressure results of following the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness Program at age 64. I don’t take any prescribed blood pressure medication or any prescribed medication.

If the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness program came in a medication, drug stores couldn’t even keep it in stock, especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Your diet and fitness still is your best defense against illnesses, diseases, and a limited active lifestyle. DON’T EVER GIVE UP BEING ACTIVE!

More and more business is being conducted via teleconferencing. People are interacting with more people outside of their conventional pre-COVID-19 work circle. A healthy weight, conditioning, and toning are becoming major factors in conducting business and performing at your best. This isn’t just about your appearance, but more about your health and fitness that improves your mental performance of being creative and having endurance and stamina.

Those who have workout routines, follow healthy nutrition, and conditioning programs perform better at being creative and have improved mental and physical performance. A health and fitness program, like the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness Program, allows you to have a more active lifestyle that includes being involved in sports, especially as we age. Sports provides a great social component for one in order to remain healthy, especially for those dealing with PTSC.

At age 64, I even enjoy flying and riding my INDIAN Scout Motorcycle. Staying young is all about staying active and being in the best shape you can be. At age 64, I model our line of clothing in THE QATSPY® Online store that includes the same A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that we supply to the U.S. Military. The photo below was taken at our airfield for a photo shoot for our Fall Fashion, which is approaching quickly. By the way, half of July is already gone, so we will be enjoying cooler days coming this fall, especially tailgating at football games. The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket makes the perfect sports jacket that I have switched to in my business and leisure activities.

This was a photoshoot we took at our airport for the 2021 Fall Fashions that includes the US WINGS® A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that we supply to the U.S. Military. You can order your today for this fall fashion.

I didn’t just lose 45- pounds in three- months, but I also lowered my blood pressure, cholesterol, and my glucose numbers, but I also noticed another change, I noticed a change in my appearance in my skin tone and condition. My skin had a better tone at age 64 than I had at 35. I felt so confident that I began modeling our line of apparel with twentysomethings, the girls that work with me.

The DEXTRO Diet & Fitness Program can tone and condition my muscles and my skin, due to this diet that identifies foods that are high in protein, fiber, and B-Complex. The reason B-Complex is so vital to your nutrition, besides cardiovascular health, is that B-Complex promotes the natural production of collagen. Collagen is important to repairing and rejuvenating skin, joints, and muscle tissue. Once you get into your 50’s, you will appreciate healthy muscles, joints, and especially skin. Your skin is one of the major components that people notice, right off the bat.

The reason I mentioned my age in the photograph where I’m sitting on my INDIAN Scout Motorcycle is that the abdominal muscles are the most difficult areas for people to tone and condition. Losing weight is one thing, but toning and conditioning your abdominal muscles is a whole different matter. This is true, especially if you are 64 years old or older. Most diets don’t address improving muscle conditioning and skin tone. Just pay attention to the diet ads and what they promote, including the people that they use.

Muscle and skin tone were an additional benefit that I wasn’t counting on by following the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness Program. But I enthusiastically welcome these additional benefits so much that in addition to losing 52- pounds and over 9- inches in my waistline over nine- months, I lost years in the appearance of my skin. How many people, in addition to losing weight, would want to look younger? For the best results, include a fitness program that accompanies your diet plan. If anyone tells you that you don’t have to work out on their program or diet plan- consider that as bad advice, because it is.

The Weight Factor of the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness

A major part of the DEXTRO Diet & Fitness Program is the Weight Factor (WF) that identifies foods that are high in fiber and protein. The benefits of following a diet high in fiber and protein is that these foods contain B-Complex. B-Complex includes Thiamine (Vitamin B-1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2), Niacin (Vitamin B-3), and Biotin (Vitamin B-7).

So why is Thiamine important to you? Thiamine allows your body to convert your foods into energy, instead of the SECOND option that most people have problems with, which is storing their food as fat. In other words, Thiamine helps your body convert complex carbohydrates into energy. Complex Carbohydrates provide nutrition for your brain and nervous system’s normal function. Remember one of the best Clint Eastwood movies– The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly applies to both fat and carbohydrates in our diets.

Breaking Down of the B Complex in Your Nutrition

Thiamine has a critical role in supporting brain function in how it communicates with itself. This is why your health and fitness is important to your brain health and preventing mental diseases. The Weight Factor identifies foods, like beans, whole wheat bread, wheat germ, beef, fish, eggs, and nuts that are an important part of your diet containing Thiamine. Thiamine helps the body convert food into energy for the body to use.

Riboflavin supports healthy hair, nails, skin, and slows the aging process. Riboflavin also improves memory and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure.

Niacin lowers your LDL Cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and boosts your HDL Cholesterol and improves brain function. Only take recommended dosage.  

Biotin helps metabolize food to energy, including Carbohydrates and amino acids (Proteins) and breaking down fats. Biotin supports healthy skin and hair.

THE QATSPY® Business Model

The Yankee Performance Sports Training & Apparel Quarters

Part of my business that I do is training videos, for both sports and fitness. My latest golf training video was done for the CBS affiliate, WJTV-12 in Jackson, Mississippi, to demonstrate The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge. The video below was done in one take from raw video. The objective of this drill was for me to hit 4- 300 yard tee shots within 15- feet of my Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge.

The reason that participating in a sport is so critical to your health and fitness is because it requires flexibility, strength, endurance, and a healthy weight and fitness in order to perform at your best. When you can actually use your fitness in a real life situation, it reinforces the importance of your fitness and workout regimen.

Below, I have attached the Sync & Preset wrist technique that I used in the Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge above called The Palmer D-PRO Golf TECH:

My Business motto is: Take your golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.