Working on Your IT Golf Garage Mechanics

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The Hanger working on the P-51-D Mustang, also a great opportunity to work on one’s golf swing garage mechanics during the offseason when we are limited due to weather and short days to practice outdoors.

By; Charles W. Boatright

Working on Your IT Golf Garage Mechanics90% of the IT Golf Game in the Garage is Presetting the Cock/Lock Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

The winter months and shorter days limit our time outside in the backyard, on the range, or actually playing a round of golf on the golf course. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options in order to continue to keep your golf game natural, sharp, and automatic. You can work on what I call the mini golf swing, or the golf swing inside of the golf swing, which is the Cock/Lock wrist action in the golf swing.

The Cock/Lock wrist action in the golf swing relies on you keeping your fine-motor skills current, or the finesse part of your golf game. This isn’t about the high threshold, or larger muscles, but the smaller, quicker muscles, that represent 90 percent of your golf swing. These are your natural fine-motor skills that were developed before the age of 10.

You have basically two types of muscles- your fine motor skills (small, quicker muscles) and then you have your gross motor skills (larger, slower muscles). These are your large core muscles. If these are out-of-sync, your golf swing will experience inconsistencies. Sound familiar?

With these low-threshold muscles, the fine motor-skill muscles are like triggers that signal the high-threshold muscles to set to fire. The low-threshold muscles have to fire before the high-threshold muscles do. You have to keep these muscles in sync with each other, where the smaller muscles in the wrists and forearms are preset before the larger muscles are set. The smaller muscles are your instinctive muscles because they respond naturally and faster.

There are just two (2) muscles that I focus on, and these are your Brachio-Radialis and Palmaris Longus Muscles.

The Cock/Lock Wrist Action in the Golf Swing that can be worked on almost anywhere where you can swing a golf baton which is about 22-inch section of a actual golf club.


How to Take Your Golf Swing from the Batter’s Box to the Tee Box

Discipline and Repetition of the small details produce Perfection. This goes for all sports or tasks we perform.

Rule No. 9 of the Subconscious Mind- The greater the conscious effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response.

This is a overhead shot of me in my golf training facility working on what I call my Golf Garage Mechanics during the offseason.

A technique that I use during my golf coaching sessions is to use a simple throw-down home plate and batter’s box painted on a mat. This helps me and my students to focus and get in touch with their intuitive fine motor skills that we use, without even thinking. The Caddyshack Be the Ball quote is actually a great coaching philosophy–

I’m going to give you a little advice. There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball.


In other words, just focus on the ball, like a baseball batter standing in the batter’s box, while picking up what type of pitch the pitcher is throwing. Below, I’m actually in my golf training facility while hitting my driver in the overhead shot. Now, you might be asking if this can this be transferred to the golf course? I’ll let you be the judge of that in my Orange Bucket Challenge that I performed in front of my camera crew in June for a Television Sports Show in June of 2021.

This is a YouTube video of my Orange Bucket Challenge that I did for a Sports Show promotional on WJTV-12 in Jackson, MS during the 2021 US OPEN.

When You’re Practicing, You’re Actually Training Your Subconscious Mind

The limitation of your golf game is that we are heavily dependent on the subconscious intuitive part of the mind. This is where all of your instinctive, fine-motor skills are located. If there is one drawback about our subconscious mind, it is that it can only retain sharp fine-motor skills (our muscle memory) for approximately 2- weeks, at best. That’s why amateur golfers find it difficult to work toward or retain a single-digit handicap, if they are limited on practice opportunities.

For us amateurs, our golf game is our passion and not our profession, where we can work on our golf game between 5-to-6 hours a day, like professionals can. But becoming a garage golf mechanic can allow you to get in touch with IT (Intuitive Training), to narrow this gap by working on our golf game between 5-to-6 hours a week in the garage, even during the offseason.

But what is special about the Golf Garage Mechanics training is that we can Get in Touch with it, with IT being our Instinctive Training that is both permanent and automatic. These fine motor skills are second nature to us that we developed while playing baseball/softball as kids. Like riding a bike, you never forget.


Subconscious Rule No. 1- The subconscious mind does not and must not differentiate between visualizations (practice) and real situations (performance).

How to use Subconscious Rule No. 1 to your advantage- Since the subconscious mind can’t distinguish between virtual and a real situation, we can actually increase our training during the course of the day at work as relief exercises, in the garage, or just by watching Television. Just practicing the Cock/Lock Position of the Mini Golf Swing can tap into your fine motor skills.


The Golf Swing Inside the Golf Swing, The Mini Golf Swing

Basically, this is what you’re doing routinely in working on establishing the Mini Golf Swing or Cock/Lock wrist action in the golf swing in your garage. Just placing my wrists into the Cock/Lock Position and having a visualization and feel of my wrist action in the baseball-type swing trains my subconscious mind. Then I can hit short pitch shots and shape shots as I have in the following YouTube videos in my training facility, below:

The Bunt-Type Chip Shot

The Rap-Type Pitch Shot

This wrist action in the golf swing, representing 90 percent of my golf swing, allows me to hit short pitch shots and shape shots that use the exact same mechanics that I will use on the golf course from tee-to-green. Drills and videotaping yourself help you produce something that is missing in your typical practice sessions, and that is adrenaline. Adrenaline is what triggers the subconscious mind to kick in on the golf course.


Your garage golf mechanics, along with drills, allow your subconscious mind NOT TO differentiate between your practice and performance. If there is one problem golfers experience, it is NOT practicing how they play golf with adrenaline. This is dictated by Subconscious Rule No. 1- The subconscious mind does not and must not differentiate between visualizations (practice) and real situations (performance).

If you, the golfer, just work on developing swing thoughts, instead of developing your Instinctive Training mechanics with adrenaline, then guess what— Your subconscious mind will disregard all those hours you spent in practice on your golf game. If I’ve heard one problem from golfers, it is remarking after a dreadful shot that they just practiced that same shot to perfection on the range.

Like I tell them, they aren’t on the range any longer. Once you step foot on the first tee box, your subconscious mind will override your conscious mind, due to your adrenaline. Swing thoughts are a conscious function and are useless in golf. In other words, your golf swing has to become an Instinctive Training IT, a natural reaction, or response. If not, your golf game will take one step forward and three steps back.             

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