05-B-15 Canvas Flight Jacket Replica of the A-2 Bomber Jacket



Purchase a great Canvas Jacket, the B-15 Canvas Flight Jacket, that you don’t working tough jobs during the winter season on the flight line, ranch, farm, or around the house that is can be cleaned with a standard washable/dried without having to worry about getting the job done. Your jacket should be the last concern you have getting the job done and have that A-2 Bomber Jacket Look.


Color: Dark Blue


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The Vintage B-15 Canvas Flight Jacket For Those Job around the Farm, Job, or House



This Vintage B-15 Flight Jacket is a cloth replica of the B-15A jacket which replaced the A-2 as the standard jacket for aircrews. Soft and comfortable, it features a 100% cotton shell washed for a vintage appearance, quilted lining, zipper front with leather oxygen mask tabs, removable faux fur collar, knit waist and cuffs, bi-swing back, inside wind flap, an inside zippered pocket, zippered sleeve pocket with a pen holder, and two front slash pockets with snap closures.


There are some occasions that you DON’T want to wear your A-2 Leather Bomber Jacket working around the house or farm , but you want that classic vintage look, feel, and warmth of your A-2 Leather Bomber Jacket. This was the Jacket that ground and air crews worn working on the flight line refueling aircraft or working in the hangar. The B-15 Canvas Flight Jacket that is the replica of the A-2 Bomber Jacket would be ideal to have hanging around handy to put on for those jobs that we call TRUE GRIT JOBS!


The B-15 Canvas Flight Jacket is washable where you don’t mind the GRIT of a job that takes you outside into the yard, operating a tractor, or on the flight line on those cold winter days when you have to get the job done. Canvas will hold up to work and cold weather that can be thrown into the washer and dried without concern for damaging your A-2 or G-1 Leather Bomber Jackets. If you are a rancher, Farmer, Lineman, or construction worker this is a jacket that will hold up to the elements. Manufactured by ROTHCO that manufactures several military apparel.

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B-15 Sizes

01- Small 36-38 in Chest, 02- Meadium 40-42 in Chest, 03- Large 44-46 in Chest, 04- X-Larg 48-50 in Chest, 05- 2X Large 52 in Chest