Circadian Rhythms | Nutrition and Prevention

The Connection between the Circadian Rhythms, Nutrition, and your Improve Health and Fitness that can defy the odds and your age.


The QATSPY- Yankee Performance Sports Training Athletic Quarters

By: Charles W. Boatright


Circadian Rhythm Based on the Proper Schedule and Nutrition


Circadian Rhythm, a strategic approach in maintaining your health and fitness by identifying the proper schedule and nutrition information for your meals. These, combined with an exercise program, can provide a 600 percent return on your investment within as little as six-months. This means for every dollar you invest in purchasing fitness equipment and your workout time (sweat equity), you are saving six dollars in health care cost.


Circadian Rhythms not only deals with a person’s sleeping patterns, but Circadian Rhythm also deals with a person’s digestive system based on the optimize time frame to eat meals to maintain health and fitness.


The body has an internal clock that works based on Circadian Rhythm. This allows a person to capitalize on how the body works at its most efficient level during the day. The reason that the majority of people fail at diets is that they aren’t aware how to work with their own body’s. The digestive system has an eight-hour clock that it functions at the most optimum level. Between 2 pm and 5 pm is when the digestive system is working at its maximum level. So if you backup eight hours from 5 pm the body starts metabolizing food at 9 am.


So if you tried diets and fail to lost weight or have lost weight but haven’t been able to keep off the weight, the Circadian Rhythm approach to eating is the first criteria you need to incorporate into your new diet program. The hardest part of the Circadian Rhythm is to adapt to NOT eating between 5 pm until 9 am. I would like to provide some encouraging words, your body will get accustom to the new eating schedule. Believe me it is worth the effort to adapt to the new eating schedule, you will see results. 


If you want proof positive, just refer to the feature image above where after 5- years being on the Circadian Rhythm approach to eating, I have kept off 52- pounds that I lost in 2015. The feature photograph was taken in my GYM in October of 2020. I’m celebrating 5- years maintaining my weight after losing 52- pounds.



The Circadian Rhythm for Eating with a Weight Factor

The 925-MET Diet Program is a diet program that is high in Fiber and Protein but restrict Sugars and starches. Starches are actually just as harmful as sugars.


So if a person can identify two major factors, schedule and what nutrition guidelines to eat from, they can achieve a healthy weight with fitness at the same time without seeing failure from other diet programs or having to order your food. If the body has an eight-hour Circadian Rhythm clock that governs the body’s maximum consumption of energy, the only other thing the person needs is what foods that could turn the body into a calorie burning juggernaut between 9 am and 5 pm. Your body knows exactly what it needs to do and how, you just needs to let the body work naturally.


I’m an Engineer by training, I used my Analytics and Chemistry to find out ways one could use information from Nutrition Labels on food to find foods that the body could metabolize the fastest. I knew from experience that Pinto Beans and Sweet Potatoes were consider the perfect foods. I also knew by experience that potato chips were among the worst foods one could eat. I had my two (2) bookends to which to work from to formulate data from the Nutrition Label.


From analyzing the data from the Nutrition Label and developing various formulas, I found the following formula that allow me to drop 4.75- inches in just 4- weeks. I went from a waistline of 37.75- inches on November 28, 2014 down to 33.00- inches on December 31, 2014. That is equivalent to 32 pounds that I lost. If you notice the start and the first intermediate date of December 31, 2014. This was right during the Holiday seasons. I knew that I had a winning diet if I could lose weight and inches during the Holidays.


The equation that I use to evaluate my food I call the Weight Factor (WF):

This is all that is takes to evaluate your food from the Nutrition Label:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Pinto-Bean-WF-2.jpg 

WF= (Calories – Calories from Fat) / (Cholesterol + Carbohydrate + Dietary Fiber + Sugar + Protein)

Example WF for Pinto Beans= (90 – 0) / (0 + 19 + 6 + 1 + 5) = 90 / 31.00= 2.903

For me my body can effectively metabolize food with a Weight Factor below 3.25


Photo Proof Results

I started my 925-MET Diet Plan based on Circadian Rhythm schedule in on December 01, 2014 and by April 01, 2015, I lost 6.50- inches in my waistline. That translated to losing 45 -pounds of weight. I continue losing inches and weight through September 05, 2015 where my waist measured 28.50- inches that translated in losing 52- pounds. I lost a total of 9.00- inches over a 10- month period. And better yet, I have kept the weight off going on now for 5 years. I’m wearing blue jeans in the featured photograph that has a 30 inch waistband, that size waistband was what I wore when I was in high school.


Below is my log that I kept of my waistline over those 10- Months:


This 925-MET Diet Plan based on your natural Circadian Rhythm is FREE until November 30, 2020. Please use the LINK below to Download your COPY. I encourage you to take advantage of this program FREE of CHARGE until 30Nov2020. Also most I-phones have apps that can find nutrition information for menu items from your favorite restaurants. Once you get a feel for the values of certain food items you enjoy, you will know what you can select to eat and what you got to stay away from. And what is nice about the Circadian Rhythm 925-MET Diet Plan it is flexible that has what I call Incentive Foods that I can eat from by having one per meal per week. This is a food item over 3.25 but under 6.25. This is more mental incentive than physical.

Your biggest obstacle will be mental.

QATR-704- 925-MET Diet- How I Achieved My Health/Fitness Objective of Losing 52 Lbs.


For social events after 5 pm, I encourage you to take part in once a month where your are eating past 5 pm but before 7 pm. You will notice that you got off your schedule, but enjoying family and friends is a high priority.  


The Success of the Nutrition Weight Factor of the 925-MET Diet Plan


I’m retired in November 01, 2015 from a utility transmission line company to start my own business providing Online Golf Training, Golf Lesson Downloads, Health and Fitness programs, and providing high quality traditional apparel that have that tailor looks and feel. Carrying merchandise in my Online Store wasn’t the only function that I have in mind, I was going to be the instructor on the training videos and model the apparel items that I was selling, see photograph below. Now I had an incentive to lose weight and real FAST, like in three (3) short months! I was going to start production of my Sports and Fitness Training Videos by March of 2015, followed by modeling in the fall of the same year. The young lady, below in this photograph, is in her early 20’s and I’m 63 years old, just to show you the benefit of my 925-MET Diet Plan. I do not touch up my photographs or airbrush them!


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 250-Beechcraft-wTieKhakis03Sunglass_InPixio.jpg

This a Hailey, who works with me, and myself modeling the US WINGS A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that we supply to the U.S. Military. These jackets meet all military standards and specs.



As you might be aware of the camera isn’t very kind to you, so not only did I have to lose down to my normal weight, I needed to exceed it by 8 pounds to look good on camera. In the photograph above, I’m 63 years old. The other side benefit of the 925-MET Diet Plan is the Fiber and Protein that are great for the skincare. It helps prevent excessive aging.    


Since I was going to model my line of apparel, I needed to turbocharge my weight lost, and the 925-MET Diet Plan did just that. Just by increasing foods with high in Fiber and Protein, but low in Sugar and Starches and eating between 9 am and 5 pm, I started to see significant results in the amount of inches that I was losing. Below I have calculated the difference between a Sweet Potato and a Idaho Potato and compile the list of food I like to eat and could eat below the 3.25 Weight Factor.


Importance of Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber, besides being essential to your digestion process and part of your nutrition, performs another important function, it acts like a janitorial service to your circulatory and digestive systems. This means that it removes cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure and sugar levels. This reduces your risk of Type-2 Diabetes and strokes and protect your joints.

I take my blood pressure every night around the same time and check my blood sugar every six months. By blood pressure is 116/66 Pulse 69. My blood glucose is 85 in the morning before I eat. I DO NOT take any prescribe medication at all!

Fiber improves your ability to burn fat and helps you avoid insulin-spikes that leave you depleted of energy and craving unhealthy foods.

A surprising benefit of adding fiber to your diet is probably the most important of all, fiber is an anti-aging agent that improves healthy and young-looking skin health. This must be true, because I’m 61 years old in the photograph taken in April of 2019.


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The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket not only is a great cockpit jacket, it also a great biker jacket that I were when I fly or ride. This was taken in October 2020 at an air show at age 63.


Now for the Before and After Photograph

I couldn’t provide actual results if I didn’t provide a BEFORE (27Nov2014) and a AFTER (01Sep2020) Photograph. As much as it pains me, I have to provide evidence that my 925-MET Diet Plan worked and is working, shown below:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BEFOREAFTER-2.jpg

LEFT is me with the sportscaster, Ned Reynolds, that was with ESPN JOCK 98.5 FM in Springfield, MO before he retired. He was interviewing me because how unique my golf training program was. I coach golf based on the baseball-type swing. My motto is- How to take your golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box. RIGHT was when I was called back in from retirement to assist with storm restoration work from Hurricanes Laura and Delta at age 63. This photo was actually taken on a dare. Linemen that I use to work with could not believe the weight that I had lost. They were wondering when I was coming back to work.


It is recommended that Men get 38 grams and Women get 25 grams of Fiber per day. Fiber is actually your fountain of youth. Ponce de Leon search the New World for his fountain of youth that you have right there in your diet!


Fitness Program

The second part of your fitness that I discussed earlier, is developing a routine exercise program that not only benefits you physically, but more importantly, mentally. What benefits the heart and body benefits the mind also. The list of benefits from a routine exercise program are too numerous to list, but some of the big hitters are the prevention of: Heart Disease, Diabetes, weight gain, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, joint pain, and high blood pressure.


Below is my Three (3) Part YouTube Videos covering my CASPER Fitness Program

One of the best things you can do to maintain your fitness level is to take up golf. The main reason to take up golf is that the golfer needs to be flexible, maintain muscle strength, and have cognitive skills. The CASPER Workout Program allows me to not only enjoy golf, but walk the course. That provides me nearly 10 miles of walking exercise, 3 to 4 times per week. The CASPER Workout Program is detailed in the link below. I include my golf with my CASPER Workout Program below:

The CASPER Workout Program

CASPER Fitness PART No. 1

CASPER Fitness PART No. 2

CASPER Fitness PART No. 3

Also you can capitalize on your yard work as an exercise by using a grass trimmer. This provides the golfer one of the best exercises for their golf game because of the muscles worked in the forearms, arms, and core muscles. So next time you are doing yard work, don’t think of it as yard work, but improving your golf game as well.

This photograph was taken last June (2016) at age 58 after I have lost eight inches in my waist. I now have a 29 inch waist line.

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