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THE HOME DEPOT Orange Bucket Challenge using specialized golf balls that travel in FEET instead of YARDS that can be used in your backyard.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Your Father’s Day Guide to His Golf Game- Allow Your Dad the Ability to Take His Golf Swing from the Batter’s Box to the TEE BOX- and Green

We, at THE QATSPY®, would like to offer you the perfect Father’s Day Gift that will allow your dad to lower his handicap and his frustration level in his golf game. He can actually lower his handicap, just by learning to take his golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box and onto the green by just tapping into his childhood instincts.

Your dad has all the biomechanics and techniques that he needs to improve his golf game and to be able to enjoy one of the greatest games ever played on grass. The natural instincts that he developed playing baseball as a kid can be used to hit more fairways and greens, in regulation, on a more consistent basis.

The biggest obstacle for the golfer to overcome is THIS– When we practice our golf swing, we are predominantly using our conscious mind. But, I can guarantee the golfer this one thing, that once they step foot onto the golf course that they will be totally reliant on their subconscious mind’s instincts.

To View my Golf Videos, please select one or both images below to see my Orange Bucket Challenge Introduction and Walk-Through:

Orange Bucket Challenge INTRO:

So if your golf swing isn’t instinctive, your golf swing that you spent hours developing on the practice range or in the backyard isn’t the golf swing that will show up with you on the golf course.

Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through:

THE QATSPY® Golf Clinic has developed a preset-type golf swing technique that is based on two (2) instinctive maneuvers that we have done since childhood. This means that they are instinctive, so we just need to program these two instinctive maneuvers into our sequential routine.

The two (2) Videos I have attached above demonstrates what The Palmer D-PRO Golf Technique is and what it can do for your dad. You can downloaded it from THE QATSPY® Online Store. This is ON SALE until 21Jun2021 for $25.00, Starting on 11Jun2021.