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How simple sweatbands can allow the golfer to preset the correct wrist action in the golf swing to simply the entire golf swing and game. This shows my wrists in the Address Position (left) and the COCK & LOCK Position (right). Pay close attention of my left thumb pad in the horizontal Position. The anatomical name for the thumb pad muscle is refer to as Thenars.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Using Wristbands for Finer Points of Golf– How Simple Sweatbands can allow The Golfer to Preset the Correct Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

I use typical sweatbands, or wristbands, to help my students understand the finer points of the golf swing and how to preset the correct wrist action in the golf swing. Golf comes down to understanding the Anatomy of the golf swing sequence, because it is based on muscle memory not swing thoughts. The muscle memory will eliminate the need for swing thoughts and replace swing thoughts with feeling the critical muscle memory in the golfer’s swing and sequence.

Here’s one thing I can guarantee any golfer out on the golf course. You might use your conscious mind during your practice sessions to develop swing thoughts. But I can guarantee the golfer this, that when they step foot onto the golf course, the subconscious mind, which includes your natural instincts, will take over your entire golf game. Your swing thoughts that you spent hours developing just vanish into thin air.

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t take your golf practice to the golf course, this is the very reason why your golf practice doesn’t make it to the golf course intact or even resembles your golf practice. We don’t play golf with swing thoughts, but we instead play and rely totally on our natural instincts, our muscle memory. This is why baseball pitchers must rely on their instincts; because as soon as they start thinking they lose control and they are pulled.

We train and communicate with our subconscious mind by using our five (5) senses. This is the reason why Veterans who deal with PTSC (Post Traumatic Stress Condition) their episodes are triggered with one or more of their senses- image, feeling, sound, smell, and/or taste. This is why sports and exercises are used to treat people that sulfur from PTSD or what I refer to as PTSC. We can use this same approach to train and condition our subconscious mind to execute a natural and an instinctive golf swing sequence on the golf course with consistency.

One of my drills that I use in my golf lessons is The Orange Bucket Challenge or Drill

The Orange Bucket Drill allows the golfer to hardwire directly into their subconscious mind to develop muscle memory for executing golf shots that setup course-like conditions that our subconscious mind recognizes.

The Orange Bucket Drill is supported by Subconscious Rules No. 1, 7, 9, and 10:

Subconscious Rule No. 1- The subconscious mind does not and must not differentiate between visualizations (practice) and real situations (performance).

Subconscious Rule No. 7- The subconscious mind always prevails in conflicts with the conscious mind.

Subconscious Rule No. 9- The greater the conscious effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response.

NOTES: Rule No. 7 and 9 are reasons why swing thoughts are disruptive in our golf game.

Subconscious Rule No. 10- Suggestions and belief can be used to “program” the subconscious mind.

The Anatomy of the Golf Swing Mechanics

This is a model of the human lower forearm, wrist, and hand that I use in my coaching sessions to allow the golfer to identify the pivotal points in presetting the wrist action in their golf swing.

To correctly preset the wrist action in the golfer swing, requires the golfer to identify two nodules (the Radial and Ulna Styloid Processes that acts like hinge points. The golfer can correctly preset their golf swing about these two points, 80 percent of their golf swing is completes with two maneuvers, refer to the featured image above, where I demonstrate my wrists in the COCK & LOCK Position.

In my golf swing and golf coaching sessions, I focus on the wristbands, forearms, and strike zone to preset the correct wrist action in the golf swing and in executing the golf swing. This applies to the golf game from tee-to-green, including short pitch shots around the green.

The overview of my BRACHS-PALMER Technique that I demonstrated in the Orange Bucket Drill or Challenge.

The focus points to Preset the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing and to execute the golf swing:

Fine Points of the Wristbands– The Ulna and Radial Styloid Processes to preset the SYNC and PRESET Technique.

Fine Points of the Forearms– The LOAD and DROP Techniques, the middle part of the forearms using the Radial side to LOAD and the Ulna side to DROP through the strike zone.

The home plate and the strike zone allow us to use instinctive motor skills we developed while playing baseball and standing in the batter’s box.

I have two points on the middle of my forearms that I use to load up to the top of my golf swing and to drop down through my strike zone. This removes all the obstacles in executing my golf shot.

The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique Sequence

Reference to the right-handed golfer:

  1. The right Ulna Styloid Process SYNCS
  2. The left Radial Styloid Process PRESETS
  3. Use both Radial Mid-Forearms to take the handle of the club to the top.
  4. Use both Ulna Mid-Forearms to drop the handle of the club through the strike zone.
  5. Use the front of the strike zone to develop shape shots (refer to the diagram of the baseball Home Plate and Batter’s box illustration above).

These simple, finer points of the wristbands and forearms can allow the golfer to take their golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box for a consistent golf swing.

Following are videos that I made to demonstrate my GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique to students understand the series in the Golf swing and Training:

The Bunt-Type Chip Shot

The Rap-Type Pitch Shot

TICK-N-TOCK Putting Technique

The following raw videos were used to make a Promo for a golf interview that I did on WJTV-12 Television Station in Jackson, Mississippi in June of 2021. I demonstrated The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique to allow golfer’s to take their golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo

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