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US WINGS Biker’s Jacket

By: Charles Boatright

The Perfect US WINGS® Line of Leather and Nylon Biker Jackets for Christmas

If there is one thing bikers cherish more than their motorcycles, it is the classic biker’s jacket. US WINGS® offers three great styles that you or your biker will enjoy wearing while riding the open roads. There is nothing that offers both protection and looks, like the US WINGS® Biker’s Jackets.

THE QATSPY® offers two Cape Buffalo Leather Biker Jackets and a CWU-45P Nylon-style Biker Jacket. All three Biker Jackets can have, as an option, of the Harley-Davidson or the Indiana Motorcycle Rocker patches professionally sewn onto the back of these three jackets, as noted above and below:

US WINGS A-2 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Leather Jacket

US WINGS Perfect Christmas Gift for you or your Biker

US WINGS Indiana Motorcycle Biker’s Leather Jacket

US WINGS CWU-45P Harley-Davidson or Indiana Motorcycle Nylon Jacket

US WINGS CWU-45P Harley-Davidson or Indiana Motorcycle Nylon Jacket

Purple Heart Certificate Sewn on the inside panel.

All three Jackets above have an option to have a Purple Heart sewn onto the inside back panel of these jackets. This can be worn not only by the Veteran, but his/her family members. Each member of the Purple Heart recipient family can have a jacket with this certificate sewn in to the interior back panel as shown below:

US WINGS Purple Heart Certificate

US WINGS Leather and Nylon Biker’s Jackets Gift Ideas

The Cape Buffalo Leather Jackets are some of the toughest leather jackets in the world. I have the Cape Buffalo Leather as my own, personalized A-2 Flight Jacket that I wear as not only a biker’s jacket, but as a sports jacket. The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket can go from the open road to the cockpit, right to a cocktail dinner.

The CWU-45P Nylon Jacket is a great option for a Biker Jacket. It is a windbreaker, it’s water-repellent, and offers warmth for the open road. These jackets were offered to pilots on missions, just after World War II. US WINGS® even provided flight jackets for the movie Behind Enemy Lines, see trailer below:

I even use my A-2 Leather Jacket as a promotion for my business, THE QATSPY®, along with my company name and my name. I also have my unit insignia on my A-2 Leather Jacket. This is better than buying advertisement or a neon sign to promote your business or organization. Each Jacket comes with a spokesperson for your business. These three jackets, besides making a great Christmas gift, also are a great way to recognize a Veteran. Their service to our country should be honored and are great Biker’s Jackets.

US WINGS A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket that can be personalized to promote your company or organization.

World War II Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines returned home and took to the open road to help them transition to civilian life and made one of the biggest impacts on American Culture. They turned to their flight jackets to provide protection and recognition of their contribution to this country.

Veterans are still returning home, and the Biker’s community still offers them assistance to transition to civilian life. Rolling Thunder, Leatherneck Motorcycle Club, and Purple Heart Rider Motorcycle Club are just a few motorcycle clubs that continue to give back to our country and community.

Shop from the comfort of your own home, and purchase a Biker’s Jacket that will become an heirloom that you or your Veteran or a proud American would be proud to wear. These Jackets are great to promote your business or organization. Please use the links below to shop for your US WINGS® Biker’s Jacket:

US WINGS Limited A-2 Cape Buffalo Biker’s Flight Jacket

US WINGS Limited Cape Buffalo Motorcycle Biker’s Jacket

US WINGS CWU-45P Green Nylon Bikers Jacket

The Quality of the US WINGS Biker’s Jackets

Sgt. Hack, owner of US WINGS®, rode motorcycles, up until a couple of years ago. He knows the importance of a high-quality biker’s jacket needs to be. The Letter ‘Q‘ in THE QATSPY® stands for Quality Athletic, Training, Sports, Performance, Yankee Apparel Company. Both the A-2 Cape Buffalo Jacket and the CWU-45P Jackets meets all Military specs that pilots depend on for protection while flying missions.

For those Veterans returning home from deployment, sports offers a great way to transition back into society. Please read my FREE Operation Dog-Tag Program to use golf to deal with obstacles when transitioning back into society. I will even come present the program to your group for just my expenses of travel and lodging outside of Mississippi.

THE QATSPY GOLFER Operation Dog-Tag for Veterans

Refer to my YouTube Videos below:

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US WINGS CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket great Christmas Gift for the Veteran of any American to support or Military!