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One of the iconic aircraft of WWII was the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk that the American Volunteer Group (AVG) A.K.A The Flying Tigers flew out of Burma to help China in their fight against the Imperial Japanese Military incursion during the summer of 1941. This was even before Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The pilots with The Flying Tigers help developed the tactics used at TOPGUN.

Tom Cruise TOPGUN MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ACT– The Stunt Spectacular Success of Tom Cruise is His Authenticity of His Performance and His Roles

NARA- Actor and actress, Tom Cruise and Paula Patton sign a USO poster while touring the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Dec. 11, 2011. Their visit was facilitated by the USO.

By: Charles W. Boatright

What is remarkable about Tom Cruise is his age-defying performance that he puts into each of his roles from TOPGUN to Mission Impossible in what I call his Stunt Spectacular performance. This authenticity that Mr. Tom Cruise puts into his multifaceted acting roles is why fans enjoy the characters that he plays.

His movie acting career started in 1981 in the film Endless Love, but the one I remember first is Risky Business in 1983. Who can ever forget when Tom Cruise performed to the music of Bob Seger’s classic song– Old Time Rock & Roll in the hallway scene.

The energy level that Tom Cruise puts into his performances has not waned since and even at age 59, five years younger than I am. Tom Cruise even insists that he performs most of his own stunts. That is remarkable at age 59, but that is why I call Tom Cruise’s performances the Stunt Spectacular.

Even at the age 59, Tom Cruise hasn’t let up in bringing the energy to his character’s roles. TOPGUN: Maverick isn’t any different where Tom Cruise being an actual fix wing and rotor wing aircraft pilot brought that to flying with the TOPGUN School aviators in the F-18 Super Hornet Fighter Jet making this movie. Being a fighter pilot or aviator requires both extreme levels of mental and physical fitness. Where Situational Awareness is a key function.

TOPGUN: Maverick Trailer

So when you go see the movie, TOPGUN: Maverick, scheduled to be released on May 27, 2022, Memorial Day Weekend, pay close attention to the aerial maneuvers that Tom Cruise and his cast encounters flying with the F-18 Hornet TOPGUN Aviators. What is even more impressive than experiencing the G-forces of flying an F-18 was the Navy Water Survival Training Program that Tom Cruise and his cast had to go through before the filming even started.

Just the fitness it takes to make it through the Navy Water Survival Training Program is remarkable. Just a note, the maximum age that a person can be commissioned as a U.S. Navy Aviator is 32.

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The Importance of Maintaining Your ACT even for all of Us

I refer to this type of performance that Tom Cruise brings to his roles as ACT, or Athletic Conditioning Training. Being 64 myself and running an Aviation tactical sportswear and performance company, I know the rigors Tom Cruise has to train under that are essential to his performances. The athleticism shows up in his performances. You can’t fake that type of athletic performance.

In this photograph, I’m 64 years old taken in our hangar in January 18th, 2022 after we did a photo shoot for our Quapaw Aviation Tactical Sportswear Collect. We had a couple of usually warm weather days in January in the mid 60’s that we took advantage of before we dropped back into the deep freeze. The camera crew couldn’t believe that I didn’t gain any weight over the Holidays that they challenged me to a AB Challenge. I credit my DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System for my conditioning. The motorcycle that I’m leaning against is my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 that I enjoy riding.

Since I was 12- years old, I have worked out and trained using Cardio-Aerobic Strength Training System (CASTS), because I wanted to remain active even after I retired. I wanted to retire and start an aviation tactical sportswear performance company, that I did. Performance is a key component of my business where I also make fitness and golf training videos along with modeling our sportswear.

As many actors or actresses knows all too well, the camera lens is your biggest critic on the status of your health and fitness. So when I mention that I model my sportswear, what I’m referring to is that I model my sportswear with young ladies that work with my company that are in their early 20’s. At age 64, I rely heavily on my diet and fitness program to model with these young ladies. But I enjoy the challenge that it brings.

This was a photograph that was taken in January 18th, 2022 with Bella that is one of my young models that we use for modeling our Quapaw Aviation Tactical Sportswear Performance Collection. Bella is wearing the authentic U.S. Military issued A-2 Leather Flight Jacket, and I’m wearing our TOPGUN CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket like the one Maverick (Tom Cruise) will be wearing.

I credit my health and fitness to my DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System that has allows me to stay in shape and physically active even at the age 64. But also something that I wasn’t expecting that Tom Cruise has also enjoyed during his career; and that is what a diet and fitness program provides; and that is an age-defying condition. At the TOPGUN: Maverick Premiere, Tom Cruise looked in his 30’s.

I can’t even stress enough the importance and the impact of ACT, or Athletic Conditioning Training has on one’s age. ACT provides you the ability to challenge yourself that is essential for your health and fitness. Age is inevitable, but the aging process doesn’t have to be inevitable. You can actually weaponized your body to reverse the aging process.

The Link Between Strength Training and Healthy Skin

Your overall health and fitness establishes an important link between the brain and muscles that is more important as we age. The more you work your muscles with conditioning and strength training the brain has an easier pathway to send Neuro-messages to strengthen the muscles.

Conversely the opposite is true, the less you workout with conditioning and strength training, the brain sends Neuro-messages to decrease the muscle’s strength that can also disrupt communication pathways between the brain and muscles. This decreases and interrupts pathways and can lead to other health issues, especially as we age.

The kicker is that we depend on our nervous and muscular systems for balance and a healthier appearance of our skin, the number one indicator of our health and aging process, or the lack thereof, is our skin. The age-defying condition of our skin depends on the strength and condition of our muscles and a diet that should be high in protein and fiber.

Even if you don’t follow my DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System in the link below to purchase. Do yourself a favor, eat a diet that is high in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fats and establish an eating and fitness schedule. WHEN and WHAT you eat play a tremendous role in you maintaining your health and fitness. As you age, you will appreciate and benefit from both a healthy diet and fitness program, I offer into evidence the feature photograph.

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Veterans Operation DOG-TAGS

Also as part of my business of aviation tactical sportswear performance is taking 10% of the proceeds from my online store and supporting OPERATION DOG-TAGS that allow veterans to use health, fitness, and sports to deal with PTSD.

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