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The Scout Story and Adventures

I’m standing on the banks of The Jordan River on the Jordanian Side looking across into Israel. Featuring our US WINGS® A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that was the basis for the Indiana Jones-Style Leather Jacket that Harrison Ford worn in his movies.

By: Charles W. Boatright

The X-Jordan Component of Perseverance– Demonstrates Strength of Our Faith during Periods of Challenges, Stressful & Difficult Times of Life


The recent challenges and stresses caused by the pandemic, inflation, and other crises that we’re encountering in our lives presently takes a significant toll on our mental and physical health and wellbeing. Especially if these types of conditions are prolonged without realizing any course of action that we can take. The good news is that there is a course of action that we can take to reduce our anxiety level that is simple.

Hopelessness and fear are real threats to our only refuge that we have, our mental strength of confidence to be able to navigate the pathway through our desert or our valley of life. Depression and anxiety are as real as any infectious disease that can cast dark shadow of doubt in our lives that compromises both our mental and physical capabilities.

Why the Physical Fitness is Essential for Facing Challenges

There are numerous examples of how a physical component was essential to individuals facing their challenges in life. I’m a student of the Old Testament and where I have traveled and in all cases that I have studied a physical component was demonstrated in one’s faith, or how I like to refer to faith as our perseverance. The use of the word perseverance provides a better perspective of the importance of our faith.

There are two instances where there was a physical demonstration of one’s perseverance, or faith, that involves the Jordan River, thus the reference in the title of this article X, crossing, Jordan- The FIRST was when Joshua and the Israelites that was about to cross the Jordan River at Jericho. The Priests that carried the Ark of the Covenant ahead of the Israelites had to physically step into the Jordan River before the Jordan River was cut-off. That’s actually called getting your feet wet before a challenge. This Ark was an artifact that Indiana Jones was tasked to recover by the U.S. Government just before the U.S. got into WWII. This was the time period that the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark set.

This crossing of the Jordan River by Joshua and the Israelites marked forty years after Moses sent 12 spies into the Promised Land where 10 came back with a negative report describing the huge obstacles that they would have to face and overcome. While two spies (Joshua and Caleb) returned with a positive report that these obstacles could be overcome and they would be able to settle the land. Joshua and Caleb were the only two spies that survived and were permitted to crossover the Jordan River into the Promised Land. Always focus more on what you can do instead of what you can’t do. (Joshua 3:13-17)


The SECOND incident occurred when Naaman, a Syrian General, who had contracted leprosy heard of the healing powers of a prophet, Elisha, from a young Jewish girl. He traveled to Israel in his chariot to see Elisha in order to be healed. Elisha instructed Naaman to simply go and physically submerse (wash) himself seven times in the Jordan River. Pretty simple right?

What was interesting about the Naaman incident was that his assistant had to convince Naaman to follow through with Elisha’s direction to submerge (or wash) himself seven time in the Jordan River. The assistant even had to ask Naaman that if Elisha instructed you to do something more difficult and complex then you wouldn’t have hesitated at all in doing it; but because this was something simple Naaman found it difficult to believe. (2nd Kings 5:9-13)

Something else about Naaman arriving at Elisha’s home, Elisha did not come out to meet Naaman that incensed him, Naaman. This no doubt added to Naaman’s doubt about Elisha’s instructions. But then again, this is a part of faith of not understanding why and what we are doing or events that we have to endure in our life takes place.


I used these two examples to show how we are to demonstrate belief, trust, and our faith with our physical perseverance. The mind, body, and our soul are directly linked to each other much like these two examples are. What is demonstrated in these two incidents is how a physical component preceded a miraculous event in both cases.

The Benefits of Physical Fitness Beyond heart and Mind

This gives weight to how important physical fitness plays an important role in our mental health and wellbeing. In sports, a stronger athlete is a better performing athlete that can endure challenges. Strength and conditioning are huge factors in our performance and our health, both physical and mental. Fatigue makes cowards and quitters of all of us.


A good reference article about physical fitness impacting our mental health is in an article entitled: The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise. But mental health is just part of the benefits of physical exercise and fitness. There is an anti-aging benefit as well. This anti-aging benefit should get most people’s attention, especially those that are over the age of 35.

Our diet and physical fitness strengthens our immune system against infectious diseases much like how physical fitness improves and boost the immunity of our mental fitness against mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Physical fitness reduces inflammation and releases endorphins (the feel good hormone along with Dopamine) and collagen natural growth hormone (Fibroblast).

Exercise is great for what I call active meditation or quiet distraction by clearing out negativity from our mental processes. But physical fitness also has the ability to provide immunity against the aging process, as I have discovered in my CAST FITNESS Routine. Below, I’m 65 shown here in my gym working out with my 80 Lbs. boxing bag.

I’m shown here on July 02, 2022 working out with my 80- Lbs. Boxing Bag doing a side photo shirtless, This is probably one of the challenging poses someone can do that reveals their true fitness.

One of my best examples of meditation for me is getting into my gym and working out with my 80 Lbs. boxing bag for three-3-minute rounds, shown above, with one minute rest period between each round. Along with a full-body workout, the bag provides a great way to mediate and reduce stress levels and release a lot of frustrations in the meantime along with endorphins and collagen to improve my muscles, joints, and my skin.

Physical Exercise to Improve Mental Performance

Physical exercise is why neurologists and psychologists suggest their patients either take a break for a jog or brisk walk to inspire our creative spirit and for boosting our problem solving abilities. Fortunately for me, my gym is next to my home office where I conduct my business in regard to my sportswear and fitness company, THE GREAT QATSPY®.

Physical exercise also has an anti-aging benefit as well. In the featured image above, I’m 65 years old. I credit my DELPHI DIET & CAST FITNESS System for the condition and appearance of my skin that includes having a waistline of 29- inches. This is smaller than my waistline of 32- inches that I had in high school. Below, I have a book that details THE DELPHI DIET & CAST FITNESS System that is on KINDLE.



Anti-Aging Benefit of a Healthy Diet and Fitness Routine

Endorphins are usually associated with feeling good; but they have another huge benefit for both men and women by providing what is called Neurocosmetic benefits. There is a link between our nervous system, our endocrine system, and the health and condition of our skin, even over the age of 60, as I am. This fitness link that is strengthened with physical exercises that provides an anti-aging component along with the benefits of a healthy diet. My diet is based on WHAT (food at or below a Health Index of 3.25) that I eat and WHEN (I eat between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.). One of the most harmful thing we can do to our skin is to eat past 6 p.m.

I workout six times a week in my home gym, for 45- minutes for each workout session. What is nice about the CAST FITNESS part of the DELPHI System is it travels with me using simple resistant elastic tubing that is lightweight and that can be carried in your baggage. If you have a door frame, you have your complete gym workout on the road. Most elastic resistant tubing comes with an exercise booklet. These elastic resistant tubing are great for people in assisted living settings. I do a lot of traveling associated with my sportswear and fitness business, and I can work out on the road, as well as I can in my gym.


Endorphins and collagen that are released during and after your exercise sessions have a miraculous benefit besides addressing depression and anxiety as mentioned previously. Exercises also improves our self-esteem in another way, endorphins and collagen reduces inflammation of your skin thereby reducing and even reversing the aging process of wrinkles and of sagging of the skin for firmer younger looking skin. Your best fashion statement is your fitness program. The photograph below was taken on October 13, 2022 before heading to Kentucky.

I’m at the airport in what I refer to my class “A’s” getting ready to depart on a trip to Kentucky on October 13, 2022 at age 65.

I’m able to Model at Age 65

In the featured image and above photo, I’m 65 years old and I’m still able to model our US WINGS® A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that I have available in my online store; along with the G-1 Leather Flight Jacket. The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that was developed in 1931 that also served as the basis for the Indiana Jones-Style Leather Jacket. We supplied the Indiana Jones-Style Leather Jacket to the movie studio for Harrison Ford to wear in his signature role.

I wear my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that we supply to the U.S. Military as my Sports Jacket of choice that I wear either with khakis or blue jeans and Button-down Oxford shirt. I have long since mothballed my cloth sports jacket for the durability, comfort, and room to move of my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that can be cleaned with a simple wipe down with a paper towel with water for that fresh look. The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket provides that charisma look that attracts attention where ever I travel. What would Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) be without our, or his, signature leather jacket?

THE Great QATSPY® Quapaw Aviation Tactical Sportswear Performance Yukon Outfitters

Our Leather Jackets are great for tailgating and attending sporting events with friends. I was covering the Kentucky vs. Mississippi State Football game on October 30, 2022 where the MSU baseball team received their 2021 College World Series Rings that I was covering. I had the pleasure of flying to Omaha, NE to cover the 2021 NCAA College World Series.

THE QATSPY® Quapaw Aviation Tactical Sportswear Performance Yukon Outfitters Collection provides the classical style Leather Jackets that you are looking for in business and for the weekend with friends. Whether wearing khakis or blue jeans, our leather jackets that include the authentic flight jackets are provided to the U.S. Military and to Hollywood that provides that style for any of your occasions:

The book above on KINDLE detailing the DIET & FITNESS program that I developed that has allowed me to lose 45- LBS. and 6- inches in 8-short weeks. Below is a photograph taken in our hangar after we did a photoshoot in August 13, 2022 for the Quapaw Aviation Tactical Collection above. Not only did I lose pounds and inches, I lose years off the appearance of my skin to allow me to model at age 65 and do an AB Challenge, shown below leaning up against my INDIAN Scout Motorcycle:

I’m shown here in our hangar where I’m leaning up against my INDIAN Scout Motorcycle doing a photoshoot for my new book with an AB Challenge.