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These are P-51-A Red Tail ‘Mustangs’ that I posing with at a recent airshow where I’m a member. Along with the P-51 ‘Mustang’ is also that I enjoy is the P-40 ‘Warhawk’ that are among two of my favorite aircraft to fly.

Charles W. Boatright

The PFC Anti-Aging Skincare Formula- How to Achieve Natural, Anti-Aging Skincare by Following a Simple Nutrition and Fitness Regimen

The age of a person can either be defined by or defied by their skin. The skin, our biggest organ, plays a huge role in the status of our health and protecting us, especially during the COVID-19. Taking care of our skin has a significant impact on our overall general health.

Beyond wearing sunglasses, applying sunscreen, and maintaining adequate hydration, our NF&L (Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle) plays a major role in the health of our skin. This is especially true for the skin around our eyes, on our nose, around our mouth, and neckline. These areas are what draw people’s attention the most to the age that we appear.


People spend a significant amount of money on skincare products trying to eliminate and reduce the effects of aging. Trying various skincare products on the market for the best results could be compared to the expedition of Ponce de Leon searching for the fountain of youth. But skincare has more to do with what you put on our plates than what you put on our skin.

Below photograph is one of the options that contains PFC formula that includes- Protein, Fiber, and Copper. Pinto Beans are actually the most perfect food that we can have at a meal. Even Cardiologists recommend that we eat at least one portion of Pinto Beans per week. I actually have Pinto Beans at each lunch and dinner meal.

A typical PFC meal that you can enjoy at a meal that actually great for skin health, especially the Pinto Beans that contains all the PFC components of Protein, Fiber, and Copper.

In reality, effective skincare doesn’t have to be either expensive or arduous to achieve healthy-looking skin. Long-term healthy skin, even if you are over the age of 40, actually has more to do with what we eat than what comes in a jar or tube. The saying, You are what you eat, is actually more factual than just a phrase to lose weight and lower your numbers.


When we think of NF&L (Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle), we often associate with losing weight, lowering glucose, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure numbers. But you can actually use your Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle to lower the effects of years on your skin. A healthy diet (Nutrition part of the NF&L), along with your Fitness and Lifestyle changes, can also benefit your skin. If you want good skin, than sweat it out in your home gym.

There are two (2) formulas that make up my ASCOT Diet & Fitness Program, and one is the Weight Factor (WF) in how I evaluate my food that I can eat. The other is PFC that foods contain. Low Weight Factor components one of three components of the PFC formula. PFC includes (Protein, Fiber, and Copper).

Without a doubt, you have heard of the suntan lotion company Coppertone®. There is a reason they use copper in their name, as copper, along with protein and fiber, that promotes collagen that is responsible for keeping your skin healthy, with the reduction of wrinkles and age spots.

My ASCOT- Diet & Fitness not only allowed me to lose 35- pounds in 4 weeks and 52- pounds within 9- months, but what was more impressive was I also improved the health of my skin. In the feature photograph, I’m 63 years old. My ASCOT- Diet & Fitness plan not only lowered my weight, waistline, blood pressure, glucose, and Cholesterol; but it lowered the effects of years on my skin.

Ever since I was able to work, I worked outside, first on the farm, heavy bridge construction, then later as a grid engineer with a utility company, working high lines. So I was always exposed to what mother nature had in all her majesty. Below, I’m the one in the middle on the double-steel channel crossarm in July of 2015, a month before I retired.

This is a 115,000 Volt transmission line that we are working on to replace the wooden X-crossarm with a double-channel steel X-crossarm near the Tallahatchie River and Bridge where Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the bridge in Bobbie Gentry Song Ole to Billy Joe.

I’m just as proud of the health of my skin as I am of the weight that I lost of 52- pounds and over 8.5- inches in my waistline. Below, I’m in my GYM where I workout five (5) times a week following my ASCOT-Fitness Program. Fitness has just as much to do with the health of your skin as it does your general health. I’m 63 years old in this photograph.

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