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By: Charles W. Boatright

Elevate Your Golf Game by Taking Your Golf Swing from the Batter’s Box to the Tee Box From Tee-2-Cup

If you, the golfer, ever felt that their baseball swing is more fluid, instinctive, and easier to perform consistently than making Their golf shot, than this coaching APP is for YOU!

This Palmer PRO Golf Coach APP will help the golfer to unlock the mysteries in their golf swing that has eluded golfers for decades and has made golf the most difficult sport to learn and to play. The term Palmer gets its name from a muscle/tendon in the forearm called the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon. This is the golfer’s missing link between the hands to the elbows and shoulders in the golf swing.

The Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon (Palmer Tendon) is actually visible in most people, refer to the Figure 1 below, that you can form a mental image of to develop consistency in your golf game. Figuring out how this Palmer Tendon Syncs your elbows with your shoulders is critical to hitting more fairways and greens. Not only is the Palmer Tendon used to Sync your golf swing, but also grip the handle of the golf club.

Figure 1
The Palmaris Longus Tendon (Palmer Tendon) responsible for throwing a baseball and Syncing the golf swing.

The Palmer PRO Golf Coach APP –Apperception allows a golfer to adopt a baseball batter’s mentality of standing in the batter’s box by using the baseball-type swing on the tee box, in the fairway, and around the green. The short chip/pitch shots are like bunting in baseball, which I demonstrated in my YouTube Video: If the golfer can relate their baseball-type swing to their golf swing, their golf swing will be based on instinctive motor skills learned before the age of 10.

Below is Time-Elapse Photography that I put together for my Kinesiology Research Project where I compared the golf swing to the baseball swing. You will be surprise how similar these two swings are to each other:

The golfer’s primary mission in golf is to have the golfer’s mechanics and techniques become instinctive on the course so that these become second-nature, or subconscious, without having to think. If your golf swing is not instinctive, the golfer’s swing will not be available to the golfer to use on the golf course, especially after investing all of those long hours working on your golf swing! QUESTION: Does this sounds familiar, you work consistently on your golf game to just vanish on the golf course.

So what happen to all those long hours of practice? HERE’S WHAT: The golfer’s subconscious mind will take over, as soon as the golfer steps onto the golf course. Your golf practice doesn’t guarantee your golf performance. The golfer might very well train and practice using their conscious mind, thinking through the golf swing elements. But once the golfer steps foot onto the golf course, their subconscious mind will take over, Guarantee IT!

Swing thoughts are totally irrelevant and useless on the golf course. One reason is because the golfer is totally relying on their instincts (subconscious function) on the golf course. In the typical practice session, the golfer is thinking (a conscious function) about what to do. The conscious mind only represents 10 percent of the golfer’s game on the golf course, and that is selecting the target, shot selection, and what club to use, That’s IT.

Like Yogi Berra once stated- How can you think and hit at the same time? The answer is that you can’t. The best way to engage the subconscious mind is by using exact instinctive muscle memory and pairing them with particular techniques in the golf swing sequence in order to develop instincts golf swing based on Visualization, Feel, and Repetition.

If the golfer hits the golf ball with the correct golf mechanics, techniques, and along the correct swing plane, the golfer doesn’t even have to see the results of their golf shot, as they will know just by the feel and sound at contact that they’ve just made a solid golf shot.

The Technique that I use is easy to learn and use on the golf course like you are standing in the batter’s box just concentrating on the pitch you are going deep with, except in this case, standing on the tee box just focused on the golf ball.

Just remember one of the best quotes in golf, from the movie Caddyshack where Ty Webb- (played by Chevy Chase) mentioned to Danny Noonan- (played by Michael O’Keefe) I’m going to give you a little advice. There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball.

That is exactly what the QATR 411- Palmer PRO Golf Coach APP does is allows the golfer to rely on their subconscious mind (the FORCE) get reps using two (2) simple instinctive maneuvers (get in TOUCH with it) STOP THINKING and develop a natural golf swing based on your baseball-type swing (let things HAPPEN) and just be the BALL. Or in other words is focus on the ball.

There is a Subconscious Rule No. 9 that states- The greater the conscious effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response.

Your golf swing is 90 percent reliant on the subconscious mind.

To Elevate your golf game purchase the QATR 411- Palmer PRO Golf Coach APP

I have made a series of YouTube Videos to help explain the QATR 411- Palmer PRO Golf Coach APP that are included in the Download above:

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The Palmer PRO Golf Coach APP Bunt-Type Chip Shot

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