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My DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System, Also October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This is the results from my DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System at age 64. Besides the fitness that I have achieved, I have also developed an age-defying skincare treatment from working out and my diet, high in fiber and protein.

By: Charles W. Boatright

The DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System- Complete Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Performance Health Index System to Look, Feel and Enjoy Younger U

Age isn’t the issue, but the aging process is definitely the issue that we have to deal with, especially those of us who are well over the age of 40. In sports, a stronger athlete is a better athlete at their athletic performance and avoiding health issues and injuries. The backbone of the aging process is our skeletal muscles and how fit and strong these muscles are.

Stronger core muscles support a healthier immune system and also a healthier skin condition that isn’t subjugated to our aging process. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, your immune system is at the frontline of your defense and key to avoiding the ravages of this pandemic. If you just look at the top three (3) underlying causes of death from this pandemic, you’ll see that Hypertension comes in First at 27%, Diabetes Second at 18%, and Cardiac Disease comes in Third at 12%.


I know that you’re just as surprised as I was to learn that Hypertension tops the list of underlying causes of death from COVID-19, with Diabetes and Cardiac Disease to follow. But as tragic as these top three (3) underlying causes of death from COVID-19 are, the real tragedy is that these underlying causes are preventable. I know that a lot of emphasis has been placed on getting vaccinated, but these underlying causes can marginalize the effects of being vaccinated. Even ads for Pneumococcal Pneumonia state that certain health conditions could affect the effectiveness of the Pneumococcal Pneumonia vaccine.

I’m not a fan of taking long-term prescribed mediation unless there’s no other options that I have, mainly due to the side effects that some prescribed medication have, however minor they are. I prefer given my body every chance to maintain itself with Diet, Fitness, and Lifestyle. I take my blood pressure every night, and I take my cholesterol and blood glucose every month. Coincidental these are the main hitters in underlying condition for COVID-19. My blood pressure is shown below; my combined Cholesterol is 180 (mg/dL), and my blood glucose is 135 (mg/dL), non fasting, at age 64. If you don’t think that your Diet & Fitness Plan is worth it, I just gave you some huge benefits.

REMEMBER- They don’t call Hypertension , Diabetes, and High Cholesterol, regarding Cardiac Disease, Silent Killers for nothing.

My Normal Blood Pressure reading at age 64.

Even if you don’t purchase The DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System from my Online Store, Please start a healthy diet, fitness program, that includes an active/healthy lifestyle, like including a sport in with your fitness, my is golf. I even do golf training videos, see below. I don’t weigh myself, instead I use The Rule-of-Thumb (ROT) BMI by taking your height in inches or in centimeters and divide your height by your waistline in either inches or in centimeters. Keep the units the same. The ROT BMI Factor should be greater than 2.0. The higher the better!

My ROT BMI is 64- inches/ 28.75- inches = 2.23. As you might discover I wasn’t recruited heavily by college basketball teams.


This is a part of my and my students practice sessions that we do at the end of each training lesson that I give. I even do the same every week.

The Health Benefits of The DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System

The single best precaution that we can take as a nation is to get into better shape and lose the weight, or inches around our waistline. Being overweight is a major contributor to these top three underlying causes of death from contracting COVID-19. Here’s the main reason for the compromise, as fat cells act like ACE-2 Receptors that usher the COVID-19 right past our natural defense system.


If you want to give your immune system the best chance of defending yourself, develop and follow a DIET and FITNESS program religiously. In the featured photograph, I’m 64 years old and have followed my DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System since I was 12 years old. If you notice, I added the words Age-Defying to my Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Performance Health Index System to highlight healthier-looking skin.

You Can’t Do Anything about Your Age, But You Can about the Aging Process                  

You can’t stop the passage of time, but you can have a direct impact on how you age in the aging process. DIET and FITNESS, with LIFESTYLE changes, play a huge part in your aging process. Stronger muscles not only support a healthier immune system, but stronger muscles, with a diet that is high in Protein and Fiber, can support a healthier-looking skin and YOU.

If you want to really defy your age, use the DELPHI approach for your overall health and wellness. Healthier muscles and skeletal systems mean you are just seeing the doctor for checkups and not for procedures in their office or a hospital. ALSO MEN and WOMEN- Your Diet & Fitness are you best bet at preventing certain cancers. Your Diet & Fitness are great first steps along with getting check ups!

If you want the benefits of a SPA and Skin Care Treatment that defies your age, start following The DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System. This is even without expensive gym memberships, SPA treatments, or expensive skincare products.

This is my UN-air conditioned and heated GYM that I built in the attic space over my golf training facilities and photography studio. A major part of my strength and conditioning is working out during the summer months where the heat Index is 118 degrees. This type of workout is what I refer to as Sweat-It-Out that is the skin care you can receive.

I work out in my HOME GYM that isn’t air conditioned or heated for 60- minutes, five (5) times a week; twenty-five (25) of those minutes are exercising on my bike. The equipment that you see in my GYM photographs is the only equipment that I work out with regularly. This proves that you don’t have to have or purchase expensive equipment to achieve real age-defying benefits.

As part of my DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System is working out with my 80 Lb. Boxing Bag for 12- Two-minute rounds for a full body workout and conditioning.

If you notice, even Peloton® has finally added a strength training to their fitness program that I have been doing for the past 51- years. I’m glad Peloton® has gotten on board the strength training train.


To Showcase My Results I Started Modeling my Apparel Line

This was a photo shoot that I did for the 40th Anniversary that I did in May to mark the release of the Indiana Jones movie The Raiders of The Lost Ark. We supplied the Indiana Jones-Style Leather Jacket to the studio.

In March of 2014, I started my sports performance training and apparel company, THE QATSPY®. I hadn’t even considered modeling my apparel line, until the photography crew talked me into modeling in 2014. Above, is a photo shoot that I did for the 40th Anniversary of the Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark Movie, where we feature our Jacket that we supplied the movie. I grew a beard just for this photo shoot, as if I was on an Archeological expedition.

After the 40th Anniversary photo shoot featuring the Indiana Jones Jacket, I shaved and got back into my normal attire.

Above, I did a photo shoot after I had shaved and put on my normal attire of L.L. Bean® blue jeans, Button-down Oxford shirt, baseball cap, and Pilot’s Boots. In both photographs, I’m 64 years old.

Not even Hollywood can deliver the results from The DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System can provide for the price. Just with me following an easy diet and fitness program, I actually did save MONEY & TIME.

To Read more about my DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System, please use the link below and to purchase your Download copy, as this will be the best money you have spent on your health and fitness that shows: 


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Charles W. Boatright

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