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An unique fitness regimen to include with your fitness program, a boxing bag workout. This is not just for men any longer. Women are seeing the benefits of including a punching bag workout element to improve their Strength, Stamina, Balance, and improve cognitive function in their regular workout sessions.

By: Charles W. Boatright

The ASCOT- DIET & FITNESS Isn’t Just for Men- This is a Perfect Diet and Fitness Program for Women of any age to Tone-up and Strengthen their Muscles

When it comes to the typical ladies workout, a lot of emphasis is placed on aerobic and cardio components of their workout program. Strength training  sometime isn’t stressed with ladies fitness, like it should be.

Weight training is just as essential to ladies’ health as aerobic and cardio elements are. But even in the realm of cardio exercises, women could benefit significantly from adding a boxing bag component to their regimen. Punching bag exercise is beginning to get traction with women’s fitness programs. A punching bag component is a full body workout that improves women’s bone structure, stamina, flexibility, strength, and more importantly, mental and physical balance.

Boxing bag workouts are being used by the medical field, especially Neurologists,  as a therapy to treat Parkinson’s patients; because of the neurological benefits of maintaining a person’s cognitive function. But boxing bag fitness has so many other benefits, including fighting the ravages of aging.

So why not start NOW and began to fight the adverse effects of aging. Fitness is probably the best anti-aging therapy for both men and women that doesn’t come in a jar or tube. Sweat equity still remains the best health remedy for the negative effects of aging.

One of the adverse effects of aging is maintaining one’s balance. Falls are the number one cause of injuries that severely limit a person’s lifestyle and not just for older generations. Balance affects more than our physical ability, as it limits our learning ability. Improving my balance allowed me to overcome a learning disability.

Remember, age is just a number; but it isn’t the most important number to consider in being healthy. Some of the most important numbers are blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol number that are critical to maintaining your health and fitness. Watching these numbers and your weight are key indicators of your overall health. But the health of your skin and your weight are still the most obvious indicators of your overall health.


So put on a pair of boxing gloves and hit the bag for your health and fitness. With my boxing bag workout, I include one-minute punching bag workouts in between a few of my other fitness elements, especially between my strength training elements. You will drop weight and years off your age by hitting the bag. Below, I’m 64 years old in my gym. I credit my ASCOT- DIET & FITNESS Program for my health and fitness that allowed me to drop weight and years off my appearance.

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