THE QATSPY® The Yankee Perspective Synoptic of The American Quarters

President Theodore Roosevelt with his Rough Riders.

By: Charles W. Boatright

The American’s Synoptic of the 2nd Amendment Beyond Recreation. The 2nd Amendment was written to Establish and Protect Our Bill of Rights

The 2nd Amendment was written specifically to establish citizen defense, and our protection as stated in Our Bill of Rights. Our Rights might have been written in ink and pen; but they were won by sweat and blood of people that believe the importance of what this Nation was founded on. We are the modern-day Minutemen of the 21st Century who go to work putting on our blue jeans, khakis shirt, lacing up our boots, and grabbing our leather jacket.

We are the men and women that make this country Great and Prosperous!

The American Working Class that has made America Great, we put on our blue jeans, khakis shirt, lacing up our boots, and grab our leather Flight jackets.

We live by the Golden Principle- Do unto others as you have them do unto you! That is the every reason that the 2nd Amendment is so essential to our U.S. Constitution. We know that we are only as secure, safe, and free as our neighbor. Like the Minutemen of our Revolutionary War that bore arms to respond quickly to threats, we also must be able to bear arm to respond to what threatens in our community. It is obvious that our officials don’t take this responsibility seriously.


We have Witnessed the Very Reason for the 2nd Amendment

We have witnessed where shop owners and ordinary citizens who are not properly armed lose their ability to defend their businesses and homes in cities where officials yield their oath of office to anarchists. They took the oath of office to defend and protect, like many in the military did when we served. We are only as free as we are secure by our own right to Bear Arms.

Where this anarchy took place are the very states and cities where officials have abolished our 2nd Amendment Right and our right to protect ourselves. One doesn’t have to look far to communities where the 2nd Amendment is a serious matter and is an unalienable Right to Bear Arms and to protect ourselves and our neighbor. These cities where the 2nd Amendment is a serious matter are the cities that remain secure with peaceful protests that are part of our 1st Amendment Right.

We Shall Never Yield Our 2nd Amendment Right

We should never yield our right to protect ourselves under our U.S. Constitution Rights. Without the 2nd Amendment, we, as Americans, could not protect our free exercise of religion, of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The freedom of speech also extends to freedom of expression of our own ideas without retribution or intimidation. Both of these are the first steps toward abolishing all our freedoms as a free people. Another part of freedom of expression is our VOTE. We have the right to chose our officials that take an oath of their office to protect and defend our rights that we have under our U.S. Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment, you don’t know how important it is until we don’t defend it and its importance to us. If a politician has as part of their platform’s key words like Gun Control, we as American Voters need to send them a strong message by voting them out of office. Our officials serve us, and not by us serving them or their misguided ideology, of suppression and intimidation. We all have the right to express our ideals without threats or intimidation, because if one voice is suppressed, we all have lost the right to be heard.

Public debate is what makes our country stronger, not weaker. In the public arena where ideas and speech are suppressed, we lose a major part of our humanity and respect for each other. For those who suppress speech in the public arena, they need to present a better message to support their ideas. If you don’t know what you supporting, the results are usually the use of intimidation and threats to support your arguments. Anyone can scream, but it is the facts and truth that hold the argument.


Support Your 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms

The 2nd Amendment Hand-painted Leather Patch that is sold separately or can be ordered with one of our four (4) high quality leather jackets.

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Just like sports, the 2nd Amendment is for both men and women, just like our 2nd Amendment A-2 Leather Flight Jacket is for men and women. Ladies, if you purchase a firearm, whether it is a sidearm or rifle, get training and in order to get familiar with the safe operation and use of your firearm from a qualified instructor.

In regards to sidearms, that usually have fixed sights, so your objective is to fire for the effect for grouping between 10 and 20 yards away and hold your position on the target. See the target above of my latest qualification, at 20- yards. You are trying to group at least 20-to-25 rounds, then make the compensation on the target for the next firing sequence. This way, you will know your sidearm.

The reason I mention 10-to-20 yards is that this is where most confrontation takes place. There are several calibers of sidearms that are excellent for women to carry. May I suggest the following:

  • 0.380 Caliber Sidearm
  • 38 Super Caliber (Not to be confuse this with a 38 Special)
  • 9 mm Caliber

All of these are great sidearms, usually the 380 Caliber sidearms (consider the mini 9 mm) are smaller and can fit in small compartments.

My preferences are the 45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) and 38 Super Caliber in the Model 1911 Automatic sidearm with an interior magazine.

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I’m wearing the TOP*GUN CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket on board the USS Lexington, in Corpus Christi, Texas with a F-14 Tomcat Jolly Roger Squadron. I was actually performing aerial patrol in North East Mississippi at tree top level when a F-14 Tomcat from the Jolly Roger Squadron dropped down from 10,000 feet to tree top level about a quarter-of-a-mile ahead of my flight route just to pay their respects before going almost vertical back up to 10,000 feet.

TOP*GUN 2 Trailer