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In between my CASPER (Cardio, Aerobic, Strength, Pilates Exercise Regimen), I workout with my 80 LB Boxing Bag for 2- minutes as my Aerobics component and to develop my stamina. I call this my active meditation. This is equivalent to having five- 3- minutes rounds on the bag. Believe me when I say your arms feel like lead when you complete this Boxing Bag Workout. This shows my typical 60-minute workout five times a week at age 64.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Strengthen Your Muscles & Immune System- The Backbone of your Immune System is amino acid, Protein called Glutamine Derived from Muscle

A well-balanced workout should consist of Cardio, Aerobic, Strength, Pilates Exercise Regimen, or what I refer to as the CASPER Workout. Setting up an effective workout isn’t that difficult, nor do you need special equipment or training techniques. With basic understanding of the CASPER Workout System, anyone between the ages of ten and older should be able to develop an effective workout program, right in their home, with very basic exercise equipment.

The featured image shows all the basic exercise equipment that I use. There is no need for you to have to purchase expensive exercise equipment, to purchase a monthly gym membership, or even have to leave the confines of your home to get the benefits of a gym-type workout.

I took the attic space over my golf training facility and photo studio and converted it into my non-air conditioned gym. One reason for me to convert this attic space into a non-air conditioned gym was that I needed an area where I could set up my cardio conditioning.

Originally, my gym was in my home office that was air-conditioned and heated, and I needed a conditioning element in my workout program. I needed a gym for cardio conditioning, where I could Sweat-It-Out. If you notice, most exercise manufacturers show people in their ads working out with their equipment indoors in a conditioned environment, where it is either cooled or heated.

If you want to condition your body and have healthier-looking skin, as an anti-aging component, as I prefer to do so, you need to work out in an area that isn’t air-conditioned or heated. In the summer months in Mississippi, in my non-air conditioned gym, the Heat Index can reach temperatures of 120 degrees.

When the actual temperatures in my gym reach over 110 degrees, I break my 60- minute workout period into two- 30-minute sections. That way I avoid hyperthermia (abnormally high body temperature causing the failure of the body to regulate the heat coming from the environmental conditions). But conditioning-type workouts allows your body to Sweat-It-Out, or remove toxins from your system. This Sweat-It-Out technique is the best anti-aging and anti-depression treatment on the market. Nothing that comes in a bottle, jar, or tube can rival the Sweat-It-Out Technique.

CAUTION: You’ve got to train and acclimate your body to these high temperatures over 100 degrees. Start off very slow, with short duration times, at first and build from there. If you feel sick or lightheaded, stop and rest until the next day or next workout when you feel you have fully recovered. You’ve got to build up your resistance to these workout temperatures gradually. Drink plenty of water and have a moist bath towel to wipe off the sweat, especially on your face and neck. Your sweat contains toxins that you want to remove from your skin to prevent irritation. After I work out under these conditions, I take a shower after I cool down on the patio to remove the rest of the toxins on my body.               

Cardio Strength Training

Even my Cardio and Aerobics are based on strength training, along with my Pilates. I either use a Medicine Ball or dumbbell with all my Cardio, Aerobics, and Pilates training. The boxing bag workout, that is a great Cardio/Aerobic workout, has a strength component. That’s an 80- LB bag that I work out with for 2- minutes between my CASPER elements. I call the boxing bag workout my active meditation.

What strength training does that Cardio or Aerobic doesn’t is that Strength Training builds muscle strength that produces the essential amino acid, protein, called glutamine. Glutamine is the building block protein for developing an effective immune system. And if you need an effective immune system, NOW is the time.

I want as many advantages in my favor, and being overweight and having other underlying conditions are statistics working against you. Even being vaccinated, these underlying conditions can provide COVID-19 and its variances pathways to overcome your immune system. Being healthy is still a major factor against this Virus.

The reason I work out so diligently is that I model my line of apparel with twentysomethings, which is challenging. I need fitness and healthy-looking skin, just to compete with these young ladies, but I still want to be a part of showing our great sport apparel line to people and how it will look on them. Below is our Fall Fashion Line:

If you want a challenge, do a photo shoot with young models in their early 20’s and try not to look out of place or like a sore thumb. This is my main motivation for working out 60- minutes; 5 times a week following The DEL-Rx Age-Defying Fitness Program. I don’t mind the aging process, I just don’t want to experience the negative results of the aging process. The young lady is sitting on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60, all 1,000 cc of muscle.


Below, I have illustrated a few of my Strength/Cardio/Aerobic elements that are a part of my DEL-Rx Age-Defying Fitness Program:

Some examples of my CASPER Workout Regimen:

Loaded Setups

I had a hip replacement so I set on my box with my toes locked under a grab bar similar to the one overhead on the sloped ceiling. This is the full extent that I raise my torso up to and hold for two breaths while holding a 12 LB Medicine Ball. I do 200 setups during each workout sessions.


Diagonal Pullups

I perform diagonal pullups to reduce the stress on my shoulders. The last thing a golfer wants is to have is to deal with a pulled shoulder. I perform 50 pullups during each workout session.

Forearm Curls

I performed forearm curls using 25 LB dumbbells with a 10- second rest period between each 20 reps. I perform 60 forearm curls during each workout session. This shows all the exercise equipment that I use in The CASPER Workout. The only thing not shown is my programmable exercise bicycle.




Charles W. Boatright (CEO)


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