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THE BOATRIGHT REPORT, the Open Backs Road Guide to the American Experience. I featured here on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle. I credit THE CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System with my health and fitness at age 65.

By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE QATSPY Outfitter Company

States with highest Death Rate from Alzheimer’s– How those Rates Correspond to How Diet & Fitness Play an Important Role in the Onset of Alzheimer’s  

It is fitting that the month of May is Heart Health for Women and Mental Health Awareness Month also, as they are linked to each other, closer than you might think. Alzheimer’s disease is evidence of this linkage.

Here in Mississippi, we have the highest rate of deaths due to Alzheimer’s in the entire nation, at a rate of 52.8 per 100,000 of the population. This also corresponds to the high obesity rate we have in Mississippi, as well. This means that an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are significant factors in developing Alzheimer’s and other health risks. The waistline is the bottom line in our health and fitness condition.

Our waistline, blood pressure, and cholesterol numbers are just some of the main precursors for possible development of Alzheimer’s that we need to be aware of. These are factors that our doctors preach to us about constantly by maintaining a healthy weight and waistline, as well as, blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol numbers. These four factors are literally at the heart of our health and fitness.

I Prefer to Measure my Waistline than to Weigh-In

Since one of the four health factors includes our waistline that contributes to the onset of Alzheimer’s, I prefer to measure my waistline, rather than do weigh-ins.

I prefer to monitor my waistline, rather than doing weigh-ins, because it is simpler to use a cloth tape from Hobby Lobby. A cloth tape is accurate and doesn’t need to be adjusted and is very inexpensive to purchase. But for me, since I have a strength and conditioning program, I prefer to measure my waistline, because I’m adding muscle.

NOTE: Muscle weighs 0.613 oz/cubic inch, that is 15.23% heavier than fat that weighs 0.532 oz./cubic inch. For example, if I drop one-cubic-inch of fat, but then I add one-cubic-inch of muscle, naturally I should weigh 15.23% heavier. So why should I punish myself for doing some good, by adding muscle?

So What is a Healthy Waistline?

It is pretty simple to figure your healthy waistline: Take your height in inches and just divide by 2. For example: My height is 66- inches, so for my healthy waistline, it should be- 66 / 2 = 33- inches. But since I do modeling, I use a factor of 2.2. So my waistline is 66 / 2.2 = 30- inches.

I still keep a chart on a weekly basis, shown below, of my waistline, now going on nine- years after reaching my modeling waistline of 28.50- inches.

My Waistline Chart

The photograph below was taken on January 07th, 2023 after a photoshoot we did at our hangar for our Hemi-Quinn Bush Pilot Collection at age 65 doing an AB Challenge that shows the results of following THE CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System since 28Nov2014.     

In the background in our hangar is a P-51 (D) Mustang like the one that Tom Cruise was flying when we accept his MTV Movie Award for Best Performance in a Movie for the film “TOP GUN: MAVERICK” on 07May2023. Tom Cruise who is 60 still can appear in movies in what was referred to as Dog Fighting Football in the Movie “TOP GUN: MAVERICK”.


Initially, I had only FOUR (4) main objectives when I researched and developed what became The CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System based on:

1. Dropping weight and inches off my waistline.

2. Dropping my blood pressure numbers below 120/80.

3. Dropping my glucose numbers below 140 non-fasting.

4.  Dropping my Cholesterol numbers below 180.

After 3- months of following The CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System, I dropped something in addition to these four criteria, listed above, that I wasn’t expecting to drop, as I dropped years off the condition of my skin. This was due to my diet and me adding muscle that has a direct impact on the health of my skin. In the feature photograph and the AB Challenge, above, I’m 65 years old. But the age of my skin wasn’t all that I dropped, as I dropped my risk of Alzheimer’s, as well.


There are two foods that are above the MIR of 3.25 that are still on the list of foods preventing Alzheimer’s.

As I was preparing to write this article about Alzheimer’s Awareness, I found a list of foods, shown above, that the Alzheimer’s Association suggests that we eat to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. What was interesting about this list, these were some of the same foods that had a MIR equal to or less than 3.25 that allowed me to lose 52- pounds and 8.25- inches in my waistline, see my Waistline Chart, that I posted earlier.

The CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System not only allows me to keep my waistline, blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol numbers low, but helps me prevent Alzheimer’s as well.

This is my regular Blood Pressure reading taken on Monday, 01May2023, without being on any prescribed medication of any kind or type.

It isn’t shocking to link a number of health-related issues like- obesity, coronary disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and strokes, just to name a few health risks of a poor diet and lack of fitness. You can now also add Alzheimer’s to a poor diet and lack of fitness as factors.

I’m always doing research, not just for my weekly articles for my Wednesday Wellness Post, but for my own health and fitness, especially since I’m 65- years old. We know that eating a healthy diet and following a fitness regimen can help in preventing a whole host of health-related issues that I just mentioned, above. A healthy Diet and Fitness are like the magic pill that if they stocked in Drug Stores they couldn’t keep in stock.

I’m shown here working out in my OASIS GYM doing bench presses with 50- Lb dumbbells where I do 3- sets of 10 reps each with a 30- second rest period between set. This was taken on Thursday, 04May2023, while doing demos for my health & fitness article.

But eating a healthy diet and having a fitness regimen that includes strength training can help prevent several age-related issues, like premature aging, weight gain, and other health risk issues. Now there is another health risk that you can add to the list by not eating a healthy diet and not getting proper exercise- Alzheimer’s.

We need to be aware of our blood pressure (keeping it below 120/80), glucose (below 140 non-fasting), and total cholesterol (below 200) and keep a healthy waistline that your doctor preaches to you about during your appointments. We usually associate Hypertension to stroke and heart disease; now you can add Alzheimer’s to that list.

Having an active lifestyle with social interaction, like attending church, yoga, sporting events, and theater, are great ways to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s with social events. Another method is reading and creative writing, even if is for yourself and friends. These are reasons that I enjoy flying to college sporting events, riding my motorcycle and writing articles for my Boatright Report.


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There is a great article written by Coles Hoffmann with Arizona State University for Society for Behavior Medicine entitled: Four Healthy Habits for Seniors to Reduce Cognitive Decline and Prevent Dementia

In the featured photograph, above, taken for THE BOATRIGHT REPORT, THE OPEN BACK ROADS GUIDE TO THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE where I’m featured leaning up against my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 at age 65.