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The Tuskegee Airmen (Red Tails) with the U.S. Army Air Corps wearing their U.S. A-2 Leather Flight Jackets during training school.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Renaissance of The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket– The Original A-2 Leather Flight Jacket Developed for the U.S. Army Air Corps in June 1931

When you think of masterpieces, or magnum opus (Latin for greatest achievements in science, art, music, or literature), you think of pieces of work that have withstood the test of time with little to no change. These classics retain their appearance and luster, not just for years, but decades, if not centuries.

You think of composers, like Vivaldi, Mozart, and my personal favorite, Bach. Their work has remained classic for over 300- years. Their music never goes out of style or loses its significance with audiences. They aren’t called masters for nothing, as their work still attracts new listeners every decade. Even when I’m writing sports, health and fitness, or fashion articles, I have my Music Choice station turned to the Classical Masterpieces Station.

The Classics- Chevrolet 1963 Stringray Corvette, The INDIAN Motorcycle, and the U.S. A-2 Leather Leather Flight Jacket that we supply to the U.S. Military and is my motorcycle leather jacket of choice.

When you think of classic sports and SUV’s vehicle, you can’t think of classic cars, without thinking of two classics of all time. The Chevrolet 1963 Stingray Corvette, or what started the SUV industry, and the 1945 U.S. Military Jeep, that helped launch the SUV industry we have today.

The U.S. Jeep and The U.S. A-2 Leather Flight Jacket and with the CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket that are the true Sport Jackets for all of your occasions.

I wear my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket, as my Sports Jacket, 10- Months out of the Year even in Mississippi. It isn’t so much what you do; but what you look like doing it that counts.

The Renaissance of the 1931 A-2 Leather Flight Jacket

The 101st Airborne posing for photographs before D-Day with their flight crew wearing the U.S. A-2 Leather Flight Jacket. A signature jacket of the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. I lost a bet with my Navy buddies on the outcome of the Army- Navy Game, thus the Navy cap.

When you think of the Greatest Generation, many icons come to mind. But the one icon that captured the charisma of that era, is the U.S. A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that pilots and elite paratrooper units wore as a badge of honor.

The A-2 Leather Jacket was reissued with the 1940-style, class A uniforms to the U.S. Military in 2020


Some of the reasons that the A-2 Leather Jacket was developed was, of course, style, but also for safety reasons. The primary reason was due to the 1918 Spanish Flu that claimed more lives than were killed in World War I. The U.S. Army Air Corps at that time needed a leather jacket that would keep their highly trained pilots from future pandemics. Thus, the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket was introduced. One of the major suppliers of the A-2 Leather Jacket was Cooper Sportswear that supplied the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket to the U.S. Army Air Corps.

Cooper Sportswear is a part of US WINGS® that THE QATSPY® (YORKER Personalized-Style & Traditional Apparel Quarters) is an authorized dealer for and carries these in our online store. I personally use my U.S. A-2 Leather Flight Jacket as my real sports jacket for business, leisure, and even riding my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle.

THE QATSPY® and US WINGS® AMERICAN CLASSIC LEATHER JACKET COLLECTION- The Leather Jackets that are durable as they are fashionable that can even withstand the rigors of the open road as a Motorcycle Jacket.

The U.S. A-2 Leather Jacket is stylish, but more importantly Durable

Allow me to make a CASE for our (US WINGS®) Leather Jacket Collection that can withstand the trails of your everyday schedule and still have that winning look and feel, proven to be the real sports jacket of choice by the jury.

My cloth sports jacket couldn’t go from business attire to riding on the open road and stills hold its resilience and style. I have long since mothballed my wool-blend sports jacket in 2008, in favor of my US WINGS® A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that I actually put on the line when I worked transmission line work.

US WINGS® A-2 Leather Flight Jacket is so durable and a classic that when I retired to start my own Performance Sports Training and Apparel business where I carry a line of US WINGS® Leather Jackets that you can purchase from my online store. JUST SELECT THIS IMAGE TO SHOP!

If the US WINGS® A-2 Leather Flight Jackets is tough enough for line work that we put ours jackets through, doing line work, it is durable for just your average everyday activities as your new sports jacket, a sports jacket that is actually that, a sports jacket.

We supply the Studios and Walt Disney World the Indiana Jones-Style Leather Jacket. Walt Disney uses our Indiana Jones Leather Jacket in their production of: INDIANA JONES EPIC STUNT SPECTACULAR seen by thousands each month.

The U.S. A-2 Leather Flight Jacket also became a model for two other iconic leather jackets that hit Hollywood, the Indiana Jones-style Leather Jacket and the Fonzie Leather Jacket. How cool is that!

I Don’t Even Leave to go and see a Sporting Event to report on without our US WINGS Leather Jackets.

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