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By: Charles W. Boatright, Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control. And the Developer of Operation DOG-TAG, using golf to help Veterans.

The QATSPY® Quintessential Golf Swing Video from Tee-2-Green

I felt like I needed to compile my three basic golf swings, the Bunt, Rap, and Rip-type golf swings, into one Video to help the golfer take their golf swing from the Tee-2- the Green. All three of these golf swings are based on the basic-type mechanics (WHAT) and techniques (HOW) that are in THE QATSPY Golf Swing. Having the same basic golf swing from tee-2-green, including the chip and pitch shots, makes the golf swing a whole lot simpler to perform, on and off the golf course.

There are just four key points that the golfer needs to focus on in setting up and executing THE QATSPY golf shot. The only other key component is to create a mental image of a batter’s box and the Strike Zone to develop a consistent golf swing. With these basic concepts, the golf swing can really be simplified to lower the golfer’s handicap, score, and frustration level.

The Paradigm Shift to Become a More Consistent Golfer

Focusing the golfer’s attention to four key areas, the left elbow, left and right wrists, and the golfer’s Thenars, will allow the golfer to engage their subconscious mind. These points allow the golfer to get a handle on their golf swing to hit more fairways and greens.

THE QATSPY Golf Swing is actually a paradigm shift in the golfer’s game where the golf ball is treated as a target, and the golfer’s objective is to get their hands into the Strike Zone, like a baseball batter does while standing in the batter’s box.

In some initial golf lessons, a golf coach might have drawn a clubface on the right palm of a right-handed golfer with a ball-point ink pin. This helps the golfer to mentally establish a direct link in their golf swing sequence.

Mentally moving the Strike Zone from the ground, where the golf ball is moved to a baseball-type Strike Zone, will allow the golfer to link their golf swing to their hands. The golf ball isn’t treated as an object to hit, but as a target. Visualizing the Strike Zone in the golfer’s game isn’t really that much different than in baseball.

In the case of baseball, the batter, like the golfer, has to project the baseball pitch into the Strike Zone. In baseball, the batter can’t wait to swing, once the pitch is in the Strike Zone. The batter has to perceive where the pitch will be in the Strike Zone to start their swing, as illustrated above. So in reality, perceiving a Strike Zone in the golfer’s game isn’t that much of a paradigm shift for the golfer to make from baseball.

In my YouTube Video below, I refer to the golf ball as a dartboard, or my target, to throw darts to. Here in my YouTube below, I’m throwing the darts from my Strike Zone to the target, the golf ball.

The Most Critical Golf Shot in Golf

As part of my YouTube Video above, I demonstrated the Bunt-Type and Rap-Type golf swing, because your approach shot is actually the most critical golf shot. The precision of this approach shot, by keeping your putts inside the 8- foot range, increases the percentage of the golfer holing their putts. The following data is based on professional golfers’ putting stats.

  • 99% of putts from 3 feet
  • 69% of 6-foot putts
  • 54% of 8-foot putts
  • 31% of putts between 10 and 15- feet

Based on Professional stats, if a professional golfer can get their approach shot two feet closer to the pin, within the 8-foot range, their ability to make putts goes up by 42.5 percent. I developed the Tick-N-Tock putting technique that I demonstrated in the YouTube below to increase the ability for golfers to hole more putts.

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