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This is a Boeing Model 70 (Stearman) Biplane wooden propeller that we just refinished and inspected to replace the Stearman’s propeller. My aunt that was in the WASP trained in the Stearman in flight school.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Propel Your Weight Loss with Nutrition/Fitness- A Diet to Reach/Maintain a Healthy Weight is Critical, But Fitness For Toning is Crucial

On The John Tesh Radio Show yesterday (18Feb2021), Intelligence For Your Life, he featured a topic on weight loss and a condition called Diet Face. Diet face is an effect of losing weight in a short period of time that causes the skin to drupe or sag. This is because of the excess skin after weight lost, especially on the face and lower abdomen areas.

Your ability to lose weight is based on 80% Nutrition and 20% Fitness. Sweating long hours in the gym 4 or 5 days a week will not allow you to lose the weight you are looking for that your nutrition will. Fitness will, however, play a crucial role, not just for your health, but in a healthier-looking skin and muscle structure. Strength training is critical to retain and build muscle that we start to lose after age 30.

A fitness regimen will allow you to tone and firm up your skin as you are losing weight. Just as critical as toning and firming your muscle system for your health is the condition of your skin. Strength training provides an unexpected benefit– it provides an age-defying skin treatment. When you think of fitness, a lot of attention is given to aerobics and cardio. But strength training is essential for long-term health. Strength training also provides a person with balance as they age. Falls are the number one debilitating cause for people having to go to assisted living and nursing homes.


Benefits of my Nutrition and Fitness

I used to work as a Grid Engineer with a Transmission Utility before I retire working heavy construction and maintenance. There one thing I don’t miss and that’s working ice storms. This photograph was taken in September of 2015 the month I exceeded my weight lost goal of 52- pounds in just 9-months

Leading up to my retirement, I was in the process of starting my own business that included sports performance and fitness training, which also included my line of apparel. This includes the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket we supply to the U.S. Military. Part of my training was me making my fitness and golf training videos and me modeling my line of apparel. I needed to lose 45- pounds after gaining weight before I had a hip replacement. My hip severely limited my fitness activities and what I could do.

After my hip rehab, I got back into my fitness program at age 56 in November of 2014. I don’t have to explain how difficult it is to lose weight after age 40 to most people. One’s metabolism slows down, preventing them to burn calories effectively for energy. I only had less that 4- months to get into shape before I was scheduled to make videos and do our modeling.

This is me and my model that work with me in my clubhouse modeling our TOP*GUN CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket and me wearing the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket.

I developed what became the ASCOT-DIET Program in the last week of November of 2014. I had no idea how fast I was going to drop 45- pounds. My actual results exceeded my expectations, as within the month of December of 2014, I lost 35- pounds and over 4- inches in my waist. It didn’t stop there, I lost 52- pounds by being on the ASCOT-Diet Program and over 8.50- inches in my waist within a 9-month period.

The weight loss was great, but you have to address what they refer to as Diet Face. I was fortunate that I continued to work out in my gym 5-to-6-days a week. Since I was modeling, I could ill afford to have sagging skin, I needed to firm and tone up. As many of you might be aware of, the camera can appear to put five-to-ten pounds on you, but that not the only thing the camera can do, it picks up any imperfections in your skin. I made a photograph with a 1963 Chevrolet Stingray Corvette shown below in September of 2019 to show my results 4- years after losing the weight.

The ASCOT- (Aerobics, Strength, Cardiovascular Optimized Technique) Fitness Program allowed me to firm up and tone my skin preventing Diet Face. The ASCOT-Diet & Fitness Program is also a great age-defying program that benefits your skin, as well as your health. The ASCOT Nutrition and fitness is the most inexpensive anti-aging therapy that you can follow without spending a small fortune.

Instead, save your money for cloths that you will need to buy with your weight lost. I dropped from a 37.50-inch waist down to a 29.0-inch waist where I’m at NOW! In the feature photo and the photo below, I’m 63- years old, soon to be 64.

I shown here with a 1963 Chevrolet Stingray Corvette with a split rear glass. Taken in September of 2019

I have been following both my ASCOT- Diet and Fitness Program now since November of 2014 and have maintained my weight, toning, and healthy-looking skin. I’ll let you be the judge how effective my ASCOT-DIET & Fitness Program is:

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