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By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE GREAT QATSPY® Company

During my presentation to corporations, I highlight the most powerful force we all process and can tap into and that is our Perseverance and passion, or in another term to our Faith and commitment. I don’t think too many coaches could recruit athletes to his/her team without their recruits believing first in their program and how the coach shows that they have a commitment to compete at a higher level and be developed.

A coach wouldn’t have the 3,4, and 5- star athletes if he/she used terms like- I hope we can compete, or We might win if we try harder, or I hope I can develop you into an elite athlete.

The coach has to FIRST start with conveying an idea and vision; SECOND get his/her athletes to buy into their philosophy; and THIRD convince them to pull in the long hours training and conditioning. Every coach will tell you that a stronger athlete, both mentally and physically, is a better athlete.

To get people to understand the term FAITH, that is an abstract term to understand, I instead like to use the term PERSEVERANCE & PASSION. Because the term perseverance and passion have a more concrete meaning, especially in sports.

Great illustration of True Grit or Perseverance and Passion, regardless of who you pull for in the 2023 Iron Bowl was the last few minutes of the game. Even after a missed snap that went over the head of Jalen Milroe Quarterback for Alabama, demonstrated his perseverance and commitment to even under extreme pressures.

Alabama perseverance and passion weren’t something that surfaced during the fourth quarter of the Iron Bowl, but were developed over long hours of blood & sweat in their training and conditioning program. Conditioning is just as much a physical as it is a mental. I know when I played football, we actually looked forward to gameday, because it wasn’t as hard as our training and conditioning was.

We are the Biggest Limitation to Our Success

We all don’t possess the same set talents or the same degree of talent, but what we do all have is tremendous potential to develop perseverance with passion. There is no amount of money that can replace perseverance and passion. This was demonstrated in The movie Rudy that proved perseverance and passion trumps talent. I’ll give you a quote to prove this later in this article below by President Calvin Coolidge.

Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger had little talent to play Notre Dame Football; but what he did have that no amount of talent can replace is Rudy’s perseverance and passion to be on the practice squad to prepare the varsity for gameday. Rudy’s perseverance and passion made up for what Rudy lacked in talent.

There is an account of a widow that had a debt she had to settle with her deceased husband’s creditors where the only thing she had were two sons and a small bottle of olive oil. Olive oil much like crude oil is today is crucial to our economy today as we found out in 2021. It wasn’t the amount of olive oil she had, but more what she could do with that small amount of olive oil that made the difference.

While We don’t have same amount of Talent We have endless amount of Perseverance & Passion

NOTE: The following is a narrative from 2 Kings 4:2 thru 7

When asked by Elisha to go and get as many large jars that she could borrow, and not just a few number, and gather as many as she could up in her house. Elisha instructed her to start pouring her olive oil into first and continued to each of other large jars; what olive oil she collected she could sell to pay off her debt. When she asked for another jar that evening there wasn’t any more jar available.

This account illustrates that our perseverance and commitment are the main limiting factors to our success and not our talent or education. Always focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do given the opportunity.

The last jar was when the olive oil stopped pouring out from her bottle. The widow was only limited by the amount of perseverance and passion she and her sons had by gathering up as many jars that they could to pour her olive oil out into in order to pay off her debt. The only limitation was their ability to gather up jars.

We all are Indebted to Others Who Invested Time and Money in Our Development

We all have debts we owe others that have invested time and money in nurturing us and our development. The way we can pay that forward to them is to use what talent we have develop and show the same perseverance and passion that Rudy did on the practice squad to get his Notre Dame Football Team ready for gameday. Rudy was rewarded for his perseverance and passion by dressing out and playing in the last game of the year.

Now just substitute the term FAITH for perseverance and the term Obedience and Commitment for passion and you will have unlimited success where you are your only limitation.


Don’t think of the olive oil in terms of the amount, but more in what can be done with that amount of olive oil, or your talent will be fueled by your perseverance and passion.

Remember what Calvin Coolidge said about Persistence-

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

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