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Our photoshoot of our Fall Fashion of The SPORTY Wright Bros. Cockpit Collection that features our A-2 and G-1 Leather Bomber Jackets, THE QATSPY® Heavy Button-down Oxford Shirt, and our Chino Khaki Pants taken in our hangar.

By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE GREAT QATSPY® Company

Ladies, a Bag with the Best Fashion Statement– It’s NOT the Bag hanging on Your Arm/Shoulder, but in Your Gym. The Boxing Bag Workout is one of the best Full-Body Cardio/Aerobic Workouts for Toning/Age-Defying Condition of Your Skin

The nice looking bag isn’t the bag that makes the fashion statement for Heather, it is the bag that she works out with that makes the biggest fashion statement.

Ladies, if you want to have the best defense against the ravages of aging then the boxing bag is your best opportunity to feel and to look younger in those great clothes that you either enjoy wearing or you will enjoy wearing. But the real huge benefit besides feeling and looking younger is the confidence that you will gain working out on a boxing bag.

The boxing bag workout is a great resistant workout that will build stamina and provide tone to have definition in your arms, legs, and your core muscles. Heather that is shown in our hangar above, is shown, below, after working out on the 80 Lb. Boxing bag with that great tone.

Heather shown after working out with the boxing bag. I enjoy the boxing bag even for a stand-alone exercise. I like the boxing bag workout because it helps me burn belly fat even at age 66.


Boxing Bag Isn’t for Boxers Only

The boxing bag workout is usually associated with training regimen for boxers and kick boxers preparing for competition. But when it comes to competing with your age, health, and fitness for both men and women boxing bag has it. Nothing beats working out with a boxing bag with your current exercise routine a couple of times per week. Nothing can turbocharge your workout routine more than a few rounds on the bag. Even just a couple of 2- minute rounds when you don’t have time for a full workout has tremendous benefits, because you’re working the entire body and mind.

I mention mind because the boxing bag workout has a meditation component that relieves stress and tension in your mind and body. I refer to my boxing bag round as active meditation.

When it comes to fighting the effects of aging, especially the effects of aging on the skin and mind, boxing bag workout can turbocharge your resistance training for an afterburner effect for melting away wrinkles and baggy skin. Working out on a bag is considered resistance training that can also burn away that stubborn belly fat and releases those natural growth hormones from the muscles tissue called Fibroblast along with collagen for that younger appearance of your skin and mind.

I enjoy working out on the bag in my Oasis-Mojave Gym where I have seven (7)- 2-minute rounds at various intervals during my CHAMPS Workout sessions, even at age 66 shown in the feature image and in my gym on the bag, shown above. Heather is one of our models that works with us shown in our hangar doing a photoshoot for our Fall Fashion of our SPORTY’S Wright Bros. Cockpit Collection.

Resistance training on the bag is key to developing your fountain of youth that is a key component in that ability to look and also feel younger than your actual age. A boxing bag workout is like beating back the ravages of aging. The age-defying effects of The CHAMPS Workout goes deeper than just the depth of your skin, because below are the number that I got back from my recent annual physical on 30Aug2023, at age 66:

Blood pressure– 115/61

Blood Glucose– 109 (Non Fasting)

Total Cholesterol– 158

Weight– 148 Lbs.

Waistline– 28.50″

My doctor made the remark after giving my my numbers- “You have great numbers for a man in his mid-30’s. I wish that you could demonstrate your health and fitness to some of my patients and the impact that your workout can have on their medical numbers.”

I replied- “Doctor, I’m available for conducting classes, just let me know when, I enjoy sharing health and fitness training with others.”  

What I was most impressed with from my recent physical besides having an age-defying appearance was my Total Cholesterol Number of 158, my weight of 148 Lbs., and having a waistline of 28.50- inches. If you want to ramp-up your workout and fight against the ravages of aging, then include a boxing bag workout with your normal exercise routine. You will actually enjoy it!

Boxing Technique

When you start working out with a boxing bag for the first time- get a pair of kickboxing gloves, throw a punch starting from your heels up through your legs and your shoulders, and into your fists. Also, lay the punch on the bag at the knuckle of your ring finger. This will prevent injury and provide a more efficient blow to the bag. If you notice, I use bungee cords to stabilize the bag where I don’t have to have a spotter on the bag. I wish EVERLAST® would include a hook on the bottom of their boxing bags just for this one reason.


Working out on the bag is more strenuous than most elements in your exercise routine, because it involves the total body. Ladies, DON’T be afraid of working out with the boxing bag thinking it is too masculine. Again, Heather is shown in my Oasis-Mojave GYM that had time for a short workout period on the bag. The bag is a great aerobic workout for Heather that she does for toning.

For those just starting out working with a bag, first start out with just two 1- minute rounds at certain points in your workout or day, then increase the number of rounds and duration on the bag. The bag will be one of the most strenuous workout elements that you will be doing during your exercise routine. Believe me, you will be glad when your series of ONE or TWO minute rounds have concluded. I usually go for a water break after each of my seven 2-minute rounds.


The bag workout is the best age-defying therapy that works from the inside out so that you will be able to see the results within a few months. The other part is following a healthy diet that includes protein, fiber, pyruvate, and probiotics. These are essential for healthier and younger looking skin as shown in our photograph taken in the feature image, above, on 12Aug2023.

IMPORTANT Diet Supplement– After my lunch and dinner meals, I routinely have a quarter-cup of sauerkraut that is high in fiber, pyruvate, and a great probiotic for digestion and younger skin.

This is the sauerkraut that I have after my lunch and dinner meals.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want a great age-defying supplement just increase your consumption of both Pyruvate and Probiotics to have skin not just years younger, but decades younger looking skin. In an AB Challenge, below, I’m leaning up against my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle that I did after our photoshoot we did for our SPORTY’S Wright Bros. Cockpit Collection including our T-Shirts, on 12Aug2023.

This is my AB Challenge at age 66 taken in our hangar on 12Aug2023. There aren’t too many diets and fitness programs advertised on television, where the person that lost the weight takes off their shirt for an AB challenge, especially at age 66.

The CHAMPS (Complex-Carbohydrates ■ High Amino acid ■ Metabolic based ■ Pyruvate probiotics ■ Soluble fiber Diet along with your Fitness component allows your body to supply growth hormones and collagen to your skin and joints to defy your age: