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I defied all conventional wisdom by losing weight at age 57 when I retired. In this photograph, I’m 63 and have managed to keep the weight off for 6- years using the ASCOT-DIET Program. The ASCOT-DIET is high in protein and fiber that is beneficial for healthy skin.

By: Charles W. Boatright

How to Turn Your Body into a Calorie-Burning Juggernaut, with a simple Diet that is based on High Protein High Fiber- The ASCOT-DIET Plan

If you give your body the proper nutrition, it will actually turn your body into a calorie-burning juggernaut, burning off your excess weight in weeks, not months. Even if you have a slow metabolism, The ASCOT-DIET can allow your body to burn off your excess weight and keep the weight off over the long-term.

I was able at age 57 to defy the conventional wisdom of losing weight after age 50. I used my chemistry and engineering background to develop The ASCOT-DIET Program to lose 35- pounds, in just 4- weeks, that even surprised me during the month of December of 2014. I lost a total of 52- pounds in 9- months.

I was so successful to lose weight at age 57 and now at age 63 kept the weight off. I was so successful at losing weight that I started modeling my line of clothing from my online store and have done my own fitness and training video series. The featured photograph was taken when I was called back into work from retirement to assist in hurricane restoration efforts in October of 2020. The linemen that I used to work with couldn’t believe the shape that I was in at age 63, so they dared me to take my shirt off for the feature photograph.

If you really want photo proof of how successful your diet is take an AB photo Challenge of your abdominal and waist line without a shirt!

The ASCOT-DIET Program    

The ASCOT-DIET Program (Amino acid, Soluble fiber, Caloric, Optimized Technique) is based on using 6- data points from the Nutrition Label to determine a Weight Factor (WF). This Weight Factor can identify foods in the grocery store or restaurants that are high in fiber and protein, but low in sugar and the main culprit to weight gain, the hidden sugars, or starches.

The Weight Factor can arm you with the ability to eliminate foods with the hidden sugars, or the starches, that are the main cause for weight gain in people. Below I have an example of two Nutrition Labels, one for the Sweet Potato and the other for the Idaho Potato. If you were looking for the potato that contains the least amount of sugar, you would choose the Idaho Potato, because the Sweet Potato contains 7 grams of sugar, compared to the Idaho Potato that contains 1 gram of sugar.

What you’ll find is that you can’t lose weight, regardless if you diet or exercise. But look at the Weight Factor for the Sweet Potato (2.778) and compare it with that of the Idaho Potato (3.438).

You’ll find that the starch is what is causing you not to be able to lose weight; regardless of how long your exercise. Exercise only accounts for 20% of your fitness, and the other 80% is your nutrition. You won’t lose weight without addressing your nutrition component. The ASCOT-DIET makes it easy to follow a healthy, nutritious diet and lose the weight.


The ASCOT-DIET has other benefits besides losing weight, as it lowers your numbers, as shown with my blood pressure reading of 116/58 and Pulse of 56. My other numbers are blood glucose reading at 87 mg/dL and total Cholesterol is 187 mg/dL.


You Can’t Beat the Price of the ASCOT-DIET

For less than a price of a pair of blue jeans or Chinos ($45.00), you not only get The ASCOT-DIET, but also my 4- part CASPER Fitness Video Program, and my 7- part Golf Garage Video Training series. The Golf Garage Video is an excellent practice program for the off-season and to help you work on your golf game in your garage.

The same mechanics and techniques used in the Golf Garage Video Training series for making a 10- foot chip and pitch shot are the same mechanics and techniques used from tee-to-green. This allows the golfer to develop a challenge-type practice session to train the part of the mind responsible for feel and confidence.

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