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Just received results from my Prostate Biopsy after having two (2) elevated PSA Test performed.

By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE QATSPY®

GUYS New Year’s Resolution You Can’t Pass on– I’m Talking Specifically to GUYS on getting your Annual Physical DONE your Life Depends on IT. There are a lot of SILENT THREATS like that of Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, and Hypertension

Another serious health threat to catch early during your annual physicals is Prostate Cancer that can adversely impact your life and the life of your family and friends. It is just as a SILENT as the other top three health concerns I have listed above.    

One of the BEST New Year’s Resolutions that you can make with yourself besides losing weight and getting into better shape is to schedule an annual physical with your family doctor that includes a PSA Test. It is simple test that is taken with a blood draw.

Here’s WHY, I workout 6-days a week, follow a healthy diet to maintain my weight at 148 Lbs. and waistline at 28.50- inches even at age 66, and have an active lifestyle that includes modeling our sportswear, shown below. I have just been diagnosed with Stage No. 1 Prostate Cancer.

In November of 2023, I’m at our Madison County Airport modeling our Safari Cockpit Sportswear and gear where I have our G-2 Leather Bomber Jacket, and wearing our Chino Khaki, Logo Button-down Oxford Shirt, with Ray Ban aviators, and our Flying Tiger Cap.

GUYS if you are over the age of 45, please request a PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) be performed at your next physical, or better yet, drop by your doctor’s office to have blood drawn for a PSA Test. But you might have to specifically request a PSA be done. This can catch any irregularities or abnormalities with your Prostate. What you want is your PSA score to be at or below a score of 4.0.    

The feature photograph, above, was taken just after I just learned that I had Stage 1 Prostate Cancer in December of 2023. I had no other signs except that I had lower back and legs discomfort and had periodical elevated blood pressure readings over the past six (6) months that was unusual for me. I had no other signs to indicate Prostate Cancer. The PSA Test at my doctor’s office and at the Urology clinic was the only indication that I had an elevated PSA reading.

The Biopsy that I had in later part of December of 2023 confirmed the three (3) PSA Tests performed were accurate and that I have Stage 1 Prostate Cancer. Actually after my physical in August of 2023, I was more concerned about my Total Cholesterol number than my PSA reading. We just don’t give our Prostate the attention it requires.

I pay close attention to my NUMBERS as noted, below. I work hard to keep these numbers low; but nothing I did could prevent my Prostate Cancer prognosis:

(*)Blood pressure- 125/82

Blood Glucose- 109 (Non Fasting)

Total Cholesterol- 158

Waistline- 28.50″

Weight- 148 Lbs.

BMI- 18.75     

(*) Blood pressure readings that was periodically high before returning back to normal 115/63

For more information, please read my article on my Prostate Cancer: Prostate Health & Your Body of Evidence

All so guys, as you approach your mid 40’s, start a Medical Journal to keep an accurate and up-to-date status of your health. It will come in handy filling out those medical forms at the doctor office. This should include any digital X-rays, lab test, and a list of drugs that you take. My article will explain how this journal came in handy for me and my Urologist.

My Medical Journal goes back to 1978 while I was in high school playing halfback on our football team, and my military records of injuries.