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The state of Mississippi Health and Fitness status should have been the main topic of discussion during an interview with Governor Tate Reeves on Sunday. September 19, 2021.

By: Charles W. Boatright

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GOV. REEVES & TAPPER’S COVID-19 INTERVIEW– Mississippi’s COVID-19 Death Figures Aren’t an Anomaly, which was a Subject of Tapper’s Interview

The term Anomaly is something that varies from the normal expectations.

Root Cause Analysis is at the heart of solving problems, especially in the field of Engineering, where I worked before retiring. Understanding the problem is at the basic level that is critical for developing solutions to solve the key problem. Analyzing the raw data isn’t exciting, but it is essential to discover CAUSE & EFFECT of the problem.

Jake Tapper, during a Sunday morning interview with our Governor Tate Reeves, thought the deaths from COVID-19 were an anomaly compare with the rest of the country. We have been aware of the underlying deaths data since 18- months ago in March of 2020 at the start of this pandemic. Tapper’s interview with Gov. Reeves focused on data that indicated that Mississippi leads the nation in COVID-19 deaths. Well, I would like to reveal to Tapper that Mississippi also leads the country in another category, which is the obesity rate.

What is unique about fat cells are that they act like ACE-2 Receptors that allow COVID-19 to attach to the fat cells and pass under our immune system’s radar and enter into our vital organs. Since the early stages of this pandemic, even in March of 2020, we have been aware of the impact that underlying causes contribute to the death rate from COVID-19.

Analyzing the Louisiana Data

Before Hurricane Ida, when I was called back in to work storm restoration, I was able to analyze Louisiana COVID-19 data from July 2021. There are certain risk factors that work against our population here in Mississippi. We have been all too aware that even during non-pandemic conditions, obesity has a negative impact on the health of people and their quality of life. Just look at the data that I was able to analyze from Louisiana below, of the top underlining causes of COVID-19 Deaths:

  • 27% due to Hypertension
  • 18% Diabetes
  • 12% cardiac disease
  • 11% Neurological
  • 09% Obesity
  • 09% Chronic Kidney Disease
  • 07% Congestive Heart Failure
  • 04% Pulmonary
  • 02% Cancer
  • 02% Asthma   

From the Data Center 

NOTE: I calculated the percentage for each cause based on 100 percent Totals.

What has amazed me the most is how resilient the human body is, even with underlying health concerns, like those that are listed above. But look at the very top underlying cause of deaths from COVID-19 in Louisiana, which is Hypertension, at 27 percent. Hypertension almost doubles that of Diabetes at 18 percent for deaths from COVID-19 in Louisiana. What is dangerous about the top two diseases is that they are considered the silent killers. In other words, you might look and feel healthy, but you are unaware that you have Hypertension or Diabetes. We all need to check our blood pressure regularly, nightly or weekly isn’t too often.

Booster Vaccinations

There has been a lot of debate over COVID-19 booster vaccinations, but if those of us want to curve Jake Tapper’s concern for the death rate in Mississippi, we need to improve our overall health and fitness. Health and fitness consists of one’s diet that has a huge impact on our ability to beat COVID-19, along with our fitness and being vaccinated and taking other precautions to protect ourselves and others.

If Jake Tapper really analyzed the data, he would be aware that Mississippi is among one of the most unhealthy states in the country. Wouldn’t the average person would consider this a contributing FACTOR to our death rate. So if Tapper really wanted to have a good dialogue with Governor Tate Reeves, he should have discussed the main health risks that contributes to COVID-19 deaths, which is our obesity rate and health status. Tapper could help his viewers out by highlighting the main cause of the death rate by pointing to how Mississippians could take steps to improve their overall health and fitness.

Health and Fitness isn’t getting the attention that it should be getting to improve our survival of COVID-19, not just in the State of Mississippi, but the entire country’s Health and Fitness. Avoiding our health and fitness is compared to a person running weekly, but eating anything they want to eat. When I was analyzing the data from Louisiana, I wasn’t anticipating Hypertension as being the leading cause of COVID-19 deaths.

Something else shocking to some of you, you don’t have to be obese or over- weight to develop Hypertension. You can be thin and still have issues with Hypertension. Just because a person is thin doesn’t mean that they are in shape. This is the very reason that they call the top two underlying conditions for COVID-19, the silent killers. Below, is my average blood pressure reading that I take daily at age 64. I don’t take any prescribed medication of any kind:

I take my blood pressure every night; and I take my blood sugar and cholesterol readings every month. The best way to improve your survival rate is to get the vaccination, eat healthy, develop a fitness program, and keep active. Pick up a sport or physical activity that you can enjoy and get outside and enjoy God’s Nature. My activity is Golf along with my fitness regimen 5 x weekly:

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Charles W. Boatright

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