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How to Hit More Fairways and Greens and get inside the Leather on Your Approach Shot

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By: Charles W. Boatright


This is what Athletes and Coaches would call THE IT FACTOR- of trusting your Instincts and Training.

In the Sports Illustrated Golf Magazine, February 2016 issue on page 59, there is an interesting article entitled, POSE A STRIKE, Groove a perfect impact position in three easy steps, this article highlights what I wrote in Section 2.4 Page 28 of my book, THE PALMER GOLF Swing Coach APP. I conducted seven years of research and development that filled three Xerox boxes with data that looked at the fundamentals of the golf swing, starting with the wrists and what is known as Low Threshold muscles.

Then I used an unique coaching technique called Apperception (APP) where the athlete can take permanent motor-skills developed at a young age for one sport, like baseball, and build a repeatable and consistent golf game. The advantage of using the Apperception Coaching Approach is that the athlete, or golfer in this case, doesn’t have to learn new skills that will be difficult to retain and become instinctive in their golf swing.

If your golf swing isn’t instinctive, the hours, days, and weeks, the golfer spends working on their golf game won’t show up with them on the golf course. This is the reason we as golfers find it difficult to take our practice on the range to performance on the golf course. We play golf with our subconscious mind and not our conscious mind. If you are looking for swing thoughts to solve your golf swing issues they won’t make it to the course with you.

Understanding the Importance of the Low Threshold and High Threshold Muscles

One of the major concepts of Sports Ergonomics is understanding the difference between the Low Threshold Muscles and the High Threshold Muscles. To improve efficiencies in any sport that includes avoiding injuries and wear and tear on the human body, the Low Threshold Muscles (muscles in the wrists and forearms) have to be engaged first before the High Threshold Muscles (muscles in the arm, shoulders, torso, and quads). This is done by properly syncing and presetting the wrists correctly.

The other component of Sports Ergonomics is that your athletic performance has to be based on skills that we learned and developed before the age of 12, these are your permanent motor skills. We have one chance at developing these permanent motor skills that defines what level of athletic performance that we as athletes can achieve. The more basic these skills are, the higher level of performance we will be able achieve in a particular sport.

The other key is to make these motor skills instinctive where there is no thought process needed. Like Yogi Berra once stated about baseball batting- How can you think and hit at the same time? The answer is of course that you can’t. You hear coaches tell their athletes to rely and trust their IT (Instincts and Training) Factor. In both TOP GUN movies, Maverick (played by Tom Cruise) states that- If you think up there, you’re dead. These are key components in aviation to develop what is called Situational Awareness that we have to rely on for performance.

Understanding What ONE of Six Maneuvers in the Wrist and Forearm You Need to Use to Sync and Preset Your Wrists

The Six Wrist Maneuvers, but the golfer just needs one of them to Sync & Preset 80% of their golf swing.

Options have certain advantages; but they come with certain disadvantages as well.

HERE’S THE SITUATION: The main issue facing the golfer is that the wrist and lower forearm has six (6) different maneuvers. Regardless of skill level or years playing golf, the golfer understanding this one Ergonomic wrist technique out of six (6) maneuvers, shown above, will allow the golfer to hit more fairways and greens.

The golfer just needs one of these six maneuvers to Sync & Preset their swing and wrists into the Cock & Lock Position, which is great news. This offers a significant advantage to any golfer regardless of their handicap to improve their consistency which is the name of the game. The key is to know what key wrist maneuver initiates the entire golf swing sequence, called Kinetic Chain.

Kinetic Chain– Anatomically describes the sequence and interaction of muscles in the body working together to perform a specific series of movements, this is the golfer’s swing sequence. The other part of this is what Sir Newton stated in his third law of motion- for every action (Takeaway) in golf swing there is an equal and opposite Reaction (Downswing) that is a Natural Automatic reaction. No thinking Required, some more good news!

Remember, as a golfer, your responsibility is to set up the Takeaway swing, the Downswing is a natural reaction to the takeaway swing that will be performed in the reverse order of how the setup swing was established from address to the top of the swing. This is in less than 0.75 seconds, so not much time to exercise a thought process, pure instincts ONLY. The ONE wrist maneuver is The Key Initial Technique (KIT) will engage the Kinetic Chain automatically. This one KIT muscle memory movement will set up all the critical muscles memory needed in the Kinetic Chain, or golf swing sequence naturally.

The Palmar Flexion Maneuver to Sync & Preset the Wrists

The Key Initial Technique in the Kinetic Chain Called the Palmar Flexion hinge maneuver performed by the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon.

This ONE Key Initial Technique by the wrist action in the golf swing is something that pitchers and fielders use in baseball to throw the baseball, called Palmar Flexion (or what I refer to as the Palmer Technique), the hinge element, shown above, because the key muscle used is called the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon. This is a hinge action like the action to throw a baseball, shown below.

You do this one initial wrist action in the golf swing sequence and 80% of your entire golf swing is established to be able to: SQUARE at impact, HITTING DOWN, develop CLUBHEAD SPEED, provide ACCELERATION for POWER, and being on the correct SWING PLANE for CONSISTENCY. Some people think swing plane isn’t critical; ask a carpenter how important a swing plane is in driving a nail.

The Palmar Flexion (or Palmer Technique) used to through a baseball.

When you Sync & Preset with the KIT using the Palmer Technique your wrists and forearms should be in the Lock Position, shown below:

The wrist action in the golf swing to Sync & Preset the golfer’s wrists into the Cock & Lock Position.

Bobbie Jones stated that- Golf is a game that is played on a 5-inch course. This is the distance between the golfer’s ears. But your golf swing techniques are in a particular part of the mind, the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where all those natural instincts and habits are located that we depend on for all of our sports performance. This is the area of the mind that the coach is telling their players to trust their training resides. This is the area of playing IN THE ZONE comes from in performing.

The subconscious mind functions and responds to our five (5) senses, similar to how people with PTSD respond to situations through their sense of hearing a sound, seeing an image, touching or feeling, smelling, and/or tasting something that triggers a memory. These senses triggers certain memories and natural responses that are tied to certain events that have occurred that can be used to train golfers. This is why sports and fitness are great methods to use in treating PTSD, especially to help Veterans dealing with their PTSD’s. I have a book called OPERATION DOG-TAGS where fitness and sports, especially golf, can be effect techniques to treat PTSD.

The same technique or situation awareness can trigger a response we want to use to help trigger the golfer’s muscle memory. The Palmer Technique of hinging Golf Swing Technique with the wrists Syncs & Preset the wrists into the Cock & Lock Position. This is like what a batter does standing in the batter’s box, where I’m shown below in one of my training drills. I use the home plate and batter’s box to help train my students:

After the golfer has performed the Palmer Technique, the wrists are placed into the Cock & Lock Position, shown in the two figures above. The golfer only has to take the handle of the golf club to the top along the correct swing plane; and then drop the forearms back down through the strike zone, like a baseball batter would do by focusing on the strike zone while standing in the batter’s box, shown below. The batter’s box can be effectively used to help the golfer perform IN THE ZONE.

Taking the handle of the golf club to the top as a baseball batter would do standing in the batter’s box. This will allow the golfer to focus on the golf swing similar to how a batter focuses on just the bat and the strike zone.

Then the golfer wants to use their lead forearm, specifically the Ulna bone in the lead forearm, shown below, in my case, left forearm, since I’m right-handed, I use my left Ulna Bone to cut through the strike zone on various routes to create the deserved shape shot that I need (Draw, Pike, or Fade). I demonstrated these in my Orange Bucket Challenge videos below:

The term Pike is short for straight down the Pike of the fairway.

I demonstrate The PALMER GOLF Swing Technique below in three videos, what I call the Orange Bucket Challenge,all three (3) are shown below:

The Orange Bucket Challenge Golf Shot

I was contacted by WJTV-12 Television Station in May of 2021 about demonstrating The Palmer Golf Swing Technique for their US OPEN special for their Sports Zone Show. I did three (3) videos including the Introduction, the Walk-Through, and the Orange Bucket Demonstration shown below:

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo

As appreciation for me doing this 3-part video series, the WJTV-12 production team put together a Television promotional that they ran and that I could use in my golf training business.

I have all my Training techniques and lessons in an EBOOK entitled THE PALMER GOLF Swing Coach Technique below:

This book also has the CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System that contains all my workouts that I follow even at age 65. You will drop weight, inches, and something else that is just as important to all men and women over the age of 40. You will drop years off the age of your skin. I model my sportswear age age 65, below after a photoshoot, I did an AB Challenge in our hangar on Saturday, January 07th, 2023, below, AGAIN I’M 65 YEARS OLD IN THIS PHOTOGRAPH: