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By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE Quapaw Aviator Tactical Sportswear Performance, Your  Fitness Outfitter Company

Barbara Eden Age-Defying Timeless Beauty– Age 91, Barbara Eden Appears as if she has Escaped the Ravages of the Aging Process with her Routine

FOX News had an article concerning Barbara Edens health and fitness at age of 91 and she still looks like she could pass for 51 years old from this one observer. There is little doubt we who were as teenagers between 1965 to 1970 watching I Dream of Jeannie. It was like we weren’t aware of how attractive Barbara Eden was then and even NOW. Talking about beauty in a bottle, Barbara Eden has that covered.

The article that FOX News published on Barbara Eden

There are many women or even men, for that fact, that are either approaching their mid-40’s or are older that would like to know how Barbara Eden preserved her health and fitness in being 91 years old. Barbara Eden made an appearance on the Red Carpet last night that caught the eyes of the reporter for the publication Closer Weekly.

There was little doubt what the topic of discussion was going to be during the reporter’s interview with Barbara and her appearance on the Red Carpet. I’m sure reporters and spectators, alike, were wanting to know how in the World of Medical Science did Barbara Eden maintain her health and fitness, 53- years after the last episode of I Dream of Jeannie that aired back in 1970. Guys, just to give you a little perspective, I was 13 years old in 1970.

That was nothing compared to how impressed I was at age 65 when I read the FOX News article last night (dated 09Mar2023) on how Barbara Eden maintains her health and fitness now at age 91. She told the reporter her tips on how she has maintained her youthful health and fitness, listed below:

Barbara’s DIET– She eats a lot of meat and vegetables. That means Barbara Eden is focusing on a diet that is high in Protein, Fiber, and Omega-3 Fats.

Barbara’s FITNESS– She is a big fan of walking and riding her bicycle, or what she referred to as spinning. That means Barbara Eden is getting her cardio and aerobic exercises in her daily workout routine. She didn’t mention if she did weight training or not, but with her physique, I would guess that she does some form of strength training. If you’re over the age of 30, strength training is essential for toned and strong muscles.

Barbara’s SKINCARE– She wears sunscreen every time she is outside and she uses a skincare cream from Estée Lauder that she states she can’t go without using on a daily basis. Barbara explained, she also uses serum drops that Estée Lauder has, as well, called line repair. Something that surprised me was that Barbara explained that unless she is working, she doesn’t put on makeup. I personally would think, why should she, with her health and fitness that she enjoys at 91. One thing that I do is always wear sunglasses with a high UV rating, as I do when working on my farm or while flying.

Barbara Eden Proved that Age is a Given, but the Aging Process doesn’t have to be a Given with the right Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle

It was obvious that there are health and fitness benefits to Barbara Eden’s daily routine, but there are neurological and cognitive benefits as well. In the reporter’s description of how Barbara Eden arrived on the red carpet, the reporter mentioned that Barbara was sporting a pair of pointed-toe high heels.

As any woman will attest to wearing high heels, it takes some degree of dexterity to wear high heels, not to mention balance. One thing that gets overlooked is how important balance is in one’s health and fitness routine to improve dexterity, cognitive issues, and balance that is crucial for one’s neurological health. What benefits the heart also benefits the brain and our neurological system.

I’m the one in the middle on a double- channel steel crossarm, testing out a horizontal life line that I developed for linemen. Also this was my last week to work before I retired. I like to finish on top.

Before I retired at age 57 in June of 2015 from a utility as a grid engineer, I served as the Chairman of the Fall Protection Committee, which meant I had to attend Tulane University for Kinesiology training. Falls are the number one concern for people over the age of 60, due to a hip injury. Trust me, you don’t want a hip injury because of the impact that a hip injury has on a person’s lifestyle.

What Barbara Eden has proved with her diet, exercise, and lifestyle, I can confirm in my own life, at age 65. I follow THE DELPHI DIET CODE to Health & Fitness that includes Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle Performance with a Health Index component that has allows me to enjoy healthy food selections from the local grocery store.

This health and fitness has allowed me the ability to ride my INDIAN motorcycle, and enjoy aviation, and be active in the sport of golf. I also have a sportswear and performance business where I even do modeling and training videos to promote our BUSH PILOT COCKPIT GEAR Collection.

This was taken on January 07th, 2023 during a photoshoot for our online sportswear and fitness performance training that THE QATSPY® provides to people who want to get into shape and can be done in their own homes.

Above was a photoshoot that we did at our airport on January 07th, 2023, where I’m wearing my leather jacket, button-down Oxford shirts and those classic khaki pants. This classic apparel offers a person that go-anywhere, do-anything, anytime sport look for business or leisure wear. After the photoshoot, the ground crew challenged me to an AB Challenge on my INDIAN Motorcycle, below.

This photograph was taken on January 07th, 2023 after we did a photoshoot for our online sportswear and fitness performance training that THE QATSPY® provides.

The DELPHI DIET CODE to Health & Fitness that I have followed since November 28th, 2014 gave me the confidence to take my button-down Oxford shirt and T-shirt off and change into blue jeans for this AB Challenge. I wouldn’t have even considered doing an AB Challenge at age 65, if I wasn’t in this type of shape and condition. I enjoy the health, fitness, and condition of the age-defying skin that I had in my early 30’s, now at age 65.

What Barbara Eden has achieved can be done with the correct diet, exercise, and lifestyle performance routine. Please don’t think that because you’re over the age of 40 that you have to succumb to the ravages of aging, That is totally NOT TRUE!

Age is a given, but the aging process isn’t a given. If I can start at age 57 to lose 52- Lbs and 8.75- inches in my waistline, I know you can start now, as well. Just remember that 80 percent of your health & fitness is in your diet, and the other 20 percent is by doing your Cardio-Aerobic Strength Training. What is even more important for me is that age 65, I’m not on any medication for hypertension, Diabetes, or cholesterol.


The big advantage of the DELPHI DIET CODE is how you can use it to read Nutrition Labels to know what you can eat that has a Health Index at or below 3.25 to drop weight, inches, and years off of your skin. The Exercise component contains all of my training videos that I demonstrate and explain in detail on how to perform for the best results.


This is a attic space over my photography studio that I turned renovated into my gym back during the fall of 2019. I was debating if I wanted to install air-condition and heating, but I decided to not that I glad to have a spa like workout 7- days a week. I use to build houses on the side so renovation was a nice break in my schedule.

My home gym where I workout 7-days a week, with one being a light workout, is not air conditioned nor heated. I use sweating as one of my most important skincare treatments. During the summertime, sweating isn’t a problem when temperatures can reach 115 deg. Fahrenheit. Wintertime I have to layer up just to break a sweat.

Listed below are 14 benefits of sweating during your workouts Sessions:

A. Rejuvenates the skin.

B. Eliminates free radicals.

C. Improves blood circulation and oxygenation your skin and muscles.

D. Deep cleansing of the skin.

E. Boost your heart health.

F. Lower you risk of kidney stones.

G. Weight Control by turbocharging your metabolic rate.

H. Boost your energy and especially your mood levels.

I. Boost your natural immune system against diseases.

J. Promote better sleep.

K. Reduce stress levels.

L. Anti-aging by keeping the skin looking younger and diminishes fine lines.

M. Sweating challenges your body to act younger.

N. Similar to having tour own spa treatment for muscle recovery.

An important part of your post workout recovery is to shower off to prevent irritation of the skin of toxins that are lift on the surface of your skin ASAP. I use my shower as an extension to my fitness program with a COLD shower. Just like there are benefits of sweating during your workout, there are benefits from showering with COLD water:

A. Increase Blood Circulation

B. Reduce soreness.

C. Boost weight loss.

D. Tightens and re-hydrates your skin.

E. Release anti-stress hormones.

F. Increase mindfulness.

G. Strengthens your immune system.

For more information on the Benefits of a Post Workout COLD Shower.