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These are 206 Bell Jet Long Ranger that we use in our aerial patrols that I did for an Utility here in Mississippi for 33- years until I retired in June of 2015 at age 57. Now, I occasionally fly the Bell Jet Ranger, but devote my time to fixed wing aircraft.

Annual Physical For Those Guys Over the Age of 40: My Annual Physical The Ultimate Scorecard of my Diet & Routine Workouts 6 x Week. Just had my annual physical last Week that I encourage guys over 40 to schedule with your Doctor  

I’m writing to guys, but this goes for ladies just as well to schedule your annual physical with your family doctor. I use it as a scorecard to indicate how effective my diet and workout is especially for those of us that are over the age of 40. I’m 66 years old and I still follow the same kosher diet and workout program that I did in my mid 20’s.

Besides trying to stay in shape, my real objective is to avoid any medication for the usual conditions that are age related like- hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, just to name a few issues. Life is precious and nothing is guaranteed in this life except for God’s Love and Mercy that I depend on each and every day that I wake up to start a busy schedule, even though I’m retired.

My First Test was the Weigh In during My Annual Physical

I usually measure my waistline as opposed to weighing myself on scales. I prefer to use a simple tailor’s cloth tape to measure my waistline each week. My waistline is 28.75- inches as of this morning. The nurse in my physical had me step up onto the scales with shoes and clothes on while I was holding my breath with anticipation.

To my surprise, I weigh in at 151 lbs. If you take off 3- lbs for my shoes and blue jeans with a T-shirt, my estimated weight would have been 148- lbs. My BMI was 18.9, Blood pressure 120/70, fasting glucose was 92, and my PSA was below 5.0.

The Doctor gave me a Blue Ribbon on my scores for a guy that would be in their mid-30’s.     

Your Diet Doesn’t have to be Unsatisfying  nor Your Workout Difficult to See Results

My diet is based on two premises of WHAT I eat (MIR of 3.25 or less) and WHEN I eat (between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.). When I started the MACS DIET on November 28th, 2014, I lost 4- inches during the month of December and 6- inches within 13- weeks after starting.

But inches and weight wasn’t all that I was dropping, I dropped about 30- years off the appearance of my skin where I had the same skin condition that I had in my mid-30’s. In the photograph below, taken this morning (29Aug2023), after my morning workout and cool down, I’m shown here at age 66.

This photograph was taken this morning (29Aug2023) after my MACS Workout and a cool down period to wipe off the sweat, what I call my skin and fitness therapy at age 66.

The photograph above, shows all the exercise equipment that I workout with that consist of basic dumbbells, resistance tubing, an AB Roller, boxing bag, Medicine Ball, and exercise bike just to the right. I keep everything pretty simple during my workouts.

Part of Aviation is being Confined to the Cockpit Between Fuel Stops

This was a Shield Wire Replacement project we did in November of 2011 between Cleveland, Mississippi and Rosedale, Mississippi. Taking a break to refuel the Hughes 369(D) Helicopter used to clip-in the shield wire.

One reason that I want to stay in shape is so crucial for me is the time that I spend in the cockpit over 2- hours between fuel stops with limited mobility in the cockpit that can cause health risks. One health risk that I developed was sciatic nerve issues with the standard discomfort of pain, numbness, and balance issues after 42- years in aviation with 550- flight hours per year.

The Bench Dual Crunch

There is one particular exercise routine that I have found to have totally relieved my sciatic nerve symptoms that I do twice a day in my Oasis-Mojave GYM, shown below. I call it my Bench Dual Crunch that I do in between my 4 sets of bench press reps. Within two days, I found total relief from my sciatic symptoms. I do a total of 40 Bench Dual Crunches and 40 Bench Presses using two- 45 lb dumbbells for performing the presses.

NOTE: To help me perform the Bench Dual Crunch properly, I raise my neck to help take stress off my lumbar area.

Starting Point of The Bench Dual Crunch using the dumbbells as anchor points to stabilize my shoulders
STEP No. 1- A four (4) second leg extension to tighten my Abdominal muscles. This fires my Abdominal area and hold the extension.
STEP No. 2- The Bench Dual Crunch to perform a horizontal crunch to take stress on my lumbar area and strengthening my Abdominal muscles.

I do 4 sets consisting of 10 reps per set of Bench Dual Crunches and Bench Presses with a 15 second rest period between each set of Bench Presses and Bench Dual Crunches. You will be surprised at the increased amount of stamina and endurance you will gain with just a simple 15- second rest period between sets.

Both my MACS Health & Fitness Program with my videos are in my E-book below: