Your Age is Just a Number, But Four Aren’t

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The Body is a Temple of God; keep it as strong and fit as your Faith is!

I’m shown here on the tarmac on January 07th, 2023, modeling our Mil-spec G-1 Flying Tiger Leather Flight Jacket that is a part of our BUSH PILOT COCKPIT GEAR. Behind me is the AVIAT AIRCRAFT HUSKY A-1A that we use in aerial patrol that we perform. I’m 65 years old and have skin that I had in my mid-30’s. I credit my DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System for my healthy numbers that also includes an age-defying benefit.

Your Age is Just a Number, But Four Aren’t– Your Waistline, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, & Cholesterol are at the Heart of Your Health

While your age is just a NUMBER, your WAISTLINE, BLOOD PRESSURE, BLOOD GLUCOSE, and CHOLESTEROL aren’t just numbers! They are your vital signs for a healthy lifestyle, especially as we age. Improve your heart health and improve you numbers, including how the age of your skin appears. I’m 65 years old in this featured image, above, where I’m modeling my sportswear and BUSH PILOT COCKPIT GEAR! This was taken on January 07th, 2023 when we had temperatures in the upper 60’s.

February was American Heart Association Heart Awareness Month. Cardiovascular Disease is Enemy No. 1 when it comes to the number one cause of death of both men and women. Cardiovascular Disease also contributes to strokes and other health-compromising issues, like being more accessible to the effects of COVID-19.

People are conscious of their age, especially of their skin when they approach their 30’s and 40’s and older. The age of one’s skin is just one of the indicators of your overall health, but it isn’t THE NUMBER that you should be most concerned about. The old saying is true- That you are what you eat goes to the heart of your overall health that includes following a health diet that represents 80 percent of health and fitness. A healthy diet should consist of Protein, Fiber, Omega-3 fats and Probiotics.

There are Four Heart Indicators (4-HI) that you need to focus on for your overall health status that you can actually monitor at home by using a tailor’s cloth tape, blood pressure, and blood glucose monitors. The Cholesterol monitor is a little harder to come by and if you do find one, it is a little more expensive than the other three monitors are. I monitor all four, either on a weekly or monthly basis with monitors I have at my home.

My age of my skin, the fifth (5th) element, I can monitor with the lens of a camera when I model our sportswear items and when I make fitness and training videos in my home gym. If you want one of the most brutal assessments of the age of your skin and fitness, then just step in front of the lens of the camera, especially exposing a profile and frontal view of your abdominal area.

Waistline Measure of Your Overall Health

I prefer to measure my waistline with a simple, inexpensive tailor’s cloth tape for three reasons. I just mentioned the first one, as it is very inexpensive that you can purchase from Hobby Lobby, as I did. The other two reasons are it is more accurate and it gives you a truer indicator of your health and fitness, because if you add muscle, you trim up your abdominal area.

This is why I measure my waistline, instead of doing weigh-ins, because if you have a strength training program, as I do in my workout, I’m putting on muscles (0.613 oz/cubic inch) that weighs 15.225% more than fat (coming in at 0.532 oz/cubic inch). I certainly don’t want to punish myself for putting on muscle and losing my fat content. You want to add muscle, while you drop your fat content. This is why a strength component is important, along with your diet.

At age 65, I can model my BUSH PILOT’S COCKPIT GEAR, shown in the feature image and in the AB Challenge, shown below. I accomplish this just by focusing on my waistline that was the result of my diet and fitness workouts.

After our photoshoot on January 07th, 2023, as noted in the featured image, I did what is called an AB Challenge at age 65 in our hangar to show how effective The DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System has been since I followed it since November 28, 2014.

Below is my actual Waistline Chart that I kept, starting in November of 2014 and kept tracking through 2015, when I lost 8.75- inches in my waistline that greatly improved my other four (4) numbers. My Blood Pressure is (110/64 Pulse 64), Blood Glucose (Non-Fasting 112), total Cholesterol of 178 and the health of my skin at age 65 is skin that I had at age 35. Better yet, I’m not on any prescribed medication of any type or kind.

My Actual Waistline Chart that I’ve kept since November 28th, 2014 and still check weekly.

What is a Recommended healthy waistline for you: Take your height in inches and divide by 2.

For Example, my height is 66 inches/ 2 = my healthy waistline should be 33- inches. But since I model our BUSH PILOT’S COCKPIT GEAR in front of a very unforgiving lens of the camera, I used a factor of 2.2 as my denominator or 66 / 2.2 = 30.0 inches. So my target waistline was 30.0 inches for July of 2015 when I started modeling our BUSH PILOT’S GEAR.

A good, general way to roughly check your health status is to take your hand and grasp your opposite lower forearm, just above the Styloid Processes, or the two (2) nodules on your lower forearm, and see if the middle finger can touch the thumb, or preferably slightly overlap. I do this weekly before I actually take my blood pressure with a cuff, see below:

This is my typical blood pressure reading at age 65 without being on any prescribed medication.

The Fifth (5th) Element of Your Health, The Age of Your Skin

I followed The DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System since I was in my mid 20’s, after my medical discharge from the U.S. ARMY due to an injury. By my early 50’s, I had four knee surgeries and a hip replacement that allowed me to get back on my DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System and lose the weight and inches that I had gained between my mid-30’s and early 50’s. This was a period where I was in such pain, I couldn’t workout. The term DELPHI stands for Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Performance Health Index.

The DIET– Is based on WHAT I ate (food with a Health Index HI number at or below 3.25) and WHEN I ate (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.). The actual turbocharger of my diet was WHAT I ate that turned my body into a calorie-burning-juggernaut. I still follow this diet that is high in Protein, Fiber, Omega-3, and Probiotics; but is extremely low in sugar and the hidden sugars (your starches).

Your starches are the real culprits of your weight gain and your high numbers that include the age of your skin. The book Sugar Busters Diet alludes to the hidden sugars (or starches) that we have to account for in our diets if we want to lose weight and inches. These starches are usually laced with salt that make them even more tantalizing. Try to just eat one potato chip and you’ll understand why they are so tantalizing.

In the Sugar Busters Diet, they compare the Sweet Potato (2.778) to that of an Idaho Potato (3.438), on which one was healthier to eat and help you lose weight and inches. The Health Index (HI) numbers bare this out, based on the Nutrition Labels of both, below:

I don’t eat anything with a Health Index number higher than 3.25. Even the HI of the Idaho Potato at 3.438 can adversely impact your ability to lose your weight and inches. Believe it or not, there are some foods that have Health Index numbers above 9.00 that might be a part of your diet. These are your culprits in trying to lose weight and inches.

NOTE: Anything at or below an Health Index number of 2.85 is considered a perfect food like Pinto Beans coming in at 2.75.

The HI of 3.25 indicates foods that are high in Protein, Fiber, Omega-3, and Probiotics that are also great for younger-looking skin and NOT eating past 6 p.m. DON’T EAT AFTER 6 p.m., because nothing good ever happens by eating past 6 p.m., in regard to your health and fitness; and especially the health of your skin.

The EXERCISE– I work out 45- minutes each day, 6 times a week, following CAST– Cardio-Aerobic Strength Training Fitness program. I would recommend that you work out at least three times a week, for a minimum of 15- minutes each of those days. Start slow and build from what you can do. You can achieve this with simple exercise equipment, like elastic resistance tubing and dumbbells. If you have a door, then you have your gym with this type of simple equipment. Just make sure you use the hinge side of the door to anchor on to pull against the door jam with the elastic resistance tubing for safety.

The advantage that you gain from having a strength training program is that your muscles, when they are worked, release a natural growth hormone. This release of a growth hormone increases the level of collagen to your skin and joints to help them retain their youthful appearance and performance. This is why a strength training program is important, in addition to your cardio-aerobic workout.

Below, I’m in my home gym working out on the bag. The equipment shown here is all I use to workout, 6-times per week.

I just turned 65 in July when this was taken in my home gym. This shows all the equipment that I use in my CAST program. My gym is over my photography studio in the attic that isn’t air-conditioned or heated. The summer temperatures that can reach 115 degrees allow me to have a conditioning component to sweat that is good for age-defying skin.

The LIFESTYLE PERFORMANCE– That I maintain is where I want to include challenges and expectations in my schedule. If you want to challenge yourself, try modeling in front of a camera lens. I also include hobbies like running my sportswear & performance business, working on my farm, welding, aviation, riding my motorcycle, sports, and writing articles on sports and fitness.

The HEALTH INDEX– Is the 9- data points that I use to evaluate my food by using the standard nutrition labels on foods or websites to keep all of my food at or below 3.25, see below:

These Ranch Style Beans have an Health Index number of 2.75.

THE DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System and THE SPORTS BIBLE- YELLOWSTONE PAPERS on Kindle for $8.95 each that you can down load directly from KINDLE: