How to Develop Your ROCK Solid Golf Game

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The Golf Swing of the Future doesn’t have to be your Baseball Swing vs. your Golf Swing, matter of FACT they have the same fine motor skills and swing mechanics in both. If the baseball batter was swinging at a low-inside- the strike zone the baseball swing would virtually be the golf swing.

By: Charles W. Boatright

How to Develop Your ROCK Solid Golf Game- The Golf Swing of the Future ISN’T The Baseball VS. Golf Swing Approach to a Consistent Game

My final research project for a Kinesiology program was to compare the baseball swing to the golf swing and see if there were any similarities between the two swings. The reason this is important was when these fine motor skills for a baseball swing were developed. This is key and critical for the average golfer to understand in order to become a single-digit golfer.


What I found was in the preset wrist action, shown above in the feature photograph. I was comparing how the batter in the batter’s box had almost the exact preset wrist action used by the golfer on the tee box. I found out that it wasn’t the case of the baseball vs. the golf swing at all. Actually, I found out they used the same swing mechanics and fine motor skills in both. This comparison is key to understand in our ability to reach a single-digit handicap.

The huge advantage for most kids who played baseball and/or softball for endless hours during their summers was that their baseball swings became instinctive to them. Without knowing it, we were actually developing a very good instinctive golf swing that was natural that we didn’t even think about standing in the batter’s box.

How to Develop the Golf Swing of the Future

To develop the Golf Swing of the Future, we just have to convince our subconscious mind to adopt those same instincts and natural skills that we developed in the baseball swing and apply them to our golf swing. It is as simple as that of developing The Golf Swing of the Future.

Going back to my Kinesiology research project, I found comparing the baseball vs. the golf swing had several of the very same swing mechanics and fine motor skills in both. This was demonstrated in the featured photograph above where I was hitting an inside-the corner-strike-zone sinker pitch. There were no distinguishing differences in the two swing styles. Matter of fact, they have the same swing mechanics and fine motor skills we learned as kids.

Developing the ROCK Solid Golf Swing


If you want a ROCK Solid golf swing, it is not enough to just work on your routine and feel confident with your golf swing during your practice sessions. We proved that time-after-time, trying to take our golf swing to the course, regardless if you are an amateur or a professional golfer, as you had the same experience. It didn’t transition very well between practice to performance.

Your golf swing has to be instinctive to transfer those long hours practicing on the range or backyard to the golf course. Your golf swing has to be a natural reflex, that is to say, your golf swing has to be second nature to you under actual course-like conditions.

The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge

I use The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge to create course-like conditions during my practice sessions. If you what to step it up a notch from The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge, videotape your practice sessions. That will create course-like conditions during your practice sessions! Believe me this works. Just refer to one of my training videos below performing the Bunt-Type Pitch Shot in my training facility:

The FACTS of Golf

HERE’S a FACT– While we are practice golf, we for the most part are using our conscious mind, developing swing thoughts. Unfortunately, that won’t make it or work on the golf course very well. We DON’T Play golf that way. I can guarantee the golfer this one important FACT– That is when they step foot onto the golf course, they will be relying totally on their subconscious mind’s ability to perform their golf swing.

And HERE’S another FACT– As I alluded to earlier, all of your fine motor skills are established before the age of 12. If you are going to be proficient and even highly skilled in a particular area, such as sports, music, or art, you will have to develop those fine motor skills before the age of 12, in most cases. This is why you have golfers like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods playing at such a high level as they did.

You can still develop gross motor skills all through your life, but you have one shot at developing your fine motor skills that will provide you with the ability to perform at a very high level. Fine motor skills are in the low Threshold Muscles, like your fingers, wrists, and forearms. This is why reverting back to your baseball swing is essential and a huge advantage for you to use. Most of us have swung a baseball and/or softball bat before we did a golf club as kids.

Matter of fact, Tiger Woods in a documentary referenced his days plying baseball as being a key component to his performance in golf. One key that Tiger Woods brought up during this documentary was the ability of a baseball batter to create bat speed. Clubhead speed in the strike zone is as essential for the golfer as it is for the baseball batter.

In the feature photograph, I’m shown in this photograph using the preset wrist action in the golf swing and have transposed me with the same preset wrist action, but in my baseball swing.

I produced two YouTube Videos of me demonstrating what I call the Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge. One was while I was losing 52- pounds on my ASCOT- DIET and FITNESS Program and the other was after I had lost weight. But both demonstrate perfectly the preset wrist action in my golf swing.

This video was produced while I was losing 52- pounds on The ASCOT- DIET & FITNESS Program

This video was shot to test out my new RODE wireless mike system and after I lost 52- pounds. Scenes from this video were used in a commercial I made to play on WJTV-12 Television Station Sports Zone in Jackson, Mississippi.

 This is the WJTV-12 Sports Zone Commercial that I shot with the help of WJTV personnel.

My WJTV-12 Commercial on Sports Zone

The last video is a commercial that is running on WJTV Channel 12 in Jackson, Mississippi, during Sports Zone with Noah Newman, Blake Levine, and Hailey Hunter.

The single best advantage that we can do to develop a ROCK solid golf game is to use our fine motor skills that were developed during our childhood. One reason is that we can’t go back and develop new fine motor skills.

Do you want to know WHY our practice sessions DO NOT make it to the golf course intact. Here’s the reason why. Your subconscious mind isn’t looking to the skills you worked on during your practice sessions for hours; OH NO, your subconscious mind is relying on those fine motor skills you developed before the age of 12 and compare those with what we (our subconscious mind) recognizes and used under similar conditions before.

There are three (3) elements that must be in place for developing an instinctive golf swing, baseball swing, or any other sporting activity:

  1. Normal and routine tasks and conditions must exist.
  2. Rely on a high degree of relaxation, confidence, and muscle memory (our fine motor skills).
  3. The conscious and subconscious minds are focused on two different situations.

The Lock Position used in the Golf Swing

The Lock Position in the Golf swing that allows you to use your baseball swing instincts in your golf swing.

But here’s the good NEWS about those fine motor skills needed for The Golf Swing of the Future that we developed as kids playing baseball: The Preset phase of the wrists- is a Dorsiflex and Pronation of the wrists into the Lock Position. The Loading phase- This is the diagonal upward and backward rotation of the arms at the shoulders. This loads up the shoulders and spine and cocks the hips, naturally engaging the strength from the quad muscles.

The only thing else left to perform is just dropping the wristbands on a pair of virtual boxing gloves that you would use during your training sessions. If you want to improve your golf game, just trade in your golf glove and golf bag for a different-type of glove and bag, a pair of boxing gloves and a boxing bag.

The wristbands on a pair of boxing gloves are where the word ‘EVERLAST’ are on Ms. Heather’s gloves.

One component that I use in working with my golf students is working out with a boxing bag to improve their strength, stamina, and balance. Boxing bag workout is a full body workout.

Ms. Becky is demonstrating the boxing bag element that is apart of The ASCOT- FITNESS we use during our workout sessions.

The reason that I coach and stress using the wristbands on a pair of boxing gloves for the Drop element in golf is that it doesn’t restrict the natural wrist action in the golf swing. The wrist action is where your clubhead speed is developed. The wristbands on a pair of boxing gloves are at the lower forearm, and our actual wrist consists of our thenars (Thenar and Hypothenar) and eight tiny bones.

Ms Gail embraces the boxing bag workout in her overall fitness.

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