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US WINGS Cape Buffalo Leather for THE Dress CODE

US WINGS® A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket, Perfect Profile for Business

A lot has been commented about Congressman Jim Jordan’s jacket, or lack thereof, in conducting congressional business in the Capital, especially in hearings. He actually does wear it on the floor of the House, where it is required. I previously wore sports jackets to conduct business, which includes making presentations before groups on the definite impact of golf in education, business, health, and fitness.

I now conduct business and make presentations while wearing my US WINGS® A-2 Cape Buffalo Flight Jacket, similar to the flight jacket worn by Indiana Jones in the series of Indiana Jones movies. I selected the US WINGS® jacket because of its classic look and durability and easiness to keep clean and hold its shape as I travel. There aren’t many times traveling on business that I have to be concerned with spots on my jacket.

Just to attest to the quality and durability of the line of US WINGS® Leather Jackets, we supply the Indy-Style Leather Jacket that is used in the daily production of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which is seen by thousands of people each week.

US WINGS Indy-Style Leather Jacket supplied to Walt Disney World for their production of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

The Prefect Dress Code

My business, THE QATSPY®, takes me to schools, churches, corporate meetings, and Veterans’ groups to present how golf can be used to enhance their programs and results. This is especially true in a homeschool setting. Golf is one of the best athletic activities, especially for homeschool because it can be played as a team or an individual sport, with minimum equipment cost and little to no sport-related injury.

I recently wore my US WINGS A-2 Cape Buffalo Leather Jacket and tie to present my Operation DOG-TAG, while I was in Winter Park, Colorado, to a Veterans group. Golf is an excellent therapy for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Condition in Veterans returning home to help them make the transition. Using golf to assist Veterans to transition is not new, as the PGA has been using golf to help Veterans since 1918, just after World War 1.

My US WINGS® Leather Jacket gives me not only a professional image, but also confidence to make my presentation on stage. I don’t believe in superstition as the main reason pilots during World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam Wars wore certain articles of clothing, jewelry, or trinkets on their missions. But I do believe these items, like my A-2 Leather Jacket for me give me something familiar to provide me comfort. This comfort allow my subconscious mind to be relax and focus and give some assurance.

The US WINGS® CWU Nylon Jackets on the Slopes

US WINGS CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket used on the Slopes in Winter Park, Colorado

While we were in Winter Park, Colorado, we used our CWU-45 Nylon Flight Jacket and did some cross country skiing. We had to carry a line of my flight jackets anyway for my presentation, so the CWU-45P Nylon Jacket worked perfectly. My wife and I love the mountains and especially the Rocky Mountains. These jackets provide more mobility than what the leather flight jacket would.

I can’t say enough about the US WINGS® CWU-45P Nylon Flight Jacket that I carry in my Online-Store. I carry five (5) different styles of jackets in both leather and nylon that meet all of the military specs that we supply to all five (5) branches of the U.S. Military.

Shop from the convenience of your home this Christmas Season. I will be running a Black Friday through Cyber Monday SALE on five of my jackets. That also includes some of my QATSPY Golf Training Downloads to improve your golf game.

All of my Jackets can be personalized with your company or organization’s logo, name, and option of your name on the jackets, like shown below: