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Jeremiah Haralson, Republican Alabama State Representative and Senator from Selma, in Dallas Country

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By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE QATSPY®

The Health of Black History Month Awareness– Knowing our History provides an Opportunity to have a Prosperous and Significant Future. Significant part of History is being Aware of it and its impacts on our Future and others

African-Americans men have a slight higher rate of Prostate cancer than Caucasian men, so it is key you have a PSA Test perform especially if you are over the age 45. Prostate Cancer is the number ONE Cancer among men.

The biggest impact that we can have on our future and the future of others is being aware of our own history that is just as important for our Faith, Family, and our community. One part of history that doesn’t get the attention that it should is our medical history by keeping journals and monitoring our blood pressure, glucose, Cholesterol levels, and getting your annual check ups.

Monitoring and noting your medical status between your check-ups is the single most important step that anyone can take to maintain an active, healthy, and prosperous lifestyle. The reason that I used the term prosperous lifestyle is that our health next to our faith and family is the most precious treasure that we have. One thing about your health is that you can’t purchase health; you can only invest in your health with diet, fitness, and being active.

FIRST OF ALL– Keep a Journal of your medical History that includes, family history, prescriptions that you take, medical procedures that you have had, physical exam numbers, illness that includes allergies and any reactions that you have. It will come in real handy at your next doctor’s visit where you’re not just relying on your memory; and your doctor will find it invaluable.

Make the entries in a bullet format with one or two sentences description for easy reference by your medical provider.

EXAMPLE of my:

● 20Oct2014 Right hip replacement stem and ball/socket joint. Post Op issues with blood thinners not being able to thin blood.

I’m speaking from personal experience by keeping aware of your medical history, because I’m going through my own journey with Stage 1 Prostate Cancer, NOW. I will be having treatment starting this month in February. On February 05th, 2024, I had my prostate removed through a robotic procedure. Guys, I just experience a soreness from the procedure even with six (6) incisions in my abdominal area. This procedure was considered OUT PATIENT where I stayed one night in the hospital. So early detection was key.

My Own Personal Story of being Health Awareness

In August of 2023, I noticed that my blood pressure was fluctuating by the hour from normal readings, which was abnormal. Blood pressure fluctuation can indicate Prostate issues. I also had sciatic issues in my legs and calves area. That caused me to move up my physical from December to August of 2023. Since I’m over 65, I had a PSA Test with a blood sample taken at that time.

Just a follow up from my Prostate surgery- Since my Prostate was removed I don’t have the sciatic issues in my legs or calves any longer and my blood pressure has returned to normal, 120/63.

That test came back with an elevated PSA reading of 6.2, (Readings at or below 4.0 is normal) that led to a biopsy being performed that confirmed Cancer on December 28, 2023. But, because I caught it in its early stages, I have a good prognosis of having an active lifestyle without cancer.

My surgeon, Dr. Runnels, in a follow up post surgery report in my hospital room stated that the cancer was contained to the Prostate and had not spread. That was the best new that I could get from my surgery.

2 prominent African-Americans that were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Being this is Black History Month and the importance of being aware of your health, I would like to make note of two prominent African-Americans that were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. One was Secretary Defense Lloyd Austin and the other Dr. Martin Luther King’s, Jr. youngest son, Dexter Scott King, who died of complications from Prostate Cancer at the age of 62 on Sunday, January 21st, 2024, days after we observed Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. That was way too young for Dexter to die at age 62.

I noted my case along with these two other gentlemen cases of Prostate Cancer to bring awareness to Prostate Cancer. But I also wanted to bring awareness to all Cancers and make sure you get your annual physicals.

Ladies, February is also Heart Health Awareness Month. Cardiovascular Disease is the number ONE killer of  women. Prostate Cancer is the number one cancer among men. If you’re approaching your 40’s get your PSA Test done during your annual physical. PSA Test is done with a simple blood taken during your physical. One in six African-American men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

How my Medical Journal Helped my Doctor

In my medical journal, my Urologist saw where I had a past abdominal surgery where my surgeon in 2017 made a lower abdominal incision. My Urologist was concerned about possible scar tissue from that surgery so he is bringing in another surgeon to address possible scar tissue. Fortunately, there was no scar tissue issues.

He also noted where I had post surgery issue during my hip replacement that my medical team tried to thin my blood to prevent clots forming, but couldn’t thin my blood. He also noticed with clotting issue that I was Jewish and that led him to checking and confirming that I had blood type associated with Ashkenazi Jews.

Never underestimate even the smallest deal that you make in your medical journal that you might think is insignificant, but that might can have a huge impact on your health and fitness.

The Importance of Reading History of the Reconstruction between 1865 – 1877.

The era of Reconstruction offers some of the most interesting history on African-Americans that prospered during this 12- year period following the Civil War, until 1877. There were a number of African-Americans during Reconstruction that sought and won Congressional and state office under the affiliation of the Republican Party. 

Jeremiah Haralson

One was Jeremiah Haralson who was among the first African-American to serve as a Republican in the Alabama State Representative and Senator from Selma in Dallas Country, Alabama. Jeremiah Haralson was a self-taught (autodidact) similar to that of President Abraham Lincoln. History is too important to be overlooked and not remembered. Jeremiah Haralson was just one among hundred of thousands African-American that made remarkable advances facing challenges. Their story is worth studying and talking about.

For further reading about Prostate Cancer, please read: Prostate Health & Your Body of Evidence– It’s important that we all Listen to what Our Bodies are telling us and Schedule Annual Physicals Check-UP your family and friends are counting on it. No one lives on an island to themselves.