THE BOATRIGHT REPORT- An Open Back Road Guide to The American Experience

We don’t asked for much after a long day except to be left alone to care for our families enjoy the simple things of life we work hard to obtain and to have a cold BEER without the interference of Government, especially the WOKE Left that has done little to make America Great and Prosperous. This was taken in October of 2020, when I was called back off retirement to work Transmission Line restoration work after Hurricanes Laura and Delta hit southwest Louisiana at age 62.

By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE GREAT QATSPY® Company

The Blue Ribbon Blue/Khakis Collar Workers to the WOKE– You can Call US Deployables, Sticky Walmart Shoppers, But DON’T Touch Our BEER!   

To the WOKE Democrats, We are the Blue Ribbon Blue and Khaki Collar-Blue Jeans Americans workers that have made American Great, that you look down on with indignation. We don’t ask for much and we are tolerant of other individuals, believing that each should follow their conscience, faith, and belief in their pursuit of happiness so long as it doesn’t abridge other people’s rights.

We put in 12 – 14 hours days and sometimes 6- days a week working what God has called us and equipped us to do, especially working with our hands and by the sweat of our brow. We love our God, our Bibles, our Families, our guns, and our FREEDOMS. Those guns aren’t there to hunt with only, but to defend our way of life that we will do and protect our neighbor. We don’t ask for special assistance from anyone. The only thing we ask for is to be left alone, don’t tread on our Bill of Rights, and don’t bother our BEER.

You took God and The Bible out of our schools in the 60’s for what supposed to be for the betterment of education, 60- years later, our schools in Blue Cities are failing. Parents should file class action lawsuits against these WOKE school districts for depriving their kids of the education they and all of us have paid for. You got teachers telling our kids that they aren’t who they really are. I can’t think of one good thing a Democrat has ever done right in 200- years for the betterment of our Nation, except for the Sonny Montgomery G.I. Bill.

We the Blue Ribbon Blue/Khaki Collar Blue Jeans workers are about ready to speak since we are fed up with the WOKE that I hope will cause a revival to start in our Country to take place at the grassroots level that America was founded. The grassroots; those unredeemable, deployable misfits, are who made America work and succeed. The only thing we ask for in return for a hard day’s work in Making our country Great Again is to have a cold beer after a long hot day and live a simple life without the intrusion of our Government. Like Henry David Thoreau and others have quoted, a long standing phase concerning our Government- The best government is that which governs the least.

John O’Sullivan wrote about the overreach of government in the mid 1800’s that a writer for the Washington Post recounted in his article, that the Washington Post actually got it right- An article written by Eugene Volokh Contributor, on September 6, 2017:

The best government is that which governs least. No human depositories can, with safety, be trusted with the power of legislation upon the general interests of society so as to operate directly or indirectly on the industry and property of the community.

The Biden administration has proven that they can’t be trusted governing, especially with our Freedoms.

Oliver Antony’s song Richman North of Richmond speaks to how the WOKE left has corrupted our media, DOJ, FBI, and schools. Mr. Oliver Antony’s song speaks for and to all of US Blue Ribbon Blue/Khakis Collar Workers, like myself.

Read Eugene Volokh’s article on- Who first Said the Best Government is that which Governs least