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By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE Quapaw®

Randi Weingarten- Age Is Not an Excuse for Being Incompetent– You NOT Remembering how you Compromised Our Kids’ Education isn’t an Age Issue  

Randi Weingarten appeared before a Congressional Select Hearing on the harm that prolonged shutdown of public schools had on our kids’ education that she orchestrated. In her defense, she used her age as an excuse. Randi Weingarten, when asked by the committee if she consulted with the CDC back during the early part of 2020 on school closures, Randi Weingarten stated that she couldn’t remember, due to the fact she was 65 years old at the time, I’m assuming.

I’m 65 years old and have worked 35- years in the energy industry as a grid engineer. I’m called about projects that I design, standards that I developed, and jobs that I managed over those 35- years on a regularly bases. I still provide information to the company on projects that I worked over those 35-years in detail. For Randi Weingarten to offer the excuse that she was 65- years old 3- years ago as the reason she couldn’t remember having discussions with the CDC on COVID procedures is an insult, affront, and outrage to those of us that are over the age of 60 and for parents.

I was even called by off retirement in 2020 to work both Laura and Delta that hit southwest Louisiana at age 62 working 16 hour days. So Randi Weingarten, Don’t plane your incompetence on your age; I don’t buy or the millions of Americans over the age of 60 that are still working responsible jobs don’t buy it either!

This was taken in 2020 in early October where I’m 62 years old being retired since 2014 working from the start of early September on Hurricane Laura and Delta that hit southwest Louisiana near Lafayette, LA.

Age of 50, 60, or even older isn’t a legitimate excuse for lack of cognitive ability

Being over the age of 50, 60, or even older isn’t a legitimate excuse for lack of cognitive ability, but is a sign of incompetence and inexperience for someone’s failures. Just like in Biden’s case, it isn’t his age that impairs his abilities, as it is his incompetence. For someone to put our children’s lives and education at jeopardy is a catastrophic failure on their part, especially when schools in some states were open that fall of 2020.

This was taken in May of 2015, a month before I retired to start my Sportswear & Performance Business at age 57. I’m the one in the middle on the double-steel channel X-arm, testing out a horizontal lifeline that I designed and developed for our linemen. June 23, 2015

Private and charter schools opened back up that fall of 2020 as well. In working as a grid engineer for a utility, we perform hazardous work that includes working energized (HOT) work. You can never eliminate all the hazards in a project, but conduct a hazard assessment and mitigate those hazards. Like I told people that I work with, our job isn’t to figure out how NOT to do a project, but to figure out how to do it as safely as possible.

The Indifferent to the very Kids that Teachers Union are to Educate

Being incompetent in the Randi Weingarten’s case had nothing to do with her age, her race, or her sex of being a female. But all to do with Randi Weingarten being lazy, incompetent, and not having our kids’ interest as a priority that leads a union that was indifferent to the very kids that they are to educate.

In the featured photograph above, I’m 65 years old doing a photoshoot for our Hemi-Quinn Bush Pilot Collection at our hangar where I’m still involved in aviation. My job as grid engineer requires me to fly over 450- flight hours per year conducting aerial patrol. You’ve got to be on top of your game flying at 250- feet, just above tree top patrolling transmission lines. So excuses are for those that are incompetent and inexperienced, not for those of us over the age of 60 who don’t use as age as an excuse for not stepping up to challenges.

What is more Amazing is how Uninterested our Media is in our Kids’ Education

What is more amazing is how uninterested our media is in our kids’ education. Not one local media outlet here in Jackson, Mississippi covered Randi Weingarten’s appearance in front of the Congressional Select Committee Hearing on April 26th, 2023. That shows how incompetent our media has become. They have an allegiance to a particular party affiliation in how they report.

Maintaining Health & Fitness is Just as much a Cognitive issue as a Physical Matter

What benefits the heart, also benefits the mind and vise versa!

Part of my Sportswear and Performance business is maintaining my Health & Fitness, where I work out in my OASIS GYM, 5-days per week. I have the same health and condition that I had in my mid-30’s at age 65 shown below in an AB Challenge I did after our Hemi-Quinn Bush Pilot Collection photoshoot on January 07th, 2023.