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The Preset Wrist Action in the Golf Swing into the Lock Position

By: Charles W. Boatright

Preset Wrists to Increase Your Clubhead Speed- The Proper Wrist Action in the Golf Swing for Better Confidence/Distance/Consistency/Control

I don’t know too many golfers or even baseball batters who would not want more speed, confidence, distance, consistency, or more control in their perspective games. Whether that be golf, baseball, or in some athletes’ cases, both.

I was watching Tiger Woods 25- Years documentary yesterday before the RBC Heritage started on CBS. There was one attribute that Tiger Woods pointed to that increased his distance and control and that was using the sport of baseball to improve his clubhead speed in golf. Tiger mentioned that bat speed is critical to the baseball batter. Clubhead speed is related directly to the wrist action in the golf swing.

There is another reason for using your baseball mechanics and techniques to improve your golf game; and that is that we learn to swing a bat at an early age. This is usually several years before we reach our teenage years. This period is critical establishing motor skills because these mechanics and techniques become instinctive and are natural reflexes for life.

How many times while standing in the batter’s box do you have the same difficulties that you experience standing on the tee box or on the fairway? If you’re are like me, I didn’t even give my baseball swing a single thought. It was so natural, instinctive and a natural reflex for me, that I was just focused on the pitch and everything else faded into the background. I knew if I preset my wrists correctly while standing in the batter’s box that the only other thing left to do was to take the bat to the top of my swing and wait for the pitch in the strike zone.

Take your golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box and use the same wrist action that was used in your baseball-type swing to develop a golf game with more confidence, distance, consistency, and more control. These are instinctive motor skills we learn from baseball or softball at a young age. That means these are instinctive maneuvers NO THINKING REQUIRED.

Taking Your Golf Swing from the Batter’s Box to the Tee Box   


The nice and easy thing about presetting your wrist action in the golf swing is that there two natural maneuvers that we perform almost every day that can also be used in the golf swing. This is the Dorsiflex (D) and Pronation (PRO) to set the Palmaris Longus muscle/tendon, or what I refer to as Palmer tendon key to the Palmer D-PRO Golf Technique.

I don’t only coach this Palmer D-PRO Golf Technique, but I actual play golf using it to preset the proper wrist action in my golf swing. If I Look down and see my wrists in the Lock Position, shown in feature photograph, I know that 80 to 90 percent of my golf swing is set correctly. The only other thing left to do is to take my lead elbow up to my Adam’s Apple to ensure that my swing is on the correct swing plane.

If I do these three simple maneuvers correctly in my golf swing, I know that my golf shot has a 90 percent chance of having the correct distance and alignment to my target. The Palmer D-PRO Golf Swing follows Newton’s third law of motion that states- for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What you preset in the takeaway swing (ACTION) is executed in the exact same sequence, but in the exact reverse order (REACTION). Trust me this ACTION- REACTION works in your practice and more important performed on the golf course.

That means that I have total confidence that my wrists, when they reach the Lock Position in my downswing, will naturally unlock through impact providing the clubhead speed that I’m counting on at impact. The dropping from the top provides me the power, but my wrist action in the golf swing provides the clubhead speed. A perfect combination for both your baseball swing and/or golf swing.

The superimposed golf/baseball swings above that I did for my coaching sessions shows that the two swings (baseball and golf) are more similar than they are different. I’m shown in this photograph with a bat demonstrating how a batter would hit an inside sinker ball that would resemble a golfer’s swing technique.

The only thing the golfer has to do is to get their subconscious mind to use and rely on their baseball swing mechanics and techniques of presetting their wrist action in the golf swing into the Lock Position. This is actually the swing of the future. This technique will take a little time, but once your subconscious mind sees the results, you will be hooked for life on the swing of the future.

To learn more about the Palmer D-PRO Golf Technique, please Download your copy for less than a the cost of one or two dozen golf balls:


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