THE BOATRIGHT REPORT- An Open Back Road Guide to The American Experience

THE BOATRIGHT REPORT- An Open Back Road Guide to The American Experience

By: Charles W. Boatright

Our Espresso Laptop Journalist Bias Natural– National/Local Journalist Lost all Integrity for Finding/Reporting Facts They Offer Narratives      

This is what I find interesting about our Espresso Journalist- They didn’t have a problem with then VP Biden telling the Ukraine Government if they didn’t fire the prosecutor they won’t get $1 Billion in aid. But they have heart burn along with Democrats when President Trump tell the Ukraine Government to do their due diligence in investigation corruption. So which one was actually Quid pro quo?

Animal House- Zero-point-Zero Grade Point Average, the same Confidence we have in our Espresso Journalist

If you recall a scene from Animal House, where Dean Vernon Wormer informed Mr. John ‘Bluto’ Blutarsky (played by John Belushi) of his grade point average of being Zero-point-Zero (0.0). That is the level of integrity and trust that we have in both our national and local espresso journalists in the mainstream media.

Our media instead of holding our government officials at the city, state, and national level accountable, they instead have become enablers for government officials with the discretion to what laws that they want and don’t want to enforce. This violates equal application and enforcement of the law under the 14th Amendment. I believe Democrats took the same oath as I took when I entered the Military to Support and Defend The U.S. Constitution. I believe that is a dereliction of duty if you don’t enforce all laws of the United States Constitution.


During the summer of 2020 in Blue Ruin Cities, Mayors and Governors instructed their police forces and National Guard Units to stand down while people’s business burned, damaged, and looted without intervention from the authorities. Majority of these were minority-owned businesses. Then our Democratic leader supported the very group that instigated these riots. Even Representative Bennie Thompson had this group as part of his banner on his twitter account page.

This had led to the criminal element to go unopposed threatening citizens of their community without any consequences of their actions. This is why citizens feel like their safety is in their own hands and responsibility. This sets up the wild west scenario like what existed in the late 1800’s. The subway protest underlines the lack of media attention and not examining the root cause of crime in our cities.

The Media are Enablers for Our Current Conditions

It seems like the local journalists (in print and television outlets alike) are taking their leads on reporting from the National media and the Democratic Party. Journalist are not only reporting nor are they doing the due diligence with questions and fact checking. Journalists essentially report transcripts of talking points given to them on their laptops. It must be nice where the only thing journalists have to do is to cut-and-paste their stories. That way journalist can make sure they get the Democratic party line correct.

Journalists aren’t even interested in the Congressional Investigations that are digging into a laptop and banking transactions by the Biden Family. Today (Wed 10May2023), except for FOX News, no other major media outlets cover the press conference held by Representatives Jim Jordan (of Ohio) and James Comer (of Kentucky).

This was also how the FBI and CIA interfered with a Presidential Election. If American want to hold persons responsible for the chaos they are witnessing, OUR PRESS is a great place to start for their lack of holding government officials accountable at all levels. I would like to ask you to hearkens back to the Watergate Days when John Dean told then President Nixon that there is cancer on the Presidency. We have the same instance of a cancer now, but this time that cancer is our media both written and television.


Lack of Democratic Congressional Oversight

From January 2021 to January 2023, when Democrats control the House, NO inquiries were conducted into foreign influence, conflict or interest, and racketeering by the Biden family. It wasn’t even on the Democrats radar. Journalists certainly weren’t conducting their investigations, because that would take initiative and independent reporting work on their part, our media doesn’t do that any longer, nor do they know how to.

Journalistic curiosity would make journalists’ jobs a lot harder and time consuming, now they don’t have to waste their time substantiating and verifying their leads and sources for their stories. Today’s journalist job is pretty clear cut and dry, they don’t even have to write their stories, they just have to cut-and-paste the information they’re given by the Democratic Party from a press conference. Of course they have to check to make sure it fits the liberal format and narrative before they can run with the story. And better yet, journalists still get paid for being derelicts.

Of course, the journalists have to use their key buzzwords where their stories can be uniform when published in print and in their broadcasts. I don’t know the reason why the White House Press Corps even have to show up for their daily press briefings if they only use transcripts from the Democrat Party Press Room.

My question is this: why does the White House Press Corps waste their time going to the White House when they could just sit at their homes or offices drinking their espresso coffee and just sit by their laptops and just cut-and-paste their stories. That way they don’t even have all that dirty work of investigating to do.

We No Longer Have Journalist that we had 50- Years ago

We don’t have journalists that we did 50- years ago asking questions, asking follow-up questions, drilling down and digging, then investigating and verifying the information, leads, and sources. The Journalist today might as well be creative script writers, especially, since screen writers are on strike presently.

Our present day mainstream media promotes narratives given to them rather than holding our governmental officials accountable to why crime and lack of safety is rampant in our communities. Our media should be holding our government officials accountable for lack of security and allowing the normalization of harassment and criminal action that private citizens must take action to defend themselves. Then the Press criticizes us, the private citizen, and label us as being vigilantes for just protecting our property and our safety.


It was tragic what occurred on the New York Subway where a rider, Jordan Neely, had to be restrained by riders not knowing what might unfold on the train. The media of course focused more on this one incident than Jordan Neely’s criminal history of being previously arrested on assault charges and charged with a tempted kidnapping of a young girl.

Our media frames a narrative they want to promote and prop people to protest then the presses can create their story like a director of a drama playing out on stage. Our mainstream media doesn’t report facts any longer; they push narratives. Why aren’t our media covering how situations like this on the New York Subway are even allowed to occur in the first place in doing the root causes for the lack of safety in the public.

Jordan Neely had to be subdued by two men after yelling at passengers and throwing his jacket on the ground. You can’t never assume what a person’s intentions are during a disturbance and might be under a chemical influence. Jordan Neely was placed in a choke-hold where he became unresponsive. Authorities are waiting on an Autopsy before filing charges. One reason there could be extenuating circumstances for Neely to become unresponsive after being placed in a choke-hold.

Expectation of Safety in Our Communities

OSHA’s requirements that businesses provide safe working conditions to their employees to work in, these should be our expectations from our government. If our government established these expectations for businesses, why can’t we expect the same SAFE conditions from our government? We should have no less expectation from our governmental officials of having a safe environment to live and work in without having to tolerate harassment and criminal activity like we have in Blue Ruin Cities and States.

When our Democrats friends started establishing Sanctuary cities and states, I knew this wasn’t going to end well. I can’t understand how the citizens in these cities and states keep electing these derelicts. You get want you VOTE FOR Guys!


The press with the lead from their Democratic handlers has allowed criminal conditions to exist especially in these Blue Ruin States and Cities. There is Zero-point-Zero accountability for our liberal progressive press and the Democrat Party.

If you know that you can get away with driving over the posted speed limit then that becomes the norm where no one respects the posted speed limit any exist any longer. This is the society that the Democrats have caused from the White House all the way down to the Mayors of these Blue Ruin States and Cities. What surprises me is how our press accommodates these city and state governments. Here in Jackson, Mississippi, the Federal Government had to take over not only the water Supply Department, but also the Waste Water Department, as well.


The press don’t even hold our governmental officials accountable any longer, they have become their promoters and script writers; and in some cases, their publicists. The integrity of our media’s accountability has dropped to Zero-point-Zero, Zero (0.00).

Before I read or listen to a story, I first look to see who wrote the story or presenting the broadcast even before I read or listen to the story. I view this as the case with the New York Times, CBS, NBC, CNN, or MSNBC are presenting their stories, I don’t even waste my time reading or listening to them. I have totally stopped tuning in to the National News broadcast from these media television outlets, I have lost all respect for the job that they are supposed to be doing on our behalf.

How We can have a Voice in Holding Our Media Accountable

Here is what we can do to hold our media accountable without hurting local businesses in our communities, but still get the media’s undivided attention. Organize a coalition and go to or send letters to your local business management and ask them to pull all their ads from a particular left leaning media outlet, i.e., radio stations and especially newspapers and television stations for one month. But you have to have a coalition like Facebook followers or other media groups to do this.

Tell them that in exchange for them pulling all their ads from the left leaning television station that your group or coalition will run their ads free of charge on your social media page or platform for that month. Word of mouth is better than an ad anytime. Money always gets media attention and this way hard working local businesses aren’t affected by the American public expressing their opinion with a MEGAPHONE AMERICAN COALITION (MAC) Technique.

I will leave it up to your imagination what results could be on television, radio, and businesses that doesn’t respond or listen to your request and offers. I would like to draw your attention to Anheuser Busch Company on their Bud Light Beer revenue loss of $4.562 Billion. Guys that’s a Billion with a (B) for a billion $$$$.          

Not only have we lost confidence in our media, we have lost confidence in our intelligence agencies like the FBI and CIA that used to be the standards in reputations. Our FBI and CIA actually launched a soft coup d’état during the 2020 election. So what does that tell you about their intentions going forward?