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President Theodore Roosevelt on Horseback representing his time he served in the Spanish-American War with the Rough Riders

By: Charles W. Boatright

The Museum of Natural History in New York is scheduled to Remove Pres. Teddy Roosevelt Statue from the Entrance to the Museum. Modern Academia on History isn’t too Impressive!

Im an avid Historian, which is funny in this case, being this is about The Museum of Natural History. A few of my favorite Presidents are: James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan. These Presidents actually changed American History where we are as stated in The United States Constitution that ‘All Men are Created Equal‘.

A little background information about President Abraham Lincoln that founded the Republican Party, President Abraham Lincoln was an Abolitionist. An Abolitionist was a person who favors the abolishment of the practice or institution of slavery, that thought Black Lives Matter. On January 01, 1983, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that free all slaves in the North and South. This probably a major contributing factor is his assassination at Ford’s Theater by John Wilkes Booth.

This morning I heard that New York Museum of Natural History is considering removing President Theodore Roosevelt’s Statue from the entrance to the Museum. I read books on President Theodore Roosevelt, and the best one was THEODORE REX, by Edmund Morris. If any man has done more to help African-American achieve equal rights and opportunity next to President Abraham Lincoln, it is President Theodore Roosevelt. You read his Biography you see his commitment to the equal rights of the African-American people.

Just a little background information on President Theodore Roosevelt:

I was raised in Arkansas and now live in Mississippi and Missouri where I have farms, I had a front row seat to the struggle during Desegregation and the Civil Rights movements. Studying History caused me to become a Constitutionalist where I support that All men are equal and have equal opportunity for a better way of life, with power invested with the people, all citizens of our great nation.

The States that seceded from the Union were (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. Then followed by Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee 1860-1861). These states were held and controlled by Democrats for the next 100 years up to the late 60’s to early 70’s with formation of Reaganites. What’s interesting to me being an observer, is how Democrats like to run from their history, especially in the Liberal areas, like Academia does by them not teaching history.

A young girl made what was the best indictment against our Educational system concerning June 19th, what is referred to as Juneteeth Day, This was when slaves in Texas were inform on June 19th, 1865 about the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lanolin on January 1, 1863, Freeing all Slaves. This young girl stated- ‘We weren’t taught that in school.’ History is too important not to be taught accurately in school. It is never too late to read and study American History. Even if it’s on your own.

Postal Worker in Indianola, Mississippi

It was this fervent belief of the segregated supported by Democrat in the South particularly in a small town in Mississippi that opposed an African-American female Postmaster that held that post in Indianola, Mississippi. The Postmaster’s name was Minnie Cox who ran an effective operation and did charity work by paying off overdue rent on mail boxes of customers of the town. She also invested in local businesses and was very successful. There lie the problem for Democrats in Indianolans at that time.

This caused concern for certain local Indianolans Democrats that demanded that she resign her post as Postmaster and leave town or there would be serious consequences for her. But President Theodore Roosevelt’s response was quick after Mrs. Cox resigned, as mentioned in Edmund Morris book on page 199– Mrs. Cox was being coerced by a brutal and lawless element purely upon the ground of color. He (President Theodore Roosevelt) did not tolerate the wrong, injustice and outrage of such flagrant act by Democrats in a strong hold for Democrats.

President Roosevelt ordered the Post Office at Indianola be Closed and moved it to Greenville, Mississippi about 45 miles west on now what is U.S. Hwy 82. Remember, this was in 1903, and road and highway system wasn’t what they are now. U.S. Hwy 82 connects these two cities is now a four (4) lane highway. I spent many weeks, months, and years working in this area for a transmission line utility Company. I also spent 12 weeks working the 1994 Ice Storm out of Cleveland, Mississippi.

President Theodore Roosevelt continued to pay Mrs. Minnie Cox her salary after this racial incident!

President Theodore Roosevelt Invites Booker T. Washington to the White House for Dinner, Press wasn’t too King on the Dinner Guest

Booker T. Washington

Also, President Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to invite an African-American to the White House not just to visit, but to dine with the President in the private living quarters. Booker T. Washington was from Tuskegee, Alabama. Booker T. Washington had to slip out of Alabama on a train in order to avoid notice by the press. Reaction was favorable in most accounts, but the south and the biases News Media was anything but favorable about the dinner guest invitation by President Theodore Roosevelt. Some of the headlines of articles about this dinner wasn’t favorable at all. I can’t even write some of these headlines by the media, because of their racial overtones, I refuse to write such description.

Also remember Tuskegee, Alabama, because in 1941 the Tuskegee Airmen (Red Tails) were formed to have African-American pilots train and fly escort and bombing missions during World War II. Refer to my Article that I wrote in my Book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach in Section 6.3, excerpt attached below:

Figure 6-1

6.3     The Greatest Generation’s character and sacrifice were shown by the accomplishments of the Red Tails, the 332nd Fighter Group, also known as the Tuskegee Airmen. The Red Tails were the first African-American military pilots to fly escort and combat missions during World War II. The Red Tails flew 311 missions during World War II, and sixty-six pilots were killed in action. The Red Tails lost only twenty-seven bombers to the enemy between June 9, 1944, and March 24, 1945. The Red Tails predominantly flew the classic P-51 Mustang, illustrated in Figure 6-1. The 332nd Fighter Group became well-known among bomber squadrons. Due to the success of the 332nd’s proficiency, bomber squadrons specifically requested the 332nd Fighter Group as escorts into Germany.

Personal Story About The Tuskegee Airmen from my Scout Leader

The following accounts is from the dairy of my Scout Leader:

Angels From The Sky to Guide Us

Mr. House explained– I can remember a mission when we were badly damaged by flak while we were over the target. We had to leave the formation shortly just after clearing the target area and dropping our ordnance. We were flying alone, and expected to be attacked by enemy fighters at any minute. Suddenly two P-51 Mustang fighters (nicknamed- Angels on our shoulders) dropped out of the sky and lined up off our right wing. The fighter pilots lowered their flaps in order to lower their airspeed, allowing them to fly in formation with us. After settling into position, each of the P-51 pilots pulled back their canopies. Both fighter pilots were African-Americans Tuskegee Airmen with white silk scarfs flapping in the wind. These guys were our saving Angels.

Both pilots were waving and smiling, best looking smile I have ever seen. Each fighter (plane) was named after a Bible character. I can only remember one of their names. The plane had “Lil’ Moses” written across the nose of the plane, just forward of the cockpit. The P-51’s stayed with us for quite some time until we approach our base. Then when we prepared to land at our base with our wheels down, both planes did a victory roll above us and left as we were landing. They certainly were God sent and made a bomber crew very happy on a very special day.