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By: Charles W. Boatright

Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control


Survival Guide to a New Year’s Resolution


92% of people making a New Year’s Resolution will abandon their resolution before January 12th


To have a successful New Year’s Resolution, let’s develop a plan first that includes knowing the obstacles and setting goals. No plan is successful without knowing the obstacles you will be facing. Ninety percent of success is based on planning and preparation; without these, you have only about a five percent chance of succeeding.


On NBC TODAY Show they will have in the month of January tips on keeping your New Year’s Resolutions!

Please also refer to my 12-Point Investment Plan to Significant Change Your Life for setting up your New Year’s Resolutions.


The Obstacles you will face in fulfilling your New Year’s Resolution:


  • 92% of people making a New Year’s Resolution will abandon their resolution before January 12th.
  • Only 8% keep their Resolution after January!
  • Most of the failures are the result of not having realistic expectations.
  • Most people overestimate their RESULTS and underestimate their OBSTACLES they will have to overcome.
  • If fitness is your New Year’s Resolution, adding a SPORT that includes some of your exercise routines is a great motivator.
  • Adding a SPORT to you fitness regimen will also add between 2- 9 years to your life expectancy! For me, it is GOLF. I walk 18-Holes, covering approximately 8 miles. What’s nice and easy about that 8-mile walk is that I don’t even realize I’m walking 8- miles, because I’m enjoying my golf game as a distraction.



One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions deals with a person’s HEALTH & FITNESS.


  • First, set Intermediate Goals. Intermediate goals are just as important than your Ultimate Goal. For instance, if fitness is your New Year’s Resolution and it been since high school since you ran distances, don’t expect to run 2 to 5 miles right off the bat. Instead, train by walking/running with hundred yard intervals until you can increase your distance gradually.
  • Doing CARDIO & STRENGTH training, focus on what you CAN DO, and don’t gauge your results on what others are doing. For example- If you can do a Military Press using 15 lbs only 10 reps, stay with that until you can increase your reps and/or weight.
  • A successful fitness program includes a SECRET TECHNIQUE that I use called RIPRest Interval Performance. One element in my CASPER Fitness Program includes 100 Sit-Ups every day. The secret for me doing 100-Sit- Ups is that I rest for 10 seconds between 10- sets of Sit-Ups. I do this for all of my Cardio and Strength training.
  • Now for the BIG ONE, weight loss- Don’t expect to lose a tremendous amount of weight just by exercising. Exercising is only 20 percent of your ability to lose weight, but a very important ONE. The other 80 percent is your DIET.
  • A very successful DIET is based more on when you eat than what you eat. Just like Circadian Rhythms that govern your sleep patterns, you have Circadian Rhythms that can turn your digestion system into a calorie-burning Juggernaut, just by eating between 9 AM to 5 PM and using a Weight Factor to gauge your intake of food.



I’ve developed a FREE DIET program called the SR925 MET DIET, where I went against all conventional wisdom- I started my SR925 MET DIET in the middle of December of 2014, and I was over the age of 55. I lost 8.5 inches in my waist, representing a loss of 43 lbs within 9- months. More importantly, I have managed to keep the weight off for going on 4-Years. Please checkout the results that I have had with the SR925 MET Diet Program below in the waist measuring link.



Six of these inches were within 4- weeks of starting the SR925 MET DIET. You can access the information and directions to the SR925 MET DIET, FREE of CHARGE, below.


Statistics show that 45 percent of New Year’s Resolutions deals with losing weight and fitness. The SR925 MET Diet will be a great approach to help you reach your goal and keep your resolution. I have included a true story about the results of the SR925 MET Diet below:


A True story about the effects of the SR925 MET DIET– My wife and I were at the Longhorn Steak House in Madison, MS. Our waitress was talking about a wedding where she was to be the Bridesmaid. She was scheduled to be fitted for her dress in three weeks and wanted to slim down. I gave her the information to the SR925 MET DIET.



Three weeks later, we were at the same restaurant and had the same waitress. I noticed something had changed. First, she was smiling from ear-to-ear and second, she said that she lost 3-inches in her waist. She mentioned for the first time that she didn’t mind having her photograph taken. She went from a size 8 down to a Size 2, or about 3-inches. She was ecstatic about her weight loss.



I will be having a YouTube Video produced demonstrating my CASPER Fitness Program scheduled to be out in February or March of 2019. This fitness program consists of 12- Exercises, with a sport-related activity. This will also include a Nutrition section.