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This is me in my home gym working out with a boxing bag at age 65 Taken on July 3, 2022.

How to Fight Off the Ravages of Aging? Look Inward instead of Outward for Avoiding the Ravages of Aging to Look, Feel, Act Decades Younger

The only thing that gets more attention than dropping weight is dropping years off your appearance of your skin where those great clothes fit and feel better on you with the increase confidence.

There is pressure to look to an age-defying treatments like creams, ointments, and supplements to look and feel decades younger than the date of birth that’s on your driver’s licenses. There are billions of dollars that are spent each year on treatment and products to keep the skin and joints look and feel young to prevent premature aging, soreness, and stiffness.

There are several culprits that accelerate our aging process, but the TWO culprits that accelerates our aging process more are sugar in our diet and lack of proper regular physical fitness and training. The proper regular fitness program should include strength and conditioning training, as well as, cardio and aerobics.

In regards to sugar, Please DO NOT forget about the hidden sugars (those pesky starches). The problem with most starches is that they are laced with salt that is actually more enticing than the sugars. Try eating just one potato chip and you will soon understand why starches are a BIG part of our problem.

I superimposed my blood pressure reading of 110/65 with a pulse of 66 that I took Friday night, August 26, 2022. This reading is without any prescribed medication of any type or kind at age 65. I rely heavily on my diet and fitness based on THE DELPHI DIET & CAST FITNESS SYSTEM. The biggest benefit is that your clothes fit and feel better on you with more confidence. I’m wearing our Authentic U.S. Military A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that we supply to the U.S. Military. These are available to the public. We at US WINGS can even have these jackets personalized for you with your company or organization LOGO or your Military Insignias on them or a very reasonable fee.


The Importance of Including Strength and Conditioning

Regarding your fitness, there is a lot of focus on Cardiovascular (to increase blood circulation) and Aerobics (to Increase oxygenation) training that is no doubt important. But also important is to improve muscle strength and tone to help boost collagen. Strength and conditioning are essential not just for our skin but also to avoid muscle loss that starts in our mid-30’s. There is very little emphasis placed on the correlation between maintaining muscles strength and preventing premature aging of our skin.

I have seen people focus on Cardio and Aerobics training to lose weight but they also are losing something that they can’t afford to lose, their muscle strength and tone. Strength and condition are what produce those great abs, quads, and glutes ladies.

NOTE: If you do enjoy Cardio and Aerobic Exercises, do yourself a huge flavor and use hand weights like light dumbbells to workout with during your Cardio and Aerobics. This was one big issue that I had with Peloton Bikes, they just focused on cardio and aerobics training without a strength training component until last year when they finally started including strength training.

The WHAT and WHEN to Eat for Dropping Weight and Years

Eighty percent (80%) of our ability to reverse the aging process will be our diet that is based on a high protein, high fiber, and Omega-3 components. There are two factors on dropping weight and years off the appearance of our skin– WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat. The WHAT is food that is high in protein, fiber, and Omega-3’s that has a Health Index (HI Factor) of equal to or less than 3.25. You can figure the Health Index from the information that is on the standard Nutrition Label on products.

Here’s why the Health Index factor is important to you for dropping weight and those years off your body. Take the Sweet Potato and compare it to the Idaho Potato. Look closely at the sugar content on both Nutrition Labels for the Sweet Potato at 7 grams of sugar while the Idaho Potato at 1 gram of sugar. The Sweet Potato is considered the perfect food for our diet with a HI 2.778 compared to 3.438 for the Idaho Potato. The Sweet Potato consists of natural fructose while the sugars content in the Idaho Potato is those starches, the hidden sugars.

The WHEN to eat is between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. when our body’s metabolism is working at its most effective period. Also studies show that eating past 6 p.m. interferes with or even suspends our body’s natural skincare process that renews and rejuvenates our skin at night while we are sleeping. This is why getting adequate sleep is so important for our overall health and especially our skin. I have a quote about our diet and eating schedule- Nothing ever good happens after eating past 6 p.m. for your health and fitness.

Avoid the Harmful Free Radicals AGEs

Our skeletal muscles help in our production of collagen; so the stronger and more active our muscular system is allows our body’s to process collagen from our food. Sugar interferes and even restricts our body’s ability to maintain a healthy looking skin. Sugar attaches to the protein, this is called Advance Glycation End products, or AGEs, and this interrupts nutrients needed for a healthy young looking skin.

Proteins serve as basic building blocks for healthy looking skin. Glycation are free radicals that degrade our Type III collagen, the strongest collagen, down to Type I Collagen, the weakest collagen.

Free radical triggers premature aging in our skin this causes the skin to appear:

·         Dry and hard skin

·         Deep wrinkles appear around the eyes and lips.

·         Dark age spots

·         Underneath the chin sags.

This list above explains how sugar and the hidden sugar damages our skin and speeds up our aging process. Now what measure can we take to avoid this premature aging process of our skin:

·         Eliminate additional sugar that is added to your diet and avoid food items high in sugar and hidden sugars.

·         Drink plenty of water.

·         Eat a diet high in protein, fiber, and omega-3. Have meals at or below a Health Index at or below a 3.25.

·         Get regular exercise that includes Cardio-Aerobic and Strength and Conditioning Training.

·         Sweating it out is also a great skincare treatment.

Exercise to Boost your Natural Skincare Even Over the Age of 65

In the feature image above, I’m 65 years old shown in my Home Gym that isn’t heated nor air-conditioned, so temperatures in the summertime are in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides me with important conditioning for my overall health. The exercise equipment shown in the feature image is all the equipment that I use. I don’t have any dumbbells over 45- pounds. What is important with strength training isn’t the amount of weight that you can lift, but the amount of reps that you can do with those weights that counts.

This was taken on May 12, 2022 right before the release of TOP GUN: Maverick Movie when we did a photoshoot of our TOP GUN: Maverick Collection. One of the shots became the cover of my NEW BOOK on KINDLE entitled THE DELPHI DIET & CAST FITNESS SYSTEM.

The image above was taken on May 12, 2022 in our hangar after we did a photoshoot for our two sportswear collections. One was our Quapaw Aviation Tactical Sportswear Collection and the other was our TOP GUN: Maverick Collection. After this photoshoot on May 12, 2022, I did an AB Challenge (without a shirt) while leaning against my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle for this article and for my NEW Book that I have in KINDLE that I have included a link to below, again I am 65 years old in both these photographs.

One of the photographs that we shot for both Sportswear Collections became the front cover of my NEW BOOK on KINDLE. I’m shown here with one of the young ladies that work with us that is in her early 20’s. I’m 65 and can still model with young models in their 20’s. This is the benefit of me following The DELPHI DIET & CAST FITNESS in my NEW Book.

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