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The 2021 Mississippi Egg Bowl will not be an easy game to handicap or predict the winner of because of the high Octane Offenses of both teams. The weather will be a factor, with rain at the start of the game and Mississippi State University having home field advantage. I have a Mississippi State University Cap to honor the 2021 Mississippi State College World Series Baseball team win.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING To Everyone and Enjoy the Sport of Football and the Enjoyment it Provides US ALL!

By: Charles W. Boatright

Handicapping The Mississippi Egg Bowl– A Tough Game to Predict the Winner, due to Coaches, Quarterbacks, and Defenses that will be the Edge

Right off the bat, this is a tough game to predict because of the two teams’ High Power Offenses.

The weather will be the major factor for these two high-octane offenses and two great Quarterbacks, Will Rogers III and Matt Corral. Will Rogers’ performance against Auburn was a master performance. Matt Corral’s performance throughout the season was record setting. This is the reason this makes this particular game difficult to handicap and to predict.

I believe this will be a Defensive game that will be determined on the pass rush and secondary coverage by both teams. Both coaches, Coach Lane Kiffin and Coach Mike Leach, have great offensive minds. But I believe it will come down to the 12th man at Mississippi State that is playing host to Ole Miss and the weather.

Like one of the Ole Miss players stated in an interview this week, those Cowbells that you hear during the game, you also hear for two weeks after the game. Because this will be a defensive battle, it will come down to the kicking team. I realize that the Mississippi State placekickers had their issues against Arkansas, but I give a nod toward Mississippi State with a Score being close, Ole Miss 21 and Mississippi State 24.

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Charles W. Boatright

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