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This is a photograph taken of my grandfather, HQ Boatright, at Yellowstone National Park in 1927. Yellowstone was established by President Ulysses S. Grant in March of 1872. My grandfather started work on his sports psychology papers that I finished in 2022 entitled ‘The Yellowstone Papers’ that is available on Kindle for $8.95 in e-book.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Golfer’s PH- Factor, The Wrist Action– In the Golf Swing to Create Power, Clubhead Speed, Consistency in the Golfer’s Game for Lower Scores

One of the biggest obstacles facing athletes in any sport, and especially in golf, is developing consistency in order to develop an ability to improve one’s performance. Like Ray Lewis stated in one of his quotes about Greatness- “Greatness is a lot of small things done well, stacked up on each other.”

Without consistency, techniques, and the ability to stack, or build, on top of prior performances, the athlete will have little to no improvement in their performance. Developing consistency is a key, sequential element, and this is what separates high and peak performers from the marginal performances by athletes in their training to develop an instinctive performance.

High-performing athletes rely heavily on their subconscious mind for feel and rhythm more than cognitive ability. This is confirmed by three of the 10- Subconscious Rules governing an athlete’s performance, in the three listed below. If your golf swing isn’t instinctive, then the long hours you put in during practice won’t show up with you on the golf course; refer to Rule No. 7, below. During your practices, focus on developing a few instinctive techniques, rather than swing thoughts. The game of golf, like most sports, is totally reliant on your subconscious ability, as stated in Rule No. 9, below.

Golf is no doubt played between the ears, but it is a certain part of that area between your ears that you will have to rely on, which is your subconscious mind.

Subconscious Rules

No. 7- The subconscious mind always prevails in conflicts with the conscious mind.

No. 9- The greater the conscious effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response.

No. 10- Techniques can be used to “program” the subconscious mind.

The PH- Factor in Golf

I want to focus on Subconscious Rule No. 10 where I want one or two key techniques that I can use to kick in my instinctive golf swing, based on the Kinetic Chain, or a chain reaction. In kinesiology, you want the lower threshold (small like muscles in the wrists and forearms) muscles to fire first to develop a Kinetic Chain reaction to engage the high threshold (muscles in the arms, shoulders, torso, and abdominal) muscles.

This is why Ken Duke sets his wrist action first in his golf swing sequence that he explained on Golf Channel to Lisa Cornwell in a great interview. In my case, I want to lead with a Pivot (P) element with my right wrist and Hinge with my left wrist, since I’m right-handed, to develop the PH-Factor in my golf swing sequence. If you Pivot first before hinging, it will create a more compact golf swing that is the objective for consistency.

Developing the Instinctive H- Factor in your Golf Swing

This is the simple PH- Factor in the golf swing. The Pivot is called the DorsiFlex with the right wrist that is the lead component, followed immediately by the PalmerFlex with the left wrist. Both maneuvers are about a key point on each wrist. This places the wrists into the Lock Position to just pause for a fraction of a second before taking the handle of the golf club to the top of my golf swing. The PH- Factor Golf swing is so easy to perform that it can become instinctive. The easier the process is, the easier it is to become an instinct, or habit. Eighty percent (80%) of our daily activities are controlled by our subconscious mind, based on habits.

This is the wrist action in the golf swing that you want to perform in order to preset the wrists into the Lock Position.

If you’ve ever thrown a baseball before, as illustrated above in these two images, you have performed the DorsiFlex and PalmerFlex maneuver, shown below:

This illustration shows how I use the PH- Factor in my golf swing to preset my wrists into the Lock Position by performing a DorsiFlex (Right) (preparing to throw the baseball) for the Pivot maneuver, followed by PalmerFlex (Left) (that’s an actual act of throwing the baseball) for the Hinge maneuver. I use the wristbands during training sessions to allow by wrists to operate unrestricted of my forearms, as this is the whipping action that you want to create at impact.

You want your wrists to have a fluid motion, like how coffee behaves in a cup, and is one of the best illustrations that you want to create in the wrist action in your golf swing. You want the wrists to continue unrestricted through impact, like how the coffee is spilling over the edge of my coffee cup, below, when you create lag because the forearms can’t respond as fast as the wrists. Performing the PH-Factor will allow you to create lag naturally, see below. I had a great camera action in this photograph:

Below I have demonstrated the DorsiFlex and PalmerFlex maneuvers in a Video

I have demonstrated this PH- Factor wrist action in what I call The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge. I did this for WJTV-12 Television Station here in Jackson, Mississippi in June of 2021 for their Sports Zone Show before the US Open. The three (3) videos that I did led up to the final day of the US Open for three of their Sports Zone shows. Their production department put together a 30- second promo for these segments that I have attached below.

WJTV-12 made an AD from the 3- Video Series Above

Below is a summary of the 3- Part Video series that I did for WJTV-12 SPORTS ZONE Show, where I covered my golf training technique of taking my golf swing from the Batter’s Box to the Tee Box to hit more Fairways & Greens in regulation or better. As appreciation for me doing this 3-part video series, the WJTV-12 production team put together a Television promotional that they ran and that I could use in my golf performance training business.

I’m hitting five (5) tee shots, 295- yards to within 15- feet of the orange bucket above. All three (3) videos were done in the first take. I have THE KASPER GOLF & FITNESS COACH book that is on Kindle that covers the entire PH- Factor Golf Swing Technique book that I have the attached link below. This has all of my golf training and fitness videos, along with detailed training and coaching procedures. As a bonus, my diet and fitness program is in this book, as well.


As I have mentioned above, my book, KASPER GOLF & FITNESS COACH TECH, includes my diet, based on WHAT I ate (Foods with a Health Index ≤ 3.25) and WHEN (having my meals between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.). This book also covers my exercise routine that allowed me to drop over 52- Lbs. and specifically 9- inches in my waistline. But that wasn’t all that I dropped, as I dropped over 30- years off the appearance of my skin in the two photographs below, allowing me to model my line of CAJON-Style sportswear that I carry in my online store.

My Sportswear are featured in my CAJON-Style Quapaw Collection, below. CAJON is Chino, A-2 Jacket, Oxford shirt Nostalgic- Style:

This was a photoshoot that I did for my CAJON (Chino, A-2 Jacket, Oxford shirt Nostalgic)- Style Collection that I carry in my Online Store. My Health and fitness program has allowed me to model even at age 65. Like I tell my students, if you want to play good, you’ve got to look good.

The AB Challenge in Our Hangar

After we did the photoshoot for the CAJON-Style Collection above on January 07th, 2023, the ground crew challenged me to an AB Challenge in our hangar that Saturday. Fortunately for me, the temperatures that afternoon were in the upper 60’s, instead of what they were just two weeks before, where the temperatures were in the upper 20’s on Saturday, 24Dec2022. That would have been a challenge. In both of these photographs, above and below, I’m 65- years old.

This is the AB Challenge that I did on January 07th, 2023 after we did the photoshoot for my CAJON-Style Collection of my nostalgic clothing line at age 65. I credit my DELPHI DIET & CAST FITNESS System for the age-defying condition that I have achieved, even being over the age of 60. I have skin that I had in my mid-30’s at age 65. Dropping decades off the appearance of my skin was totally unexpected, while I was dropping 52- Lbs. and 9.0- inches off my waistline.