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By: Charles W. Boatright

A LAT Muscle Exercise with Tubing that Relieve Sciatic Nerve Issues in the lower back, calves, and numbness in the feet.

Fitness Technique Helps Relieve Sciatic Issues in the lower Back. If you have Feet Numbness/Discomfort in the Calves/lower Back, this Helps

I’m 63 and have an active lifestyle, including farm work, golfing, coaching, and flying vintage aircraft. I also operate an Online apparel business by selling tailor- fitted khakis, button-down Oxford shirts, and authentic A-2 and G-1 Leather Flight Jackets. I need to stay fit in order to maintain my farm, business, golf instruction business, and fly. A lower back pain can curtail this and can even restrict my mobility.

At the first of the year, I experienced an inflamed Sciatic nerve in my lower back that went down to my angles. It was so severe that I had to use crutches just to get around the house. I was strongly considering seeing my Orthopedic Surgeon.

One morning this past week, I was in my gym performing my CASPER Fitness Routine. I always include an additional element or two in my workout routine on occasions. This last Monday, I included an exercise that I hadn’t done in years called lower and upper Lat Extensions Exercise. This is like doing the Breast Stroke in swimming. As soon as I did three reps, my lower back felt relief that I hadn’t felt in months. So this past week, I included these elements in my CASPER Fitness Program, below:

LAT Muscles Extension YouTube Video

The results of this exercise was evident the during the week while working on my farm and playing golf were just as amazing as the relief that I felt during Monday morning exercises. It was so effective that for the first time I didn’t wear my elastic back brace on the tractor while brush- hogging. This would normally irritate my Sciatic Nerve to such a degree that I would feel stiffness in my lower back and pain running down each leg and numbness in my feet.

As soon as I got off the tractor, I knew something felt different, so not only did I brush hogged 40- Acres, I also put up hay into the loft of the barn. Yesterday was a full schedule of work around the farm where I could play golf on Friday early in the morning to avoid the 107 degree Index Temperature. Normally I would schedule a round of golf the day after I would brush hog to recover.

To my surprise, this morning (Friday, July 10th) when I got up at 5:30 AM, I was pain free and flexible, like I used to be when I was in my mid 20’s. I was actually able to turn back the clock before I started flying both rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft performing aerial patrol for 6 hours a day.

One of the contributing factors to my Sciatic never issue was long hours flying in some very uncomfortable seats. I did not only aerial patrol, but Transmission Line Construction as a lineman and later as a Engineer designing Transmission Lines for 33-years before I retire. When they mention Sitting is the New Smoking, they aren’t wrong about that. Line work done improperly can also cause back issues due to the heavy work and working off poles 80 to 90 feet up on the pole hanging by a safety belt.

Just hanging out working on a 95-Foot Steel H-Frame Structure near where President Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear that was tided off to a tree.

Sitting weakens the back muscles, but the Upper and Lower Lat Extensions that I have demonstrated in my YouTube Video above gave me a chance to enjoy, not only my life, but my retirement where I have started my own Fitness/Golf/Apparel Business. Please take time to view this, as these two exercises are actually revolutionary for me and gave me my life back.

I know while you’re reading this article you’re wondering how in the World can two simple Lat Exercises actually improve my Sciatic never and improve my lifestyle in just two days, BUT IT HAS. This morning round of golf my average driving distance was 295.3 yards at 63 years of age. I even pig one drive 302 yards right down the pike, center of the fairway.

For improving your Golf Game go to my QATR 408- The Palmer Golf Technique (The Wrist Action in the Golf Swing). This syncs the elbows up with the shoulder where real power and clubhead speed are generated.

I also included my Two (2) Part CASPER Fitness Program how I can maintain a 30 year old lifestyle of being active at 63- years old. Age is only a number. Your age doesn’t have to define you, you can actual defy your age. In the feature photograph I’m 63 years old.

CASPER Fitness Program No. 1

CASPER Fitness Program No. 2

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